Sunday, August 26, 2012

Affordable Luxury at Nuat Thai Libis

So good. Sometime ago I was invited to try out Nuat Thai in Libis. The promise was for a 2.5 hours spa time. Oh my! I love! That's got to be my longest massage time ever. The previous record went only for 2 hours. *LoL Although, spa time, probably not, because my other soiree allowed me to stay almost a whole day, but with only an hour dedicated to massage. Of course, being the spa junkie that I am, I was elated. So together with my plus one, my sister, we indulged!

Clockwise: Inside Nuat Thai Libis, Choice of Massage Oils,  Bath Towel Art...Swan Couple,  May the Buddha Bless You ;-D,   Aroma Oil Burner, Foot Scrub,  Herbal Ball. So nice! ;-D
Nuat Thai Libis is located in fron of Shopwise Libis. Located at the second floor, from it's cozy receiving room, the massage area inside looks surprisingly spacious. I like the dark dim lighting and the over-all ambiance. It's fancy enough.

Services and Rate. For that day of pampering, we were to enjoy Nuat Thai Signature Foot Massage (1 Hour) + Aromatherapy Massage with Herbal Balls (1.5 Hours). Source: Nuat Thai Official FB Page
Massage Rooms. Foot Massage Area. Floor Bed for Thai Massage. Regular Massage Bed. Massage Room with adjacent Shower Room. 
First off, the royal washing of the feet. *LoL I love the foot bath + the scrub. 
Nuat Thai Foot Massage time, I liked. The massage was done via a reclinable lounge chair. Again, let me just say, I like the dim conducive to sleep. The therapist assigned to me is a keeper! Yay! Lucky me, because every so often, I actually chanced upon not-so-good ones, in my mind I always say "never again!" *LoL  She could pull off the right pressure, I usually like mine hard. Plus, it's not hastily done. Although, it's your usual Thai Foot Reflex/Massage routine. For Php 250, totally worth it!
Aromatherapy Massage Time. I love. Aroma oil burner. The black door behind the bed is a shower room, just in case. 
For the massage oil, I chose lavender. Oh wow, 1.5 hours of blissful pampering. And yeah, this was the best part.
Not one, but two herbal hot pad. I love. I had these with me the entirety of  2.5 hours, although, they were replaced to a new set after the first hour of foot massage. Herbal ball, I tried this before, and yes, must-try.  Massage powder, keeps the grease away. It's unscented, it's not grainy, it's easily absorbed. 
Best routine ever...good pressure, the kneading and folding reminded me of my favored and unforgettable Balinese massage (and yes, all the way from Bali! ;-D), the routine also incorporated Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai, and what have you. I must say that the rhythmic tapping a la "karate chops" *LoL never felt so good. More often than not, I find these distracting. But my therapist was one powerful lady! She never faltered the whole 2.5 hours. The herbal balls were applied mid-way, the balls were heated, were patted and rubbed at the back. The whole routine was very soothing. For a Php 550 treat, I felt like in Bali! ;-D

So happy. With Sherly. ;-D
Here's the clincher, every so often it's still therapist-dependent regardless of the supposedly standard routine, no spa time is alike. I'm happy to say that my sister had a splendid time too. One fine day indeed! ;-D Thank you to Ms. Jo Tan and to Ms. Janine Go for the luxe experience.

Visit Nuat Thai Libis for that affordable luxury. Like it on Facebook.

Nuat Thai Libis is located at  2nd Flr, 90 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (libis), across Shopwise and above RCBC and Allied Bank, 1110 Quezon City, Philippines

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