Saturday, September 6, 2014

Oh Life!

Hello there! I'm okay! Something is amiss, and I'm not feeling so cheery! Oh well, life. Drama. Drama. Drama.

I hope everyone is doing great! First off, I'm okay! (Oh right, I mentioned that!) So much drama, so little time... I ended up not blogging for the past couple of weeks. It's so hard to put everything in words, especially in an organised, coherent and grammatically correct post, oh and a matching photo to boot! Today, I found here goes.

Cheers! *_^ Aja! Aja! Fighting! Somehow, saying the beloved Korean Drama-esque cheer truly helps. Teehee!

I will mention the Korean dramas later. Let me tell you that when it rains, it pours. Lately, several mishaps are coming on my way. Hello, Emotional eating! Boo! The recently concluded First Trimestral exams of my son (who goes to LSGH) was the perfect icing to my already sweet stressful life, but yes, we made it! So yes, I'm ready to make lemonade! I'm so going back to 1200-Calorie Diet!

Let me rant, allow me, please! Here goes the trivial ones, the serious stuff, I will keep to myself. ^_* Few hours back, our precious (and very high maintenance) personal car broke a window glass mechanism, for the second time. My supposed 5-mpbs internet plan is very intermittent, so I'm using my mobile network for tethering. I went on to wash my hands with a foaming Bath & Body Works hand soap, and the soap went all splashy over my clothes (not once, but twice). Not to mention my misadventures with my son. What is wrong?!

Amidst all those, I'm grateful for today! I made it through August! Thank you for my family and friends! God's lovingkindness is amazing! Who wants vodka lemonade? Cheers! ^_^


Catherine said...

Love the quote!! It makes soooo much sense. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

cheekeegirl said...

There are times I also experience 'unlucky' days. But what matters most is that I'm alive and ill-free. Thanks be to God Almighty!

Chic Sassy Mom said...

Thank you Catherine! ^_^ Best Regards! God bless!

@cheekeegirl Amen! ^_^

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