Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Life is short. Play more.

Hello, hello!

That was quick, and I'm back! I just miss updating my little space in the blogosphere. So, to my friends, and PR friends, please don't go away, I'm committed to make this work. Let's do this! Aja! Aja! Fighting!

Truthfully, to de-stress, I can only devote my "me" time watching Korean dramas (Healer...waaaah!). So many Korean dramas, so little time. Haay. And with my upcoming trip, I can only think of Seoul-ful stuff.  Guess what, I had a business meeting with a Korean company yesterday. They did require a translator, I sure hope the ahjussi did a great job. My realization...I can only speak annyeonghaseyo and kamsahamnida! Hah. Oh my, I need more Korean Drama time to learn Hangul! It's so exciting, I can't wait to bring in more Korean goodies in the Philippine market. Long live South Korea! Hail! #Addict

Oh please, that's all for least, for the mean time.

Now on to some serious stuff, this was shown to us today in an inspirational meeting.

It's an old ad of XBox, which was apparently banned. It was thought to be of bad taste back in 2002.

Oh, hello! For 2015, bring it on!

Hmmm...I like it! It's spot on!

Indeed, life is short. Play more.  Cheers! ^_^

P.S. I do mean to play more beyond XBox (although we do own an XBox). ;-D Play, as in live, laugh, and love. Carpe diem. Seize the day. It's really looking into the purpose of living, that's to live an abundant life with Jesus when one accepts Him as one's Lord and Savior. :-D

My motherland awaits! #MultipleKoreanVisa #VisaProcessing #LatePost

Annyeonghaseyo! ^_^ Oh happy day! Is it February yet? I'm coming home (to Seoul)!

I got my Korean Visa with Multiple Entries. Yay! Multiple...kamsahamnida!

Korean Visa Multiple Entries valid for One Year
I didn't expect the Multiple, since it was technically my first time to apply for a Korean Visa, but I did hope for it. And my, my, my motherland didn't disappoint! ;-D

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Denman Brushes support Hair Aid 2015

Awww... hello! Hope everyone is still having a wonderful and blessed time with the visit of Pope Francis.

Very timely, right before January 15, I had the pleasure of visiting a Hair Aid 2015 workshop in Kuya Center. It was such an inspiring moment. 

In its Facebook Page, Hair Aid is about a team of International Hairdressers sharing their skills with impoverished families in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines supporting families with life skills to earn a living. 

The Hair Aid Team for 2015 is composed of 15 lovely and endearing individuals (families, school teachers, students, professional hairdressers) who are united in a goal of paying it forward and making a difference. 

Hair Aid 2015 Team. Thank you for your kindness. Photo Credit: Hair Aid FB Page
Now on its 5th year, the endearing team from Australia visits Manila to teach hairdressing classes and street education.  

During my visit, the hairdressing classes were lead by Emiliano Vitale of E-Salon in Sydney. 
Practical application. This is all about empowerment. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Rightfully so.
For the workshop in Kuya Center, training participants are parents of the children, who successfully reconciled with their family. Participants are looking forward on the next phase of training, when they get to do their children's hair. One of the participant shares her enthusiasm on her newfound skills given the possibilities of saving and foremost earning a living, since the cost of boys' haircut is now at Php 50-range. 

For Hair Aid 2015, Denman Brushes International in partnership with Denman Philippines, hope to reinforce training and empowerment led by Hair Aid and Kuya Center by equipping them with tools (Denman Brushes, aptly recognized as the Hairdresser’s Hairbrush, salon aprons, etc.) to kick-off their hairdressing careers. Photo Credit: Hair Aid Facebook Page
The empowerment programs that Kuya Center espouse are not only for the children, but also for the parents. Some community-based, some shelter-based programs such as the Hairdressing Workshop in partnership with Hair Aid. 

Amazing artworks from the children of Kuya Center. I have so much more to share about Kuya Center, will cover it in another post.
It's very heartwarming to witness firsthand the training, to meet inspiring individuals from Kuya Center led by Bro. Luke, and the amazing team of Hair Aid, plus to feel the positivity and gratefulness from the parents and children. It somehow paved the way for rekindling my spiritual ardor day before our beloved Pope's visit. It was so apt to the theme of Mercy and Compassion. Sad that I wasn't able to see him in person. Haay. I cried so much. I love him.

I will remember the inspiration. Let it not be a fleeting moment. Action speaks louder than words. Let's do this! 

To know more about Hair Aid, like them in Facebook.  

Denman is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by RPG Distribution Services, Inc. and widely available in leading stores nationwide.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Secret #1002ndWaytoConfidence

One of my holiday loot is a press kit from Secret. I super like!

