Saturday, April 27, 2013

Summer Ready with SM Kids' Fashion

My son, Chase, is splashing into summer with a style, thanks to SM Kids' Fashion. Last April 12, parents and kids were treated to a pool party at the Dusit Hotel in Makati City. With kids dressed in brilliant hues, bold prints, breezy fabrics from the SM Kids' Summer 2013 Collection, it was a perfect sunny day to chillax amidst the summer heat and the hustle and bustle of city living.
Shopping Finds at the SM Department Store Kids' Section. Muscle Shirts with colorful prints,  Shorts with Folded Plaid  Edge. And yes, he just got to have a Sasuke Uchiha Character Shirt. Thank you! ;-D 
Although we missed the event, Chase got to don his summer stuff at the beach. It's was a great weekend for an escapade to Batangas. 

For that weekend of fun, sun, and sand,  Chase's runway was our friend's private Beach Resort in Lian, Batangas. 
Summer Ready. Both Shorts Zap'D. I like that you can undo the fold for a more formal look, or show off the printed edge for a casual look. Tri-colored  Boys Got Style airy shirt  with a Campus Crush Print *Of Course! ;-D And a hooded, colorful muscle shirt with a touch of neon. 
He's ready to make a statement. He's the Campus Crush! ;-D  With their witty one-liners and amusing catchphrases, SM Kids’ Fashion statement tees make boys effortlessly cooler this summer.

The Print-tastic patterns make their way onto airy shirts. Be it a picnic at the park or an out-of-town trip, SM Kids’ Fashion’s casual staples work with just about anything. Checkered or paisley shirts paired with khaki shorts serve as a smart ensemble for boys. 

He's nifty in Neon. SM Kids’ Fashion Collection showcases shocking neon shades. From lemon yellow to deep fuchsia and beyond, these pieces add a fun twist to the current color blocking trends of the runway. A great option for all those happening summer celebrations, bold hues are sure to make anyone the center of attention. Cheery tones look great day or night, paired with subdued neutrals or complimentary pastels.

Just Tee Muscle Shirt are just the comfiest every day wear. 
SM Kids' Fashion Style Lab. Fashion Styling Workshop Schedule
Be it the mall or the beach, every summer destination becomes a fashionable runway for kids wearing SM Kids’ Fashion’s latest offerings. The Summer 2013 Collection is now available at all SM Stores nationwide. And while you're at it, catch the SM Kids' Fashion Styling Workshop. Get Styled, buy, register, and get ready to do the ramp. Have a Happy Summer! Cheers! ^_^

Giveaway: HP Printers ;-D (Extended)

Happy Weekend! Oh happy day. It's my 700th post! For this milestone, I am delighted to partner with HP Philippines and EON for today's giveaway post. (Thank You so much!;-D) We're giving out not one, but three (3) HP Printers. Yay! ^_^ Start your HP printing adventures now! So it's time to box up that yearsss old printer, discover HP Deskjet Ink Advantage now!  Without further ado, here's to jumpstart your upgrade, we're rewarding my dear readers with HP Printers.

This giveaway is open to my blog readers and subscribers 18 years old up, and who have access to Makati, Philippines. Prize (Printer) is to be picked up at EON office in Makati. Representative is allowed.
Entry submission will end May 12, 2012, Local Time (Philippines). 
Accomplishe Google Doc Form on the Enter Giveaway Image. Instructions on what to do are provided on the form. ;-D
Three (3) winners in all. One winner for the Top Prize. Two winners for the consolation prizes 

Awarding of winners will be based mostly on your blog comment. Move me. Convince me. Connect with me.  Cheers! ;-D

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

DIY Printable: Kung Fu Panda Pencil Toppers #Giveaway Soon ;-D

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 5525 e-All-in-One is really, really it! ;-D Remember that I'm also into DIY parties, it would have been nicer and more cost effective if I had this back then. Oh well. Better late than sorry.Truly, having a nice printer means more customized matching decors, toys, giveaways, table toppers etc. Here's one for starter.

