Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wingstop is here! #WingstopPh #FoodFinds

I fondly remember trying out Wingstop (as another tourist destination just like In-N-Out burger) whenever we're in LA, because it's the Official Wings of Los Angeles Lakers and my boys are big fans of Lakers. Well, me, I just like chicken wings. *Teehee

Happy dance, the Wing Experts are here.
10 branches and counting. #WingstopPh
Wingstop Greenhills Promenade
For me, chicken wings are the best part ever. You get the "drumette" which is a little drumstick made better because it has even portions of chicken skin and meat. Although, I like the middle "flat" part better, it's like my dose of thigh part with more flavors and yes, more skin portions vis a vis meat. Ha. In a regular restaurant dining, for the chicken part choices, rarely do you get just the wing part, because it comes with the breast part *thinks Chickenjoy. I'm forced to eat chicken breast most of the time, so whenever I feel like indulging, we order chicken wings here and there to those restaurants that really do know their wings. And rightfully so, Wingstop is the Wing Expert.

Wingstop Ph Menu
Wings, Boneless Chicken Bites, Chicken Tenders, Fried Chicken Sandwich, ComboMeals, Sides and Beverages (try The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Sparkling Iced Tea, hope you'll love them as much as I do! *_^ #LoveYourOwn )
Hunger. Hustle. Crave #FlavorDestination
The Lakers' Fans are hungry for the Official Wings. *Teehee
What's in a wing? 6 pcs Hickory Smoked Barbecue and 5 pcs Garlic Parmesan, Blue Cheese Dip, and Hearty Chipotle Rice 
Plus 5 more Wings, please. Louisiana Rub. 
We mostly got drumettes, so with 11+5 pieces were pleasantly stuffed. We'll actually get lesser meat, but if we'll have our way, will request mostly the middle part. Smaller but more flavorful and more skin. Haha. With that, 20-pc order is easy peasy to finish.

Hickory Smoke Barbecue is my boys' favorite. I like everything as long as I have Blue Cheese Dip. I swear, there must be a secret recipe for the Blue Cheese Dip. We've been unsuccessful in finding a retail brand that will taste the same.

We love Wingstop because they serve cooked-to-order, flavorful wings. Plus, I like their dining set-up, where there is a table spread, which encourages communal feasting. And you get plastic disposal gloves to eat with hands if you wish, so you can truly relish, and savor wings to the bones.

I know chicken breast is the better, healthier choice for me (Waaah...Diet forever!!!), but every so often, I need my dose of chicken skin (I wish I can say my dose of collagen, but it's said that you get that in chicken feet! Oh really!?) and I get that in the wings. IMHO, it doesn't make sense to order wings and remove the skin, right.'s white meat anyway. Let's eat wings! Cheers! ^_^

For more details, list of branches, and more food choices, visit Official Wingstop Ph Site

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This place looks so good!

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