Monday, December 31, 2012

TJ Maxx Shopping

Oh. Happy. Day! Here's another shopping post. Last time we went to California, it was Theme Parks everyday. This time around it's shopping all the way. Me likey! ^_^

We actually have a TJ Maxx that seems like a 5-minute drive from we were staying. Yay! 2 years ago, I went as well. But I only bought a couple of shirts. But my, my, the handbags here are so nice too, I actually think that this branch here offer better prices, although limited selection and very fast moving stocks, vs. Michael Kors outlet store in Cabazon. But you have the nicer Nice West, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Cynthia Rowley, Betsey Johnson, Tommy Hilfiger etc. I came back a couple of times for a Michael Kors bag, I havent't found my one true bag yet! *LoL 
For my first visit, I bought these. Rather, they bought these for me! ^_^ Carter's for my niece/nephew, Nike Socks for my son, Calvin Klein for hubby, a Ralph Lauren Top, and Michael Kors belts.
Bought these reversible MK belts. I definitely need a Michael Kors matching handbag. ;-D
The reverse of the Michael Kors belts. 
We've been told that a lot of Michael Kors handbags came last December 26, although new stocks come in everyday, but some, the really nice ones, have limited stocks. I already came by the store four times #Shopaholic #Addict *LoL, but I haven't been lucky. I have something in mind, something like my belt's print and materials. My aunt was able to get one though. I will update! ;-D 

Wilson Socks, Nike Golf Reversible Belt, Jansport Backpack. For gifting. ;-D
Nautica Tops
Trying out dresses. #Guess #Lace Available stocks are both size smaller than mine though.  
TJ Maxx is way nicer than Ross', methinks! I quickly dropped by to a Ross shop in the mall, the hand bags are very common, plus designer brands seem to be limited to a few. TJ Maxx is the go-to destination for designer brands, Discount Perfumes, at relatively friendlier price point. So if you want to splurge, you would probably need a day to explore TJ Maxx. ;-D 

Just in case, I don't get to do another post tomorrow, I would like to greet everyone a very Happy New Year! Cheers! ;-D

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Seoul Shopping: Innisfree and Etude House

Annyeonghaseyo! ;-D Here goes my Korean Cosmetics-laden shopping at Insadong Cultural Street as one of the highlights of my short but oh so sweet Best of Seoul Transit Tour.

More love for Lee Min Ho! Yay! Innisfree along the street.
There are a lot of shops along Insadong Cultural Street that sells souvenirs, clothes, etc., and most of the Korean Cosmetics Store can also be found here...SkinFood, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, Innisfree, and a whole lot more. We didn't really have time so we couldn't explore the whole street, and we couldn't really linger longer per shop. Since we don't have Innisfree in the Philippines, I spent most of my time in it.
2 x Green Tea Mineral Mist for 5000 ++ KRW, full size of the Jejubija Anti-Trouble Spot Essence W for 15000KRW (Review post here.), Mineral Glow Melting Foundation, The Green Tea Seed Serum  for 22000 KRW (I tried a couple of samples prior to buying the full size, so far, so good! ;-D). I can't get anything over a 100ml as I would have to hand carry the stuff, since I will not be checking in the airline counter anymore. Anyhow, during my return to the airport, security check etc., I was told that I can only carry one Green Tea Mist, it must be because of the packaging, but I asked nicely if they can allow me since I came from a transit tour, showed them my receipts, eventually it was allowed! 
The Mineral Melting Foundation included the Olive Real lines as gifts with purchase, and since I spent more than 50000 KRW, I got the Eco Science Special Kit and the Green Tea Pure Deluxe Kit, plus other masks, and a perfume card. #Freebies #Samples #SeoulShopping
I made a quick stop to Etude House to get the Mascara Cleaner and a small Bell Dress Lovely Look Spray Cologne. I love. This smells so wonderful! Oh plus I got a box of cotton pads as immediate freebie as soon as you picked up a basket. ^^
More freebies: Etude House Collagen Moistfull Peeling Wash and Nutrifull Sleeping Pack and Cream. Nice one! ^^
That's the most I could buy for that short shopping time allotted to us. I'm using a couple of these already, I will come back for the reviews soon. Saranghaeyo! ^^

Visit Innisfree Korea website for pricing details, and product descriptions here.

