Sunday, May 12, 2013

SM Kids' Fashion GC Giveaway Winner

Happy Monday! Thank you to my fellow awesome parents, and aunties, who participated in my SM Kids' Fashion giveaway. Everyone is absolutely adorable. ;-D

Thank you for joining! ^_^
Congratulations to Danna! She's absolutely adorable! Ready for a summer party! ^_^
It's one of her favorite summer outfit this 2013. A yellow halter top matching with a cotton semi pants and sandals plus her violet summer sunglasses and her fab accessories courtesy of me. - Aida
To her proud auntie, Aida Villanueva, representatives of ARC/SM Kids' Fashion will contact you on how to claim your GC's. Congratulations and stay fabulous! Enjoy your shopping! Cheers! ;-D

To ARC and to SM Kid's Fashion, big thanks for letting me host the giveaway! ^_^ 


Passions of a SAHM said...

congrats, winner!!

aida said...

thank you so much Chic & Sassy mom! can't wait to tell her she won! weee!

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