Saturday, June 7, 2014

Stuff on My Mind {Random}

Annyeong! ^_^ June, June, far, so good!

Know that I'm grateful (but of course!) on how things are turning out to be despite of... #AjaAja #Fighting

Anyhow...let's do this! June in fact marks my 4th Year Blogoversary. Wow! I remember how I used to celebrate every milestone, big or small in my blog, by hosting giveaways, but lately, it dwindled as I don't blog as much. But yes, I owe everyone a giveaway! Please stay tuned.

In fairness, still I do take time to update my Instagram and Twitter (@chicsassymom). I'm liking more and more those social network platforms, even Weibo too (thanks to Lee Joon Gi)!

Here are some highlights of my quest to more happier days.

1} My fave #FOTD to date using Bare Minerals from last time.
2} I love almonds especially the ones from Trader Joe's. I use it for Chicken Salad for that added crisp/texture. I like it on my ice cream. I like it by itself. So yes, I want more.
3}Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas Cheese, Fruit, and Nuts Platter. Yum.
4}Awesome press kit from Myra Vita Glow BB Cream. I love, love, love the personalised makeup brush kit. Des is it! Plus I'm trying out Myra Vital Glow BB Cream in Ivory Shade. Review and FOTD post soon.
5}More Marco Polo Hotel ravings on the Nespresso, the indoor (almost) infinity pool, and the room-service for my boys.
6}Korean Delivery from Seoul Restaurant in Escriva Drive, Ortigas Center. Formerly Happy 6 Days Korean Restaurant. New owner, new name, almost same menu. Mashiseo boyeoyo! 
7}Late post on our SFO travel in Palace of Fine Arts. *Thinks The Rock movie
8}Argan Oil for my skin. I love. #MustHave #MustTry
9}Lee Joon Gi. I'm addicted to him (in fact, more to him than Lee Min Ho and Jang Geun Suk)! I have to see him soon! Ottoke?)
10} I had a new dresser, so I had to organize.
11} Lastly, after gaining back most of my weight loss from our recent US vacation, I'm back to subscribing to 1200 Calorie-Diet Plan. Now on Plan Eat Program. So far, so good.

A post or more daily in IG or Twitter is something very workable for me. So please, indulge me, take time to follow me on those platforms as well. Let's celebrate #HappyDays! Cheers! ^_^

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