Ready for school soon! ;-D DIY Printable Kung-fu Panda 2 Pencil Toppers from the HP  Creative Home Studio. 
Kung Fu Panda is another movie and character that we adore. So it's doubly nice to have a Po Pencil Topper Printable available. Of course, Chase wants to do Master Shifu too. Will save it for another time. 

As always, effortless printing with HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 5525 e-All-in-One.  ;-D 
Po Kung Fu Panda 2 Pencil Toppers. The activity can be accessed via HP Philippines Facebook Page Ink Advantage Tab. Under Arts & Crafts Application, choose the Kung Fu Panda 2 Pencil Toppers. Requires 1 page of paper, preferably card stock or paperboard. Since we have photo paper, we used that instead.  A page makes four toppers. Descriptive instruction is also included in the printout. But it's easy peasy with the dotted lines as markers on what to fold. Instead of glue, I used double sided tape. For the cutting of the "X" hole, fold it lightly in the middle, and cut gently. 
Chase is just too excited to give it a go to the pencil. ;-D 
Voila!  Instant pencil toppers! ;-D
Pencil or Crayon toppers. Single or stack them. 
Slowly but surely insert the pencil, with the writing tip first. Ooh la la. #Awesome
Amazing! The HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 5525 e-All-in-One truly allows us to print all we like. Read more about the HP Ink Advantage here.

Discover HP Ink Advantage. Like and Visit Hewlett Packard Philippines on Facebook for more details.

Please stay tuned for my HP Printers giveaway very soon! Cheers! ;-D 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Few of our Favorite Baby Stuff

I am so excited to be stage auntie to my two nephews soon. I missed shopping baby stuff, it's nice to be participating in their shopping spree once in a while. You can buy colors, prints, and designs to your heart's content. Unlike when they turn toddler, or just a few more years older, they start to have their own preferences. ;-D We're moving from Disney Cars Lightning McQueen stuff to other characters. I wanted to get my 7 year old son, Chase, a Naruto shirt, but he wanted a Sasuke character tee. Oh well, so Sasuke it is. ;-D Anyhow, baby stuff are just the cutest. So here's my sister's stash. Naturally, it's the same brands we love all over again.

A boxful of Baby Goodies. ;-D
Baby Cloths, Bibs, Receiving blankets, Burp Cloths, Booties, Socks, Towels, Robe etc. in varying prints and designs. #Cuteness
Philps Avent forever. Only this time, she's upgrading the Classic Avent Bottles to Natural type. And some bottles are blue! Plus, she's getting the New 3 in 1 Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer. 

Lamaze and Fisher Price Baby Toys. We have room for more toys. 
Pampers New Baby hoarding starts now. ;-D pink. And these are actually what's left from my stash from 7 years ago. We thought it's a girl so we shopped too soon, and we're sent with a boxful of girly goodies. And the rest is history, so I let go of few items here and there, but I still have a couple left. Oh well. ;-D 
Naturally, we're standing by the same brands we love. To my sister in law, who's a first time mom, I recommend also few more of my favorite baby stuff from last time, and what's also in my baby bag then and now. So I love playing tag along during their shopping. It's great to note that now there are more options for baby brands, and even shopping venues and sources. She bought some of the stuff online. And there's more Sale here and there, so you actually get the really nice stuff at great prices. What are your favorite baby brands and stuff? Please do share! ;-D Cheers! 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

DIY Printable: Twitter Beard Mask #HPInkAdvantage ^_^

Since we can print, all we want, here's another activity we did, Twitter (Bird) Beard Mask DIY printable. ;-D

