Thursday, June 7, 2012

Love: VS and B&BW

TGIF! ;-D Aside from Korean Cosmetics, in fact even before my over the top addiction to everything-Korean, I hoard Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works fragrance mists like crazy. It's a plus that I have such sweet aunts and friends gifting me those every so often, and then there's of course the perks of Angeles City shopping, which is like Greenhills Shopping Center, is a haven for US Imported goodies a la PX Goods. fact, vs. Greenhills, I find that most items sold in Nepo Mart are cheaper. Yay! Anyhow, here are my recent gifts and acquisitions. LoL*
Bath & Body Works Paris Amour Fragrance Mist. So yes, this is another recent update on packaging of B&BW, I love!  Hmmm, I had the first pick so the Eiffel Tower is it! ;-D Although, the scent is a bit strong, and best worn at night, methinks. It's a very classy and sophisticated scent. It's Paris Love, so yes, it evokes some  a la Parisienne-sque flair and confidence. That's the whole concept of the Paris Amour line anyhow.
Victoria's Secret Secret Charm. It's another gift. And this I love. I finished a bottle of this already, and have a matching body lotion. 
#Irresistible Oh well, you can never have enough VS/B&BW! ;-D I bought this, I've been eyeing this scent, I cave in. I love this scent, it's sweet and floral. Leaves a lingering scent even in our room, or it must be I'm over-spritzing. It's sad that they discontinued the scent. But lucky, Nepo Mart sellers must have hoarded on the SAS (Semi-Annual Sale), so there's aplenty of stocks. Yay! Before I got this, I diligently searched with no luck for VS' My Desire, which is a scent I got quite addicted. 
Oh well, the more, the merrier! ;-D I have to say that I love the new packaging of Bath & Body Works. I novelized some of the scents I love and some shopping tips here. But, if I'll have my way, I have several more scents that I would love to keep. Oh well #Addict ;-D 


Czjai said...

I stopped using VS back in 2008, when I was pregnant with Yue. For some reason, I detested how VS smelled... to think I was a huge VS fan before, lol.

I switched to BBW afterwards, which is funny kasi halos pareho lang naman ang product line nila. :)

One of my favorites include Paris Amour; staples in my dresser include Twilight Woods and Warm Vanilla Sugar. And I get Vanilla Bean Noel whenever the Christmas season is on. :)

ChicSassyMom said...

Awww... BBW shopping is fun and exciting too, with the deals in the US. BBW can be pricey here vs. VS, so it's more enticing to shop BBW in the US. But oh well, I'm torn between the 2 brands, I have fave scents from both. :)) I have yet to fall in love with Warm Vanilla Sugar, most of my friends have only ravings for it too. :))

Kylie Rose said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I too have a LOVE for all things victorias secret :) Their scents are delicious!!! I'm so grateful you took the time to read some of my posts, I look forward to reading more of yours as well! Jealous on living in a tropical country!! How beautiful must that be.


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