Saturday, June 16, 2012

Love: Sebastian's Ice Cream

Hello. ;-D Have you tried Sebastian's Ice Cream? Love, love, love. ;-D I just tried it recently, from a recent event I attended, it's love at first try! So I made sure to get more. Oh well, a lot more flavors, and artisan's creations to explore. We can't wait.
Sebastian's Ice Cream at 4th floor of The Podium
Champorado Flavor...left a lasting impression, so I made sure to try more. 
A LOT of flavors to try to choose from. Some popular Filipino flavors, Sapin-Sapin, Mangga't Suman, Dive Bars (Ice Cream Bars), and Chilly Burgers. ;-D
Artisan Panna Cotta Rusticana is a creamy vanilla Bean Panna Cotta Ice Cream topped with Dark, Chocolate Rhum Fudge. Yum ;-D
Red Velvet Chilly Burger is love! You ought to know I love everything Red Velvet-ish. ;-D This one didn't disappoint. I daresay, it's one of the best! I took home another for Chase to try too, he wants more...definitely not to be missed. 
Oh well, a bit pricey. But the luxe indulgence is definitely worth it. ;-D
It's supposed The ORIGINAL and premiere Artisanal Ice Cream in Manila. 100% Filipino. ;-D #MustTry 

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Carolyn Ong said...

Would like to try this especially the sapin-sapin. Heard a lot of raves for this flavor. This is something we can be proud of - 100% filipino made.

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