DIY Printable made easy with HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 5525 e-All-in-One. Super fast, and high quality color printing. 
The activity can be accessed via HP Philippines Facebook Page Ink Advantage Tab. Under Arts & Crafts Application, choose the Beard Paper Mask. Requires 2 pages of paper, preferably card stock or paperboard. Since we have photo paper, we used those instead. 
Chasey Boy at Work. It's a good activity to enhance his fine motor skills. Although, the curves required a bit more of skills in cutting, so I helped him. It's a good way to bond, aw! ;-D Plus, it's a good time off from electronics. 
We used double adhesive tapes to put the parts together. Nice! ;-D
Twitter Bird got Bearded Chase! ;-D 
Cuteness! ;-D 
Having a reliable printer at home is such a delight. It changes how we do things around. *LoL Most of all, with my school boy, it fosters creativity and learning, while bonding. The HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 5525 e-All-in-One allows us to print all we like, with the HP Ink Advantage, ink cartridges are sold individually (Black, Red, Yellow, and Blue) so you only refill what you will need depending on your printing requirements. Read more about the HP Ink Advantage here.

Discover HP Ink Advantage. Like and Visit Hewlett Packard Philippines on Facebook for more details.

Please stay tuned for our next HP Printer Adventure. Plus HP Printers giveaway very soon! Cheers! ;-D 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Review: Innisfree Soybean Firming Serum (Updated)

Annyeong!^_^ Kicking off my weekend with a Seoul-ful post. I have a new fave skin care item from Innisfree, the Soybean Firming Serum. Remember, I was supposed to get a full size of it from my Seoul Innisfree Haul from last time, but it was out of stock in one of the shop in Seoul. Ha.Sad. Anyhow, still grateful for these samples, so I used them to their fullest. They did well. I'm convinced.

Full Size of Innisfree Soybean Firming Serum Roller Type (Updated July 2013)

Innisfree Soybean Firming Serum is a highly enriched firming serum with fermented  green soy beans from Jeju island  that promotes skin resilience. Innisfree Soybean Firming Serum Full size comes in 50 ml, sells for KRW 32,000.

Innisfree Soybean Firming Serum promises and delivers only the good stuff to your skin. 
Innisfree Soybean Firming Serum Product Description. #Love. :-D  Click on image to visit official Innisfree Korea site.
Face lifting application/massage tips to 5 areas prone to sagging and collapsed skin resilience. On how to apply, I happily oblige! ;-D I can't wait for the full size with the roll-on firming massage applicator. 
Swatch. Clear, watery consistency. Very lightweight and non-greasy. Absorbs fast much like Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum lightly scented.
Having only two measly sample packs (my fave eBay seller has no samples even), I don't have much to indulge on, so I decided to use it the weekend we went to the beach. It's sunny, and humid to the highest level. On the side of vanity safety, I needed some extra tender loving skin care item to include in my already elaborate Korea Cosmetics-laden skin care routine (plus a whole lot of sunscreen stuff).
Good Morning. Me.Myself and I. Makeup Free. Fresh out of bed.  ;-D
I love the instant firming, pore-tightening, and brightening effects. No breakouts, even being exposed under the sun, sweat, and humidity the day before. Plus, there's a realized sebum-control effect. With several layers of moisturizers I apply at night, even with the A/C on, I usually have some oiliness on my forehead in the morning, but not on those times. With that, it's a nice addition to my morning routine as well. I was actually concern that with my combination skin type, a collagen activator skin care line will be too rich for the summer, it isn't so, the serum softens and moisturizes just right. There's more to the Innisfree Soybean Skincare line, so I might mix and match some of it with my current skin care routine.

With my packs, I was able to extend usage to 6 times, which was 3 days/night. As soon as went back to Manila, I already pre-ordered the full size. Yay! #Excited

Updated: July 2013

I finally got the full size of the Innisfree Soybean Firming Serum from my fave eBay seller, BHappywithMe. I got it a while back, here's a belated updating (sorry!).
Innisfree Soybean Firming Serum Roller Type is love, love, love! Seriously super nice! Worth the wait and the eBay Philippines online price! 
Innisfree Soybean Firming Serum Usage Tips. 
Pretty please Innisfree, come to the Philippines, and bring @ActorLeeMinHo along! ^_^ Saranghaeyo!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boracay Event: Nestea Beach Victory Party with Jay Sean

Oh my, now I seriously hope that I will be in Boracay this weekend. This April 20, 2013, the 16th NESTEA Beach Fest presents British singer-songwriter and rapper Jay Sean to the shores of Boracay for a one-night only performance at the 16th NESTEA Beach Victory Party. It will definitely be the coolest beach experience this summer... Sun. Sand. Beach. Nestea. Jay Sean. Boracay is it! #SummerisMoreFuninthePhilippines ;-D

For more details, Like and Follow Nestea on..

