Monday, December 30, 2013

Syoss Giveaway | Win a trip to Tokyo! #SyossTakeMetoTokyo

Konnichiwa! Oh my, belated posting, but better late than sorry... here's a must-join, not-to-be-missed easy peasy giveaway from Syoss!

Win a trip for two to Tokyo any Syoss product! Joining is super easy! 
Be the lucky one to win a trip for two to Tokyo, Japan.

Here's how...

1. Like the FB Page of Syoss Philippines.
2. Register in the Giveaway Application Tab (that says Join Now!) in the FB Page.
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4. Tell us why you love Syoss hair care products.

Chiaki Kuriyama for Syoss. She's the Japanese actress best known for here roles in Battle Royale, and Quentin Tarantino's 2003 film Kill Bill: Volume 1 as Gogo Yubari.
Rediscover my Syoss Hair affair here, and here too. Syoss is a brand that is close to my heart (super! I'm turning Korean Japanese, I really think so! ;-D) so please support! ;-D Start your Syoss Hair Affair now, and get the chance to win a trip for two to one of the world's fashion capital...Tokyo, Japan.

Choose from any of the following Syoss Hair Care variants (Syoss Repair Therapy, Moisture Intensive Care, Anti-Dandruff Control), Syoss Styling products, and Syoss Colors, available on all your leading supermarkets and department stores.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Police Eyewear Celebrates 30th Yr with the KPop Collection and Local Brand Ambassadors

Annyeonghaseyo! ^_^ Truly, the first ever eyewear brand that registered into my brand consciousness is Police. I still remember my Dad having a coveted pair of Police sunglasses. And yes, he did a show and tell that it was the eyewear worn and endorsed by Bruce Willis. Yes, he's such a die-hard fan of the brand and the movie. That, plus the 30th Year Celebration was held in a Korean Restaurant (KPub in the Fort), the celebration is not to be missed!

A Look Back at 30 Years of Police Eyewear. Founded in 1983, Italian brand Police has made a name for itself in providing cutting edge eyewear. The brand has introduced iconic style that crossed borders and represented generations. In the early 1990's, Police introduced the rock and roll lifestyle and urban fashion to its line of eyewear. In 1993, Police made another splash with the introduction of the iconic blue mirrored lens. Hollywood picke up on the Police lifestyle trend in the late 1990's and early 2000's by having Global Brand Ambassadors, Bruce Willis, George Clooney, David Beckham, and Antonio Banderas. 
Following the success of the Younique Campaign launched in 2010, with the youth also becoming a focal point of the brand, Police is partnering with local talents to represent the Police Lifestyle in the Philippines. Featuring, David Guison, Roxanne Barcelo, and Will Devaughn, the brand ambassadors embody what Police is all about-- youthful, cutting edge, and adored by many. 
For its Police Look Beyond 30 campaign, the brand features the BeYounique Designer Sunglasses Collection. Also, the exclusive Collection by Yoshi Gohara. 
Personally, for a Korean Drama Fangirl like yours truly, a more compelling reason to get myself a pair of Police sunglasses pronto is...

Police in Korea. From iconic aviators to trend-setting blue tinted eyewear, Police is unstoppable by riding on the Hallyu wave. 
Annyeong Dong Hae. Saranghaeyo Lee Min Ho. I swear, I saw Lee Jun Ki in the AVP too, I was too overwhelmed to shoot. Hah. 
Together with Police's 30th Anniversary line, the brand is set to unveil the Police K-Pop Eyewear Line. Omo! Daebak!

Police KPop Sunglasses Collection Source: Police Eyewear Ph Page

The Police K-Pop sunglasses line embodies the innovative Korean fashion sensibility. The line updates the iconic Police appeal with new colored lenses while adding sophisticated look and K-Drama feel. So stay tuned! Cheers!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

SPIRAL BUFFET | Staycation at Sofitel Manila Part 2

Hello December! Bonjour! Mabuhay! Now that I survived another stage of busyness, I'm officially in "Holiday Mode"! Let's kick off my beloved month ever with a (super belated) post of our favorite, best ever buffet destination...Spiral in Sofitel Manila. Let's eat! Bon appétit!

Welcome to Spiral! Sofitel Philippine Plaza’s legendary flagship restaurant – Spiral is as one of the most dynamic interactive dining destinations in Asia Pacific.
Part of our last sem break escapade was a lunch buffet in Spiral. The new Spiral boasts of 2,500 sq m is divided into 21 dining ateliers. In France, an atelier is an artist’s special workshop, and in Spiral it is where secret recipes are masterfully prepared right before your very eyes.  The range of cuisines is expansive and the attention and detail to each dish has the focus of an artisan. 

