Saturday, February 28, 2015

Seoul Travel Part 1: LTE Roaming When in Seoul

Annyeong! ^_^ Hello, March! 

I left my heart in Seoul. 

Seoul Tower. February 2015
Hello, Seoul! Oh my, I had the greatest time! I can't wait to be back. 

We took the Air Asia flight from Manila to Incheon. It was a pleasantly uneventful flight. Thank you, Lord! Touchdown Incheon.

Anyhow, I don't know where to start...I didn't post as much in my IG (@chicsassymom), but my personal FB account has a whopping of 150+ photos. Hmmm...just daebak! Love, love, love it! 

Let's cover the easy but very important parts when traveling in South Korea...airport to city travel, and getting a roaming (LTE/4G) access all day long. 

Thank goodness to our chinggu, our very high profile photographer/tour guide, it was a relatively easy peasy getting around the airport, there, and almost everywhere in Seoul.

To buy the Airport Limousine Bus Ticket, go to the ticket counter, which is located between Gates 8 and 9. 
To go to Meyongdong, get Bus No. 6015. Rate per person is 10,000 KRW. 
For our LTE Roaming Access, my friend recommends getting the LGU+ by LG Telecom. It's farther along to counter no. 28. We opted to have one mobile router each. We love our bandwidth. Haha. 

LGU+ LTE Roaming Access Mobile Router Rental when in Soul. 

The gadget connects to 4G, supper fast, reliable, and no dead spot at all. Korean drama streaming all we like. Yay!  It comes with a charger, plus a very important reminder that it only lasts 5 hours. So having a power bank is a must. 
Having data access in Seoul is a very helpful. It's really more than just out of the whim of having social media access, it serves as our source of communication among us three agassi when going around in Myeongdong. Plus, for our taxi, we do Line translation, and had to show landmarks, Google direction online. And yes, Viber access to my boys (son and hubby) was a given. 

Upon release of the gadgets to us, passport was required and Credit Card validation. But actual payment will be done at the last day. We surrendered the device in the LGU+ LTE Counter in the departure hall of the airport. There's free wifi access in the airport anyhow, so no need to hold on to it. So inclusive of tax,  price of LTE Mobile Router is 8800 KRW per day. 
All set for our Seoul adventure. We're staying in J Hill Hotel right in the center of Myeongdong, our stop is via Ibis Hotel. 
Healer-ya! Chang Wook oppa welcomes bus riders. Ji Chang Wook in the magazine cover of BNT International. 
When in Seoul, ride the taxi bus. Jung Yong-Hwa in background. #Love #FeelingSeoulite #OOTD #Muji #FitflopBoots
Annyeong, Seoul! Let's do this! Aja! Aja! Figthing! Cheers! ^_^

To be continued...

Monday, February 9, 2015

#DiscoveryXV 's Suite Deal on 2015 Philippine Travel Tour Expo

Let's go! Yay! It's the travel expo!

Happening this V-Day weekend, February 13 to 15, is the Philippine Travel Agencies Association’s (PTAA) 22nd Travel Tour Expo at the SMX Convention Center.  This is it...the highly-anticipated annual event that draws thousands of travel enthusiasts, like yours truly, who are looking for the best deals in flights and accommodations.

Be dazzled with the "Suite Deals" in store for the attendees of the Travel Tour Expo as Discovery Leisure Company is upping the excitement a bit further by launching its 15th Crystal Anniversary promotion. Aptly coined as "Discovery XV" with inspiration from crystal, it symbolically represents 15 years of the bright and stunning years that shaped the vibrant leisure company today.

Enjoy sweet and luxurious staycation with world class hospitality through Discovery's distinguished chains of various accommodation properties in key destinations across the Philippines.

Discovery Shores Boracay. 
Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay
Club Paradise Palawan
Soon-to-open Discovery Primea Makati
Don't miss out on these exquisite “Suite Deal” room packages. With package rates starting at P4,000++ per night, guests can have a gem of an experience with a host of benefits unique to each property, including great dining discounts, fun water activities, and crystal scrub massages, to name a few. Terms and conditions apply.