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Puregold Clark April 2013 SALE

Yes!!! It's the ultimate Sale time in Puregold Clark! Because I'm very very curious since people are asking, and searching for it, so I asked my sister to check out Puregold. Yay! ;-D This is the best time to duty free shop. I swear, if you're into hoarding a la doomsday prepper kind, Puregold Clark is the best place ever in the Philippines to do just that.
Puregold Duty Free Clark & Subic Summer Sale 2013. Starts today, April 17 to the 21st. And there goes some of the Buy 1, Take 1's...Colgate Toothpaste, Kirkland Baby Wipes, Dove Soap, and very affordable laundry powder.
Oh my, they must love Pringles so so much, and Spam too, plus a lot more!
So yes, I'm seriously considering going this weekend. From experience, as with any kind of sale, especially Puregold and S&R's, PATIENCE is a virtue! ;-D But more than S&R, Puregold Duty Free (both in Clark and Subic) have more imported product lines and varieties to offer, so if you're up for serious retail therapy and queueing, this is definitely worth your while! To those who don't know yet, Puregold and S&R share the same family owners/managers, so yes, they more or less can offer the same very good stuff at a competitive prices for imported items vs. local supermarkets. I survived last month's S&R Sale, and the not so recent Puregold Sale, so yes, I'm inclined to visit Clark this weekend. Cheers! ;-D

Store hours: 9am to 7pm, but even after 7pm, people were still allowed to enter, and there were still a lot of people queuing for the cashiers.

Monday, April 15, 2013

HP Printer Advantage: We can print, All we want! *Giveaway soon! ;-D

We are now the proud owner of a HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 5525 e-All-in-One! Thank you! ;-D Oh happy day! ;-D I am pleased that my son, Chase, can finally have access to printables online. He's always asking me to print, but since as far as I can remember, scrimping on printer ink costs is the way of life, I always declined. Hah. ;-D It will not be so for now, oh yes, we can print, all we want!
So sweet. HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 5525 e-All-in-One is a printer that can do so much on its own even without a PC. It lets you access and print a wide range of content via web-connected apps such as colouring pages, greeting cards and more directly from the printer. It also has built-in memory card slots so you can view, select, and print. Plus, it's easy to set up. I have to say that since more often than not, except for my Apples, I am usually a lost cause with anything electronics. But with a guided animation on the digital display to walk me through the whole process, it seemed easy-breezy. Print away! ;-D 
First off, my buying coupon. *LoL Then a photo of Chase printed directly via SD Card...awesome! Then it's Chase's playtime. 

A Rise of the Guardians Printable from HP Ink Advantage Creative Studio .  Oh my,  with that much colors, with my usual scrimping ways, I will not dare before. ;-D It printed so fast (seriously, less than a minute!), and so well. Truly, A+ in affordability, reliability, and quality. 
It's time to Find the Elves. It's a welcome break to be able to separate him from his gadgets.  It's nice that he now has access to actual paper print outs, since even in school he uses e-Tab Reader. And yes, he's been printing a whole lot more after. Oh well, what can I say, we can afford it now! ;-D
It's been a very, very long while since we had a reliable printer at home. It seemed okay to change from one iPhone, or Samsung SI to another, but a printer will do for 5-10 years. Oh my goodness, truth be told, our printer was perhaps over 5 years old. For that, we had our share of difficulties. With several homework of Chase from last time to bring photos of so and so, I murdered a lot of magazines, unsuccessfully even more often than not, in finding everything we need. Plus, I fight charm my way on being allowed to show just online copies of coupons vs. the required print outs. Hah. Now, I'm amazed at the superb functionality of having a reliable printer conveniently at home, and yes, you can print through a wireless connection. So we're looking forward to more print-and-play time with our e-All-in-One printer.

