Sunday, October 21, 2012

More Camouflage Party Details: Venue, Food & Entertainment

Hi there! I've been meaning to share more details of my son's 7th Birthday Bash, here goes.
Entrance Balloons and Registration Set-Up
Venue, Food and Set-up: Roofdeck Prestige Tower Ortigas Center
Balloon Set-up: Say it with Balloons
In-house Catering by Chow Unlimited.  They used crystal tables for the buffet table, it's a nice elegant touch vs. a skirted table. We didn't get Lechon, so the roast beef with a dedicated carving station is a nice addition too. ;-D Our reservation was for 100 Adults. 
Menu Inclusion: Roast Beef, Vegetable Tempura, Garlic Chicken, Lasagna. The food is great! A week before the event, we had a food tasting, from there, we negotiated and settled for these. 
Certified Best-seller...My dad's Sisig! We hail from Pampanga, and a family of great cooks and gourmand (Me)! Never fails to amaze our guests. From all our parties, this is the main event! Hah! ;-D Order now! *LoL
DIY Chocolate Fondue, since we have overflowing sweets , I decided to just go for fruit dippings as dessert options for adults. 
To complete our usual DIY Birthday party ideas must haves, Beverage Fountain. 
We used Nestea Iced Tea New Apple Flavor. I love the Apple Flavor from the Nestea Fit, so glad it's now available as a regular Iced Tea flavor. Kids love it. It's on a sweeter side, and uber concentrated, it makes more than a liter, if you want it not too sweet. #PromoteNestle #LoveYourOwn *LoL
For the entertainment, part of the hosting package from Diane Santos is a ventriloquist act. The kids love it. It was brief, yet memorable, that even up to now, my son remembers the song. The brief part is good, because you want to keep the kids focus, and a long act, will tend to keep them impatient. ;-D
Stage Set-up and Bubble Show. The bubble show was another hit. ;-D I think I prefer a short bubble exhibition vs. a full dance, this is cheaper, and I think more practical, since it's not too long, hence, more time for pictorials. 
Chase and I inside a giant bubble. All the kids and moms had a turn for a pictorial inside a giant bubble. So fun. 
Pinata time! :-D Pinata is an upgrade of candy showers and hiting the pot a la Pukpok Palayok. It's quicker and safer. Make sure, you don't include lollipops and other sharp toys inside though! ;-D 
Saving the best for last...Chase's Dessert/Cake Table. It's from All About Sweets Manila. I will post more pictures. 
A certified hit maker! ;-D The station comes with a server, and personalized paper bags, kids were asked to fall in line for orderly distribution of goodies. After, it was open for everyone. In a way, it served as desserts plus giveaways too. 
Again, mission accomplished! Cheers! ;-D


Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Happy Birthday Chase! Binata ka na! :)

Chic Sassy Mom said...

Thanks Mommy ! <3

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