1 of 21 Ateliers is the (1) French Stove. Here is where every dish is meticulously prepared, and authentic French dishes are a labor of love. Savour home-made seared foie gras, luscious roasted meat and carving, seafood, grilled food and regional French cuisines that will surely impress every gourmand.
A look at Spiral's 21 Dining Atelier... (2) Salad and Appetizer, (3) Rotisserie, (4) Pecking Duck Rolls from the Pecking Duck Oven, (5) Chocolaterie, (6) Steam Baskets, (7) Wood Fired Oven, (8) Hot Japanese, (9) La Patisserie, (10) La Boulangerie, (11) Chinese Wok, (12) Creamery
The (13) North Indian Atelier boasts of its authentic Tandoori Ovens imported from India.
Explore the wonders of the seven seas at the (14)  L’Ecailler. Oyters, Prawns, Lobsters, Crabs, Salmons, and more.
Amazing! And we're just getting started...every so often, I have the pleasure of dining at Spiral, and every time, things just keep getting better!

The (2) Salad and Appetizer Atelier of Spiral shows off a wide range of fresh locally grown produce, and organic colorful vegetables that are freshly picked from Spiral's very own garden, that will be tossed for you by the chefs with your choice of home made salad dressings. And now, new addition to the set up are mix of greens, and vegetables that are beautifully and practically contained in a glass, for easy tossing. Shake and Go, easy peasy! My son had two rounds of these! I'm a happy mom!
Olé!Tapas Selection in the (2) Salad and Appetizer Atelier.
(15) Sushi and Sashimi Sushi is a raw bar with all the fresh sushi and sashimi prepared the sushi chefs.  Japanese rituals abound at this cold stone counter. Temakis and nigiri are in abundance.  
To our delight, there was even Seafood Paella! Yum!
We love the (16)  L’Epicerie, simply put the Meat and Cheese lovers haven.
Feast from a wide variety of premium aged hams, charcuterie, and smoked fish. Pair them with olives, herbs, sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, sauces and condiments for a real gourmet experience. 
Play favorites. Now, you can buy it, and take it home. 
Because most stuff in Spiral you cannot truly get enough, some of your favorite and popular goodies per atelier, are for sale...nicely packed, and conveniently located at the counter, so you can just ask the chef about it. Enjoy Spiral 2 Go!

Since it's now the happiest time of the year, festive Santa Chocolate Figures are crafted at the (5) Chocolaterie. 
Nothing in Spiral is ordinary and boring. Look how classy, and luxuriously the chocolates and candies are stored with the vintage, chest drawers. Just Beautiful. 
Pralines. In Spiral's (5) Chocolaterie, Chocolates are the stuff sweet dreams are made of. 
Thank you Sofitel Manila, Jane and Blessy, for having us. You have pampered us with so much luxuriousness. And now, Chase can only think of Spiral every time he's asked where to treat him. Oh my! Level up!
And there are more ateliers, nothing is ordinary in Sofitel, so you have to try and to see for yourself my beloved (17) Korean, (18) Thai, (19) Churrasco (Steak all you can!), (20) Asian Noodles, and last but not the least (21) Filipino. Mabuhay! 

Among of already many dazzling things, Spiral also boasts of La Veranda, which is an indoor lounge that opens to an outdoor terrace leading to the iconic lagoon-shaped pool the hotel is famous for and its Six spacious (luxurious) private rooms outfitted with plush leather sofas and large dining tables. And much, much more praiseworthy features.

For family diners, who would rather not take their little ones in the Spiral Dining area, you can bring them to the Sofitel Kids' Tent. Here are fun activities (free and paid) to keep your child entertained while you enjoy the ultimate "me" time at Spiral.

Spiral Manila truly is the happiest buffet destination ever. Cheers!

Rates and Reservations:

Lunch Rate at Net Price  (Monday to Saturday): Adult Php 2431.94 /Kid Php 982.60 
Sunday Brunch: Adult Php 3,991.81 / Kid Php1842.38 Net 1596.73 

Dinner Rate at Net Price (Sunday to Thursday): Adult Php 2,800.41 / Kid Php 1596.73
                                    (Friday to Saturday): Adult Php 3,046.06 / Kid 1596.73

Prices are subject to change without prior notice. For reservations and inquiries, please call (632) 832.6988 and (632) 551.5555 ext. 6988, or email

To book a table, visit the official website of Spiral Manila. Every so often, there are promotional Spiral lunch vouchers to boot, so like the Spiral FB Page now!

Disclaimer: We had the privilege of being gifted with complimentary lunch buffet at Spiral. But given the wide range of food choices from the 21 Dining Ateliers, if you are up for a luxurious treat and indulgence, the adult rate of Php 2500 is totally worth it. Promise! I swear! If I'm up to some spending, like we usually do for special occasions (because you ought to know we love to party!), Spiral is it! Last time, we paid about Php 2000 for just 100g of wagyu steak per person, the Hot Japanese atelier of Spiral offers teppanyaki all you like, that, and a whole lot more, the buffet rate is totally worth it!
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