It's time to go for the the HP Advantage. Like and Visit Hewlett Packard Philippines on Facebook.

Watch out for more of our HP Print Time Adventures, and you might be a lucky winner of my Hewlett Packard Printers giveaway soon. Cheers! ;-D

Monday, April 8, 2013

Lawson Live in Manila

Happy Monday! Yay! More April 9 Holiday cheer, as tomorrow night, the air will be filled with great music and admirable rockers from the current pop rock London-based sensation Lawson...Andy, Ryan, Adam, and Joel. (First name basis #Close #iWish ) ;-D

Lawson Live in Manila. April 9, 8 pm, at Eastwood Mall Open Park. 
Lawson, its name paying tribute to a real-life doctor who saved the life of their vocalist Andy Brown from death scare, scored hit singles recently, namely, "When She Was Mine," (which immediately became high-rated on YouTube in just a week after being posted) "Taking Over Me," and "Standing In The Dark."  "Completing the band roster are bassist Ryan Fletcher, who has been jamming with Joel since they were 14, and drummer Adam Pitts.    
Today's Press Conference held at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. Lawson Band Members with their Philippine Jeepney Keepsake. 
Lawson Joel, Adam, and Andy.
Lawson Adam and Andy.
Lawson Andy and Ryan.
The band’s singles "Taking Over Me” and “STANDING IN THE DARK” are now certified hits and have both reached the Number 1 spot on Philippine Radio and Music Channels.  

Grab a copy of LAWSON’S CHAPMAN SQUARE album available on CD at all Astroplus/ Astrovision/Odyssey/O Music, and Video stores nationwide. 

The album is also available for download via iTunes Philippines: 

For more details about LAWSON’S PHILIPPINE PROMO TOUR, please visit the following site. 
What a great way to start my week, thank you Megaworld Lifestyl Malls! ;-D These guys are equally as dashing as my Hallyu Stars. #Fangirl Cheers! ^_^  

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Another Addiction:Michael Kors

Oh Happy Day! So besides Ralph, I'm also liking Michael Kors! ;-D I finally got my matching tote and wallet to partially complete my MK shopping finds from our Holidays 2012 California Trip. And I'm setting my eyes, heart and mind and soul on getting more. One can never have enough bags! *LoL

Matching MK Tote and Wallet

MICHAEL Michael Signature Top ZipTote with external slip pockets and a Signature MK Logo Charm Hang tag. It took me a while to get a MK bag of my liking, more than the design (all so pretty), I had to go for functionality, hence for the need to have a top zipper closure. I wasn't successful on my MK outlet visits to Cabazon, and Carlsbad. Even from TJ Maxx. These were purchase from Michael Kors Outlet Store in Vacaville, California c/o my aunt  in San Francisco. I got them last February, a month after we arrive home from LAX. 
MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Wallet with gold hardware. Signature Michael Kors logo plate at top center.
Comes with a dust bag. #Nice
Michael Kors Tote Details
Both tote and wallet have golden hardware. Bag has interior zip, wall, and cellphone compartments x 4. Wallet has center zip compartment and several card and currency slots...very roomy interior, my kind of thing. So yes, I can mix and match with few of my MK goodies. Remember these...

MK Logo Studded Tees from Carslbad 
MK Belts. The black belt matches these tote/wallet pair. So yes, I'm in need of a brown purse. Plus I need matching ballerina flats, and heels too. Shopping is very much in order! Soon! 
Michael Kors Edsa Shangri-la Mall Shop. I've got my eyes on you! ;-D 
My precious.^_^  Few of my favorite things. #Syoss #iPhone #MichaelKors #Salon  #MeTime
Michael Kors' designs, quality, and functionality are pretty match at par with Louis (just because I can't yet bring myself to spend that much for a bag, I have a certain spending threshold). Oh well. So momentarily, Michael Kors is it for moi! Cheers! ;-D 

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