Secret Platinum Protection, Secret Sheer Dry Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant (APDO) + 1001 Ways to Confidence Book. #Sweet #Love 
Aha! Look, I'm a Secret-user for life.

Can't get enough of Healer #Fangirl #FaveKoreanDrama

Annyeonghaseyo! It's good to be back.

Thank goodness for Healer-ya, I'm okay, and actually looking forward to Mondays. Haha.

So very quickly, allow me to de-stress by fangirl-ing.

Seriously, when a drama treats you with these beautiful scenes episode by episode with a good story, lovable OTP and with Ji Chang Wook to boot, what's not to love?! Healer is the best drama evaahhrr! (Spoiler alert.)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wrapping up the Holiday Festivities #Hello2015

Annyeonghaseyo! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Time!

Praise God for a safe flight back to Manila. In fairness, we're ahead of our our schedule...that's a good way to kick off the year. Since we can't travel light, we used up our 75 kg baggage allowance. We got 10kg each included in the Mabuhay Miles flight awards, and we added 15kg each for just Php 200 per person. Super saver!

Manila, we're coming home! Manila-Iloilo-Manila trip via Philippine Airlines. Thank goodness, we flew PAL! 
2014 started out super exciting with our tour USA, and more. As for my day job, work was a mix of challenges and learning. So far, so good. But things went awry last semester of 2014, we got so many medical hullabaloo and more mommy woes. I earned a platinum membership in The Medical City, shocking! So yes, we are shooing away bad and unhealthy vibes, (although to appease my worrywart self, I sent my son to a last hurrah of CBC and a follow-up check up to his pediatrician to make sure everything is fine, just viral infection). I pray for a better 2015.

With a grateful heart, I celebrated my son's smile below, priceless! I'm looking forward to better possibilities. I might not have a New Year's Resolution literally listed down, but in fairness, one check on my list is to make dieting healthy eating a way of life. Aja! Aja! ^_^

Live. Love. Laugh...More birthdays to come. ;-D
How was your first day back to work? (I told myself that I'm too old to not-like Mondays. Repeat. Oh, truly, I love Mondays, thanks to Healer, my new fave Korean Drama. I love Mondays. Repeat. Hah.;-P)

Mine was okay. I love that everyone in the office is still feeling yes, it's all about positivity for 2015. Bring on the good vibes, chinggus!

I don't want to be greedy, but I want to be bold in my faith, in my prayers, in my relationships, in my work, in fulfilling my roles and responsibilities, in my fangirling (that too! Haha) and more. I want everything to be more than okay. I'm committed to actively make great things happen. I'm grateful that there are things that I can do well, perhaps some average, some better. It's such a relief.  So that sums up my New Year's Resolution.

By the grace of God, let's have a spectacular 2015. Cheers! ^_^

Friday, January 2, 2015

Might get a new Hair Color soon #WonderlightMocha #ChunkyHighlights

Happy New Year, wonderful people!

No time to waste, here's a post before I went on to another hair coloration spree come February. (I'm so excited for Feb. And usually, I like to match my mood with a change in hair color.)

#Hairdo #Hairbraid #ChunkyHighlights Taken outdoor with flash. 
Because I was terribly busy a while back, my last post about hair color was for my apricot-y ombre. But after that, for 2014, I went for a couple more trips, getting brighter every time. See my Instagram (@chicsassymom). I always go to Freshaire in SM Megamall...because my go-to hairstylist supports my whims on being adventurous. I love her. Plus the price is reasonable, especially if I come back in time to get my roots done.

Apparently, I'm not that too adventurous just yet. While my tips will always have a more prominent hair shade from the ombre, the rest will have a subtle base color, and then I go for highlights. Wonder Light surprisingly works well for me without the need to lighten.

Roots touch ups with WonderLight Mocha. For my highlights, for brighter shades, they had to use bleach. My hairstylist calls it Barrio Blonde shade. Recent photo taken indoor. 
I think next time, I'll get more highlights. It's the only way to match my tips from the ombre. Otherwise they need to do a full lightening to get colors to even out. I'm not too sure if I'm brave enough. I don't want to resort to donning a short hair just yet.

Anyhow, I'm keeping my hair long for now, depending on my mood, a Tangled-kind of hair will have to be saved for later. Haha. I love the convenience of just having to keep in a bun, whenever I feel uninspired or what. Oh well.

Oh well, it's not Day 1 of Year 2015, I mostly slept yesterday...better late than never. I have more exciting 2014 happenings to share...and for 2015, I'm claiming it, so cheers to more fabulous blog posts to come. Let's do this! Aja! Aja! Fighting! ^_^

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