Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cupcake Cake: Almost Wordless Wednesday

Hello everyone. Last weekend was my nephew's 6th birthday. And you ought to know we love to party. Here's the sweetest part, the birthday cake/s. ;-D

Batman Theme Birthday Cupcake Cake. It's cake No. 2 for his school birthday. It's customary to have a separate birthday party at home and at school. See my post on his previous Toy Story School Birthday Party. ;-D
Batman Cake No. 1 for his birthday party at home. 
Batman Foil Balloon, Plus DIY balloon set ups. For his birthday, my sister asked our ever-reliable, super affordable, favorite caterer in Angeles City. 
Here's the deal with the Cupcakes Cake. It's actually made of cupcakes. This is about 30 pieces adjoining cupcakes. The cakes were all from Lailen's Pastries. I have to say that this is affordable, and more practical. It's easy to serve. Saves you from needing separate dessert plates. ;-D
So good to be back. I. Miss. Blogging. This is such a sweet post a la perfect reminiscence of current Korean Drama that I'm watching, Panda and Hedgehog. Watch for yourself, and you'll see what I mean. *LoL


Wayne W Smith said...

What a cool cake!

laura said...

Awesome cake!! Cupcake cakes are so fun!

Ces said...

nice design and great idea for parties!
i miss blogging too, it used to be an everyday thing

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