Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Oakley + Crizal Transitions = Love at First Sight

Sometime ago, I tried wearing contact lenses (because I couldn't let go of my Oakley Shades). I had some misadventures, plus my, my, it's making me late for work! Hah. So I gave up. It's back to my ol' ever reliable Oakley Prescription Eyeglasses since then.

Just before we went to the beach, I got myself refitted with Transitions lenses. I initially considered getting just the unbranded ones, about half the price, although a bit longer time to "transition", but they're not readily available. And that time, patience was not my virtue, so Crizal is it!  

Crizal Transitions Lenses is a Photocromics Lenses brand by Essilor. Basically, Transitions lenses are clear indoors and at night. Once outdoors, they adapt spontaneously to varying light conditions. 
In the photo above, there is an invisible Crizal hologram logo that shows up when it's exposed to light, and just when the lenses start to transition. 

Oakley + Crizal Transitions Lenses = Nice-h! Instant Sunnies!  #Loveit 
Will share the product features below, since, ye, I concur! 
Produced by the world leaders in ophtlamic and photochromic lenses, Crizal Transitions lenses provide you with the optimum vision solution.
  • Perfectly clear indoors, they adapt spontaneously to changing light conditions, with a fast activation in the sun in less than 60 seconds.  
  • 30% faster to fade back to their clear state and conveniently offer a great contrast perception though glare reduction in any light. 
  • Provide you with the most enduring clarity of vision with the best resistance to scratches, smudge, water and dust as well as the optimal protection from harmful UV rays. 
  • They offer higher light transmission than ordinary lenses*, enhancing your clarity of vision in any light. 
See more at: Crizal Transitions Official Site
This is my second time to get Transitions lenses. I used to have it for my Burberry frame. But when I got a new frame, I did not want to spend extra. (And I wanted to wear shades.) I guess, it worked out for the better. I did spend Php 4500 for the Crizal Transitions Lenses in Ideal Vision, but it meant that I'll be wearing my Oakley Prescription longer, for the price I got them, which was over Php 10K, they sure are still alive worth it!. Plus, it also means taking tender loving care of my eyes (lesser Korean Drama marathons. hah!) to avoid refitting of lenses anytime soon. Think big savings. Huge. *Teehee Cheers! ^_^

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Anonymous said...

Hi! What model is your Oakley prescription frame? It's really nice! Thank you! -Jane

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