To inquire, email at or log on to for details. 

Or visit the official website at  

It's Monday, Love! #Positivity

Oh, dear! Thank you for today!

I was coming back to work after a major drama glitch in regular programming...son was sent to the ER. Not again!!! Hah. It was last Wednesday, I'm really beginning to hate Wednesdays, but not for long. (Aisshh...I'm saying it out loud to break the very bad trend. Please pray for me. I hope to write about happy Wednesdays only.) Let's do this! Aja! Aja! Fighting!

Anyhow, my day started out being cranky, I was cranky. I started to feel all negative, hah. So when I arrived at the office, I said a very long prayer. Then I worked on my very long to-do list. turned out to be such a great day, very productive. It wasn't as taxing as it should have. I ended up doing so much. I had a pleasant meeting with my boss. A nice chat with my colleague over lunch break. Thank you for today! Cheers! ^_^

P.S. It's Healer KDrama time! ^_^

Monday, February 2, 2015

De-stressing with Oryspa #SniffBalm #Favorite

Oh Monday! Mondays, you just gotta love them, right!

To ensure that the positive vibes thrive throughout the week, in short #bawalmastress, no-to-stress, have these nifty Oryspa Mint Balms handy. So here's goes another belated raving on more of my favorite Oryspa goodies.

Lucky me. My Oryspa Sale loot from last time. Rice Bran Sniff Balm, Meditation Balm, Curry Balm, Orypa Recovery Oil Moringa and Eucalyptus, Goatsmilk & Oatmeal Soap, and Hand Sanitizer Freebie. 
While the  Meditation Balm, hands down is my must-have balm with its relaxing minty scent plus the minty feeling. Apparently, the Curry Balm also features the same nice benefits...the more, the merrier!

Oryspa Sniff Balma and Curry Balm. Love these.
As for the Orypa Sniff Balm, I mentioned that the small tub seems to have a different scent than the big Sniff Balm tub, I like the scent of the smaller tub better. At the onset, it smells toothpaste, the nice, lingering, minty kind, but there's more, the magic works after putting a pea size of it in your palms, and rubbing your palms briskly together to release the super mentholated aroma, and then you sniff on it...that super minty, refreshing, so relaxing scent...winner! Unlike the Med Balm and Curry Balm, where topical application produces immediate cooling feel, not so much with the Sniff Balm, but you can still use it topically for pains, insect bites etc. The Sniff Balms has reinforced benefits of aromatherapy for pain and stress relief. Don't forget, its best to do the magic trick, haha, vs. sniffing it from the tub. #MustTry #MustHave

Oryspa Meditaion Balms, the Chili Oil is a winner too, especially for those intense pain relief needs, minus the strong herbal scent. Oryspa features spa-ish scent, so okay to apply whenever, wherever. So for spa-ish experience at home or on the go, (But still, I miss going to the real spa! Waaah!) have these nifty Oryspa Metholated Balms with you. Relax.

Hope you're loving this Monday. Mine is so, so, I'm only human...oh well, but later is Healer Korean drama time, so I'm feeling positive. Sniff away. Cheers! ^_^

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sun, Fun, Ocean Potion in Your Hand #Giveaway #Sunscreen

For happier, healthier, and prettier sunny days, Ocean Potion is it!

This is a belated raving for the latest sun screen products available in the market today,  Ocean Potion. Last year, these sun screen products came in handy. I took some along with me to our USA Summer Trip knowing that we were going to a water park. We went to Wisconsin, except we arrived dinner time, and we spent swimming and sliding non-stop in Chula Vista's indoor water park. Next day, it was raining and freezing, so no outdoor soiree for us. So I wasn't able to talk much about Ocean Potion. But you ought to know, I love sunscreen! I overload...Layers, and layers, the more, the merrier! Awww...look, I have more, and for Chaseyboy too. I will share some of these to you!

Are your ready to have and epic summer? Read on to my first ever giveaway for 2015.

More Ocean Potion Sun care goodies for me, and you! Yes, will share...giveaway mechanics below! ;-D

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