Ontario Mills and Cabazon Outlet Shopping

Oh happy day! Here goes another shopping post. For my birthday this year, we decided to hit the outlet stores...really early. We've been told that it will be a nice day to shop...Oh my, true! We were supposed to go to Dessert Hills Premium Outlets located in Cabazon. It's a long drive from where we are, about an hour or so. But it was raining that day, since it's an outdoor type mall, it was decided to go to Ontario Mills first.

Shopping Day at Ontario Mills
We came early. #Excited First Destination was for the Old Navy Outlet for my son's stuff.
Bath & Body Works Shopping at its best! *Happy Birthday to me! ;-D
Forever 21
Great finds at Gap for me and hubby. 
Oh my, I love this store. #PoloRalphLauren I bought 5 shirts at amazing price. 
Nike Factory Store. Naturally, my hubby and son's brand and store of choice too! ;-D
By lunch time, the place was full, seriously jam packed. The Coach shop was only allowing people to go in by batches. Cashier lines for Nike, Gap, and Ralph Lauren were long. Additional deals and discounts were offered for that day. After four hours, we're broke! Haha! ;-D But fret not, we were in mood for some more shopping, or window shopping, so we went to Cabazon.

Cabazon Dessert Hills Premium Outlets Photo Credit: Official Page
It was raining, so we arrived about 7pm. It's dark and super chilly!

Cabazon Outlets
It's drizzling so it was a bit challenging to move from one area to another. It's by clusters. But Cabazon offers a whole lot more of store choices, truly a premium destination...there's Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Gucci, Burberry, and whole lot more. This is a haven for big time spender. I will definitely save a visit next time. We ended up buying not much here, as we had our fill of shopping euphoria from Ontario Mills.

Ontario Mills Shopping Finds...a trunkful of goodies! ;-D Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, Gap, Nike, Bath and Body Works
Hello Beauty Blender ! ;-D Finally got mine at Planet Beauty in Ontario Mills.  It was love at first try with Beauty Blender last time, so I made sure to get my very own. I bought a three-pack gift set in pink, black and white. Plus I added a bottle of BlenderCleanser to take advantage of the buy $50 less $10 off deal for that day. 
One fine shopping birthday! Cheers! ;-D

Ontario Mills official website here.
Cabazon Dessert Hills Premium Outlets here

Haul: Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale and Coupon

Happy Holidays everyone! I pray that you are all having a very merry Christmas Time! Anyhow, it's rainy day today, we have some time to spend at home, meaning some blogging time. So here is it, a post about my never ending addiction to shop whenever possible at Bath & Body Works. Remember my shopping tip two years back last time here, so yes, it still stands. Coupons and several visits recommended, remember! ;-D

Pocket Bac 5 for $5. Wall Flowers 2-Pack Refills at $5 each as a one day special last time. Body Mist at $6 each as one day special some other day. 3 for $10 Body Mists Minis. Twisted Peppermint Lotion (I love this scent!) as free gift for every $10 purchase. 
Buy 3, Get 3 Bath and Body Works Signature Body Care Collection for my hubby! Yup, I'm taking so much time in the store he told me, here let me use your coupon! Another coupon for $10 off for every $30 or more purchase. #CouponLove *LoL
For my birthday treat, we went super early in the morning to Ontario Mills. A visit to Bath & Body Works for the Semi-Annual Sale was a must! ;-D
Bath and Body Works Anti-Bac Hand Foaming Soap for $3 each. Lotions and Shower Gel in Orange Sapphire and Butterfly Flower for $3 each.
So yes, I wish I can get more, but we have to watch our airline baggage. 

Bath & Body Works $10off Coupon for any purchase of $40 or more. Valid untile January 13, 2013. Please click here for the official BBW site link
Here's a coupon I found online just in case you are interested to haul! It's fine if you cannot print it, just save it on your mobile phone, at least it works for me! ;-D Happy Shopping! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Best of Seoul Transit Tour *Pix Heavy Read More

Annyeonghaseyo! ^^ Greetings from California! I would have wanted to do this post right away, but we've been very busy...oh well, my 2012 just got so much sweeter...I made it to Seoul! I love! For a Korean Drama fangirl, this is a dream come true! Anyhow, allow me to quickly back track, remember, I chose an Asiana LAX Flight with an extended connecting flight to Incheon (ICN), meaning about 10 hours. It was a midnight flight from Manila. Incheon Airport is simply the nicest airport ever, deserving of being the best airport in the world. Having said that, it means it's huge so expect a lot of walking from one gate, terminal to another.

