Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fly Asiana Airlines

Annyeong! ^^ I'm so back with another Seoul-ful post. Perhaps I have a theatrical fancy to almost anything Korean, but truly, oh my, Incheon (Seoul) Airport is truly the nicest airport ever. (Next to my favorite airport, Singapore Changi Airport.) I'm not sure with other airlines, but Asiana offers a connecting flight to LAX with an extended hours (10 hours) that allowed me to take advantage of a Visa-Free Best of Seoul transit tour. So it actually made my California Holidays extra-sweeter since I made it to Seoul!!! Anyhow, my flight included four segments, MNL-ICN, ICN-LAX, LAX-ICN, ICN-MNL. My LAX flight segments were the longer ones. Except for severe turbulence every so often, the midnight flight hours actually allow you to sleep, then arrive at the morning, minimizing jet lag, methinks. Compare to my son and hubby's Air China flights, I'm more adjusted.

Aboard Asiana Aircraft.  This was from my MNL-ICN flight segment. Hmmm, surprisingly personal monitors for the inflight entertainment system were not available. But this did not hold true for the ICN-MNL segment.
My midnight meal from Manila to Incheon. Fruit Platter. The option was for a Rice Porridge or this one. The fruits were  nice, sweet, and juicy. 
Ssam bap meal. I love! ;-D This meal I had on my ICN-LAX segment. There's always an option between a Western and Korean. Of course, I chose thee! ;-D It's eaten like how you eat a lettuce wrap, put the rice, beef, bean paste onto the leaf on your palm, roll/wrap. Voila! Yum! 
But of course, omelette for breakfast! I chose this for both to and from LAX segments. 
Bibimbap. Just lovely! To my excitement, I didn't take anymore photos, but my meal from ICN to MNL was actually equally superb. It's a beef meal, but they provided Gochujang or Hot Pepper Paste. 
The meals were just nice. The Korean dishes came with guides on how to enjoy them. I highly encourage you to explore. I have a strong penchant for the Korean cuisine that I call them my happy food. So I look forward to all the meals!

Inflight! Inflight entertainment, except for my MNL to ICN segment, which had no personal monitors, the movies were updated. One flight segment even has a touch screen monitor. Although, I was too sleepy since I took Nafarin A to the long haul flights, so I only used it every so often. My humble economy seat were comfy enough, plus they're all nicely reclinable! Although, I would have wanted a stepping bar in front, like how I remembered having one from a couple of my Singapore Airlines flights. Cabins were fully dimmed, plus it seemed actually quieter than what I had before for most long haul flights. It's that or the Nafarin A worked its wonders! ;-D Toilets were kept clean most of the times. But I especially like how they put coffee beans in the bathroom to the LAX-ICN flight as scent neutralizer. Anyhow, customer service is also commendable although I only had the usual interactions, no additional requests and assistance were necessitated on my part. But they were friendly, and efficient. For all segments, slippers were provided. I was hoping though that there will be an eye mask provided, I remembered getting one from Philippine Airlines (PAL). Although, I didn't request, so I couldn't tell if they have it on a per request basis. No toothbrush too was included as amenity. I didn't need one since I have a Colgate Wisp with me (I love this product, superbly functional! Have you tried one? It's a travel must have!) So yes, not only because Lee Min Ho took this airline, and I love almost everything Korean, but also for the commendable service and inflight amenities, I would love to take Asiana Flights as much as possible. *LoL BUT it's a bit pricey even it was supposedly on a promo fare, I got mine for 1360+ USD. Oh well, it's that holiday season, so it must be it. It pays to plan ahead, I didn't! I booked a flight a month before. My PAL US Summer ticket costed me much lesser, considering it was a direct flight. Anyhow, I don't want a direct flight, I want a Seoul stopover! So Asiana is it! ;-D 

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