Sunday, May 26, 2013

Just Visited: SM Aura Premier Mall

With the much-talked-about opening of SM Aura (Au for Gold and Ra for Radium) with Sarah Jessica Parker headlining it, a visit was in order. Just in case, let me give you a tour.

Inside SM Aura with Photo Filter on. It fronts a huge entrance lobby where Forever 21 and Uniqlo are located, like SM MOA's, then funnels into your usual SM Mall lobbies and floors but now with fancier stores and curvier structures (vs. a usual box-type) and nicer fixtures. 
Enjoy 2 Floors of Shopping at Forever 21 and Uniqlo. There's Laneige, The Paul Frank Store, and Stradivarius. I can't wait to visit again when all of the shops open. 
The usual SM Department Store is aptly called The SM Store for a more high end-ish appeal. Although, for wider product and brand assortment, SM Megamall Department Store is still it! 
NYX Cosmetics at The SM Store of SM Aura. A bit expensive than online shopping but it saves you the shipping cost. 
Opening Soon Bershka #YOLO #YouOnlyLiveOnce
SM Aura Cinema. We'll be back to try the Director's Club Cinema of SM Aura. For that day, Fast and Furious 6 was showing for Php 350/pax. 
At the SMAura Roof Deck. #NiceView can't wait for it to be completed. 
SM Aura Food Court. Available are Pepper Lunch, Sbarro, and just a few more opening soon. #HighEnd But there's Jollibee, KFC, Happy Lemon, and Starbucks at the lower levels. McDonald's to open soon. 
Posh Elevators and even Restrooms (but prepare to queue)
SMX Convention Center at SM Aura. 
Carolyn Robb's The Royal Touch Gourmet Cupcakes. Cupcakes are really pretty. We'll be back sometime to try them out.
Anyhow, if I want to shop for Uniqlo, or check out The Paul Frank Store, or the soon to open Bershka (which my friend raves so much), or go see a movie at a Director's Club Cinema, or enjoy the nights and lights for photo ops at the Sky Park located at the roof deck, then SM Aura is it! It's more accessible to us than SM MOA. But being an SM Mall, then you have to expect heavier than usual human traffic. With one of the grandest mall opening to date with Sarah Jessica Parker, expect more people to drop by. #Curious Bless my soul, I did not shop! Haha. But this promises to be a haven for retail therapy minus the food calories (just because at the moment, you get upscale food court choices, and limited stand alone restaurants, and some queueing requires to take your meal). We'll probably be back soon when more shops open and when there's a sale! So long SM Aura, it's a pleasure. Be back soon! Cheers! ^_^


Claire Pajarillo said...

Yeah, very high-end but I love SM Aura, though it's causing traffic all around Global City. Lots of my friends who work in BGC are complaining..hehe

Chic Sassy Mom said...

Heard that parking is hard too! We'll probably be back next month, hopefully more stores will open then! ^^

gerb27 said...

Unfortunately, I haven't been to SM Aura because of my present physical condition. But I do hope to visit it one of these days!

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