Incheon Airport at the wee hours of the morning. 
Thank goodness for walkalators all over. 
Transfer Desk, Rest & Relax Area. Anyhow, the area is huge as I've said! Opposite to each other is Asiana and Korean Airlines gates. Depending on your airline, you'll be at the far opposite side of the terminal. 
Chic & Sassy Tip 1: Please remember to get the brochures, very helpful to know which part of the airport you are located, plus many among other tips and transit tour details.

Chic & Sassy Tip 2: Before anything else, find your gate for your upcoming flight!

I don't have a valid Korean Visa, so I have to avail of a transit tour to pass through immigration. I wrote about the No-Visa-Required-for-Entry government program in detail from my previous post. I made a new friend from the MNL flight. But since she had a shorter stopover period, we agreed to take different transit tours. Together, we searched for the Transit Tour Desk.  The information counter told us, that the desks will be open 6 am. The desks are located on each very far side of the airport terminal, just before you go through immigration for your exit. After relaxing at their uber comfy sleeping chairs, we went to look for the Transit Tour Desk. There was no one yet in the Asiana side. So went to look for the other desk, located at the other end. I chose OMI Tours, as I've read better reviews of it. There were a lot of tour options from the brochure, but for that day, they only offer the Incheon Tour, free of charge, and Best of Seoul for USD $50. We were told to go through the immigration, and at the arrival desk, outside, we will go to its counter. So yes, it was that simple. When I went to the immigration, I wasn't really asked anything specific about which tour I was to take etc. Although, he looked at my US Visa.

Meet Jane of OMI Travel. Their counter is located at the arrival area. 
Incheon Arrival Area is world class...clean, nice, comfy, inviting, name it! Plus it's a haven of stalking Hallyu Stars. *LoL. 
Incheon Airport Arrivals. Such welcoming site indeed! ;-D 
Tour Time

OMI Travel Seoul Transit Tour...Off we go! 
Inside the tour bus. It's nice and comfy. It took about an hour from the airport to Seoul. Since it was a Monday, we were only 7 in the tour group. You can leave your things at the desk, but since I had a laptop backpack, I left it safely in the bus during the walks. 
The Best of Seoul Tour itinerary included a visit to Chenggyecheon Water Stream, the Gyeongbokjung Palace, Insadong Cultural Street, inclusive of lunch at a Korean Restaurant for USD $50. 
Cheonggyecheon Stream. Oh my, the weather was way to cold for a leisurely stroll along the stream.  
OMI actually includes a tour on foot along the water stream, not just a drive thru. 
 National Folk Museum of Korea
Annyeonghaseyo! ^^

Sunday, December 9, 2012

UNIQLO Shopping Finds

One week to go, and we're all set for our Holiday trip to the land of the free, and the home of the brave. Our destination is California. Although, we might visit somewhere snow-y too...Hello White Christmas! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! ^^ So a visit to Uniqlo was in order. Thank goodness, it's such a haven of winter clothes. It's so so sunny in Manila lately, but for a moment, you'd think you're elsewhere when inside the store. ;-D

UNIQLO MOA is located at the 2nd Floor, Main Mall of SM Mall of Asia. Hubby and Chase on their way inside the store! #Excited
UNIQLO Shopping Finds. A lot!!! 
For us, and for gifts. UNIQLO Micro Fleece Full Zip Hoodie
Micro Fleece Half Zip Pull Overs
UNIQLO Heattech Must Haves.
UNIQLO Heattech Japan Technology features heat generation, heat retention, moisturizing, anti-microbial, stretch, anti-static, and shape retention. All right, I'm sold. I like. ;-D
For my little man, UNIQLO Lounge Set. Raglan in Blue Black and Black Gray. Php 790/per set. The tops can also be makeshift pullovers too. ;-D From experience, we don't really need to bring a lot of stuff for Chase, in the States, you can actually get cheaper (than here in the Philippines) branded boy's wear.
Main Event. ;-D Chase's Jacket for Php 2990 ;-D It's love at first try! ^^ 
Bundling him in style. UNIQLO Kid's Down Jacket has a tuck-away hood. 
Our UNIQLO Outfitted son! ;-D Ready to travel in style much!
Oh.My.Goodness. There's so much to see, to like, and to buy. I couldn't really linger on every rack, corner, and area, as I was with my boys. Ahem!^^But I might have to do a last minute visit before this week ends, as I am in need of more Heattech niceties. I wonder if they're like thermal wears of M&S. Anyone?  For that first visit there, we've spent more than what we should!!! *LoL Oh well. Cheers! 
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