Sunday, January 27, 2013

Delightful Teppanyaki Time at Benihana

Konni-chiwa! ;-D My belated 2012 Birthday fancy meal was at Benihana in Torrance, California. It's such a fun experience. It's definitely a must try! 

One Fine Meal at Benihana. 
My son with the friendly service crew. Excited for the Teppanyaki Show! ;-D 
What is Teppanyaki at Benihana?   
In Japan, the preparation of food is an art form. At Benihana, we have elevated it to the art of entertainment, with chefs skilled in the teppanyaki — or hibachi — cooking tradition, to the delight of diners and their appetites.   
Characterized by an intricate combination of presentation and knife skills, teppanyaki cooking has developed into a highly refined and beautiful form of expression. Benihana is proud to have introduced the elegant art of teppanyaki cooking to America when our first restaurant opened in New York in 1964.
We ordered, upon recommendation, one of the Teppanyaki Specialties, Rocky's Choice. See Benihana's full menu here

Benihana Kabuki Kids Menu. For my son, we also got him Hibachi Steak. 
Ramune!!! Welcome to the world of Ramune. True to the concept of fun dining experience, this completes a kid's fancy drinking experience. More than the taste, I think it's the opening that is truly fun and unique. So just for this time, he was allowed to have his share of carbonated drink. 
And let the show begins...

Guess who? Spongebob! It started with preparing the fried rice. So hai (yes!), everyone needs to order fried rice, otherwise you will miss on the show. *LoL 
Hidden Mickey! ;-D 
Appetizer, Hibachi Chicken, and Veggies.
Oh look, it's a volcano!!! Delightfully entertaining! 
Hibachi Steak cook to your specification. 
Oishii! Teppanyaki Specialty-- Rocky's Choice includes a serving of Benihana onion soup, Benihana salad, shrimp appetizer, Hibachi vegetables, homemade dipping sauces, steamed/fried rice (I recommend Fried Rice for a more entertaining meal! ;-D) , Japanese hot green tea and Häagen-Dazs ice cream, sherbet or sorbet. It was a treat, but I think it's at $30++ per person. 
It's a place of celebrating birthdays, *LoL, I think the birthday song was the mainstay theme song of the venue. I was too enamored with everything...the food and the entertainer chef, I passed on them singing a birthday song for me (it was 5 days over anyway), but I just had to have a birthday photo taken as a get a insta-print.

Overall, mighty delighted and thankful for the lunch treat. Arigato gozai-masu! It was awesome! For that price, it's fairly reasonable, it's your average fancy hotel meal treat here plus plus (a little less or over...think Spiral Buffet of Sofitel). But the entertainment sets it apart, it's our first! So it's remarkable and memorable. I consider is as a tourist must-do when in California. Anyhow, having tried this in California, I look forward to the Japanese Teppanyaki experience, that is when I set foot to the Land of the Rising Sun...Japan, it's my must-do! Kampai! ;-D

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