Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Seoul-ful Cosmetics Giveaway

Annyeonghaseyo! Still can't get enough of my Lee Min Ho-filled weekend ^^, whew! #FanGirl Anyhow, this is the twist to my Shell giveaway, sorry to disappoint you, but I didn't make the challenge, but still, my thanks to you! As promised, this is the twist...another round of Korea Cosmetics Giveaway. This is the same Rafflecopter widget, so all your entries from last time are still counted.

One (1) Winner of these:
Skin79 Mini Lip Gloss
Innisfree Jejubija Anti-trouble Starter Kit
Skin79 VIP Gold Super BB Cream (Thanks to KPop Collection!)
Etude House Dressing Room Shower Gel
3 x Assorted SkinFood Masks
4 x  Somang RedFlo Camellia Shampoo
2 x Dermal Mask Sheets
2 x Nature Republic Mask Sheets
SkinFood Magic Hair Pad
SkinFood Gold Kiwi Gift Set
2 x Innisfree Eco Science Wrinkle Spot Essence

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway is valid only to those with Shipping Address in the Philippines. Thank you very much! Please don't go away, I will be back with a lot more of posts, giveaways, Korean ravings, #FanGirling, and more. Cheers! :-D


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this giveaway~ wish me luck! :)
Name: Sarah Bagay
E-mail address: sarahjoybagay@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

i see this on your fb post!
yay finally!
name: jenny austria
email: jenny07_tm@yahoo.com

roku said...

korean products are so loveeee :) thank for this!

Unknown said...

Thanks for this giveaway! Hope I'll win~ ^_^

Name: Hazell Bautista
Email: sparklingcutebunny@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Thank you for this giveaway! Hope I'll win~ ^_^

Name: Hazell Bautista
Email: sparklingcutebunny@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Thank you for hosting this lovely giveaway! I really do hope I win! :)

Name: Jem Reyes
Email Ad: livecreatelaugh@gmail.com

Anne said...

name: jhoanne luna
email: jhoanneluna at gmail dot com

dimplesgon said...

hoping to win

Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

Cheryl said...

~~Pick Me Please ♥
Name: Cheryl Abad
Email: teacher_cae@yahoo.com

Gerilen Areum said...

thanks for the giveaway

gerilen elinessete
gerilent @ yahoo co uk

Sheela Marie Castillo said...

Omg! I'm loving these cosmetics :3 Hope to win.


Rosario perez said...

Thanks !
rosario perez

Joy said...

Lovely Joy Merced
fb post: https://www.facebook.com/lovelyjoymerced/posts/523513730991974

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Stella Jezebelle Ogues

Stella jezebelle said...

Stella Jezebelle Ogues

Unknown said...

Yay for another Korean Cosmetics giveaway! ^__^

Email: sweetloveangel_1908@yahoo.com

FB link:

Tere Decena said...

HI!! I'm Joining..
Name:Therese Decena

Thanks for Hosting this Giveaway!! :)

Carolyn Ong said...


Carol Ong

Carolyn Ong said...

Carol Ong


mhoie1325 said...

Hi, I joined. Count me in! :)

Ma. Elinor Semira
elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

Sannydrops said...

Joining too!
Roselle Labitad
san2.adecer ( a t ) gmail ( d o t ) com

Unknown said...

Jayne Marie Wu

azetreseralc09 said...

Joining! :)

Ann Clare Serteza

rhose_luv said...

Count me in :)
Marine Rose Decena

Crysy said...


Crystal Marie CaΓ±ete

jayresa said...

Love Korean Products! I'm a SOKOR fan. :)

Name: theresa montino
E-mail address: theresamontino@gmail.com

thanks a bunch!!!

Unknown said...

Really like your Giveaway.Hope to win.

Marlene R. Yanga

gayle sy said...

Another Korean Product giveaway!
Abigail Sy

Isabel said...

FB share link: http://www.facebook.com/jamaica.isabel/posts/523574657655804 :))

Unknown said...

Hope I'll win. Thank your for this giveaway :)

Narissa G. Maquera

Joy Manjares said...

Thank you for this contest!

Name: Joy Manjares
Email: joy_manjares81@yahoo.com

Isabel said...

Share post: http://www.facebook.com/jamaica.isabel/posts/197380630387279

Unknown said...

This is the first ever blog giveaway I joined and I super love Korean cosmetic products. I look at your blog first to read on reviews before I buy in ebay. Hope I win, thank you for this giveaway!
- Lianna Cruz, liannacruz@rocketmail.com.

Karla said...

Karla Mae Brazil

I love this giveaway. I would love to try the Skin79 BB Cream as I heard lots of good reviews about it! :)

Nicole said...

Great giveaway as always! :)

Nicole Pare

The QMB Corporation said...

this was awesome giveaway!Merry christmas in advance!
A new reader here,Keep on posting!

Ohms Emocling

Unknown said...

hi thanks for having this giveaway! im a new follower of your site. Love your giveaway since it includes korean thingy for the skin! wish me luck!

Sie Cajilig said...

Sie Cajilig

PhinkyMommy said...

Leizle Demaisip

Love this giveaway =)

Unknown said...

Snow Dee

Crossing my fingers!

PhinkyMommy said...

BTW, i gave a +1 my Google+1 username: Leizle Demaisip

FB link: http://www.facebook.com/phinkyzle/posts/508666992486026

Sherry ann gole cruz said...

joined and hoping to win !
sherry ann gole cruz

Crystal Cruz said...

Crystal Cruz

I love it.....

lheng17 said...

nice giveaway....

Jessamer Abing said...

Name: Jessamer Abing
email: jessamerabing@yahoo.com

ladymishel said...

just joined your giveaway, I enjoy reading your posts on Korean beauty products :)

Michelle Ame

ladymishel said...


Sprinkle Sugars said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

email: nguyen(dot)tina93 @ gmail (dot) com

Rhania E. said...

Rhania Chang


Anonymous said...

name: Tai Koh
email ad: taiko1426@yahoo.com

love you blog xoxo

Unknown said...

Stephanie Abiera

reylyn cruz said...

Name: Reylyn Cruz
E-mail add: reylyncruz31@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Mis Erlin

Anonymous said...


Shiela Mhay Tobias

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