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Scammed: Never Shall You Pay Online Shopping with LBC #OLXReview #Rant (Updated)

Oh my!!! This is such a sad post, considering I was terribly missing in action, only to be compelled to inform the public how disappointed we are with LBC and OLX. LBC foremost, because OLX has this big disclaimer. Hah.

Anyhow, LBC is asking us to file a report, it means we have to relive this horrendous experience, oh well. Aissh! I am beyond furious!

Here goes...So my hubby, who just started online shopping, I guess he sort of has developing confidence with online shopping considering Lazada does deliver, and the return policy is easy peasy as well. He found a Canon Camera in OLX. He said this is a steal! A bit too good to be true but possible considering how buy and sell works in Green Hills, that should alarm us, so we make sure we were covered! When he asked supposed Ian and Micah Jane Cortez and cousin JIODIE/JOIDIE C. BALDOMAR of Sta. Cruz, Marinduque, the reason for selling is because of medical emergency. They linked us to their FB account (Micah Jane-Ian Cortez), befriended,  showing the actual photos of the product, more B**S*** on how this was a gift, and they are uber religious lalalala. Anyhow, to cut to the hullabaloo, they asked my husband to show proof of payment,we went to two LBC branches, first in Marquee Mall, and second in Green Hills, we got the assurance on two most important factors. First, we (the sender) can get the deposit or remittance less service charge, fair enough, and most importantly, the intended recipient (possible scammer) will only get it when he has the tracking number. We were assured at both branches. In fact, staff at LBC nicely showed us how to document the photo, sending it to the scammer, without the tracking number. Fool us, scammer Jiodie sent us same tracking number that shows that the package was shipped out. I'm naturally a skeptic, so I told my husband, we can receive all kinds of stuff, but we are relying on LBC's assurance, no tracking number, no remittance payout. So we cautiously obliged. They were super insistent, suspiciously nice folks, all the more we thought we will hold on to the tracking number until we get the package.

I mentioned that they similarly sent us a tracking number of the shipment, at least a portion it, I was initially suspicious because they could have easily sent the whole thing that details the shipment and insurance cost, but again we are under the assurance of No LBC Tracking Number, No payout...the f***. They also sent a screenshot of LBC tracking site that details the content, only to realize now that this was photoshopped big time, because in fact, the declared content is a ... I questioned LBC because I know how strict they are in accepting items for shipping. Only yes, I mentioned the screenshot was photoshopped.

Voila! Goodness the CD are Religious Songs! Please!!!

Sad. Sad. Sad. Disappointed big time. 
We were ready to rush to LBC to cash out. But we tracked it. Lo and behold. Tadaa!

Hmmm, scammers should not get away with it if LBC has its measures in place. We called the customer service, it was validated that for transaction over a certain amount, definitely over Php 5000, tracking number is a must. Except that both were paid via Palawan Express, which is LBC's remittance partner. Apparently, they have no safety measures in place. I don't care!!! I wonder if Palawan Express got a valid ID. For a P30K plus transaction, we assumed that LBC and its partners have stricter measures in place, think of a credit card that validates unusual transactions and requires validation (thank you, Union Bank!), but I guess they don't have it. LBC should be liable for their remittance partners' mishaps. Either the people in Palawan Express were swayed by the scammer/s, or somebody from that specific branch, which cannot be identified as of yet, is in connivance and part of the vicious modus.

Don't get me wrong, I am beyond repair hating the scammers, but what can we do?! We made sure we were protected, we took LBC's word for the tracking number guarantee. Is it even a valid name, or a real personality that claimed the money, we don't know. But I sure hope LBC required valid IDs. Hence, we can actually pursue a case against that person.

We know the risk in OLX, of course, but we made sure we mitigated it. With COD and meet up not an option, the LBC payment guarantee sort of is a good arrangement both for the seller and buyer. Well sort of, assuming that you are buying and/or selling in good faith. How sad, scammers will try, and hah, it seems, it's that easy.

Dear LBC, you do not want to miss out on the booming e-commerce as a reliable online shopping partner. Make the tracking numbers count! Sadly, I would hate for you to be one of the institution that harbors scammers and criminals. Please, please, LBC, do not fail us!

I shall keep you posted. Please learn from this mishap. We plan to file a police report and perhaps to NBI (?) too.  Please pray for us. This is a money that we worked so very hard.

February 23:

Look, how un-repenting, they are seriously fraudulent professional scammers. They are back! I found time to report them to OLX today.

#OLXScammers beware of Ian and MJ Cortez


Istin said...

tsk tsk. hope you still get your money. kahit anong amount pa yan. hard earned money un at dapat ibalik nila at all cost.

Anonymous said...

They are back as of March 06, 2016.

I made contact and they immediately called me, same process as yours. :)
Your money is safe as long as you hold the tracking number blah blah blah.
Thanks to your blog, deal is off.

darklighter said...

Hey Thanks for posting this! This is very helpful considering 1. I've been scammed before and 2. It really helps to type in OLX names/recipient details in the internet and see what pops up. My experience was back when it was Sulit and the name Jennifer Escora whose Bank account was BDO. When it was too late, we googled her name and bam -- a lot of victim's stories have popped up. So thanks for posting this and you've helped one person today become vigilant. :-)

igsgresh said...

hello i was scammed on olx just now, 7500, i send it via lbc too.. after she received the money she didnt send the item i ordered T.T how did you get your money back?

Gino Caoile said...

Hi. I almost got scammed the same way. But I think some of the lbc/palawan employees are involved. The fact that they (seller) can't encash without tracking number is an assurance that your money's safe with lbc. So please don't just assume that you were scammed by the seller alone. Ask for the encashment form from where the suppose transaction transpired. It should have ID and other details. Thankfully after 2 days I got my money back. I was told that there has been a mix up with other transactions. I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. We're almost scammed by the same FB account selling iphone 6S in OLX.

Chic Sassy Mom said...

Dear all,

Sadly, we weren't able to get our money back. :(

Best Regards,

keith sinfuego said...

Thanks for the heads up. I was supposed to send payment thru villarica same thing no tracking number until item received. I even went to villarica to confirm that without tracking number they couldnt get the money but still hesitated then i came across thsi blog. Almost got duped. Seller is at bulacan.

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