Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Korean Grocery Time

Annyeonghaseyo! Being a Korean-Fangirl, it's such a nice coincidence to be living near a Korean Grocery, not to mention a must-try, highly recommended, my favorite Korean Restaurant in the city, Jang Ga Nae. So instead of treating Chase, my son, to a trip to Mini-Stop or 7-Eleven for whimsical snacking, we walk to the Korean Grocery instead. ;-D
Korean Grocery located at 8137 Plaza, St. J. Escriva Drive, at the back of UA&P.  
And they have Promo, and Sale too. ;-D 
Korean Ice Cream, Ramyun, Biscuits and Glass Noodle for Japchae. The fruit flavored ice cream choices are also to my son's preference and to his curiosity, he wants to buy and to try as much. 
This is my favorite ice cream. After being adventurous, trying out one ice cream after another, this is  my go-to. It's  creamy, chocolatey, strawberry, the works! ;-D For only Php 35. 
This is my hubby and Chase's favorite. It's my close second choice, if I'm craving for more caramelized, nougat, uber sweet indulgence. In fact, this is the must try first, before going out for other choices.  ;-D So Magnum or this? Korean Ice Cream all the way! LoL* In passing, I think the Magnum Truffle, in fairness is also to my liking, that is because I have a penchant for dark, bittersweet candies and ice cream. Although, I have yet to try the other flavors.
Korean Ramyun Jin Ramen Mild. This hava a school zone seal, it's not too salty and just have a hint of spice in it. We've tried several too, this remains to be our must buy. ;-D
"Masissge Deuseyo" Enjoy your meal! ;-D 
I must say, after watching Micky Yoochun's Rooftop Prince for the 2nd time, I just have to eat more ice cream and sweet Korean treats. ;-D Oh well, how sweet it is to indulge on my capricious penchant for everything-Seoul-ful.  LoL* 


Anonymous said...

Is this the grocery Grace Lee's mom owns?

ChicSassyMom said...

Oh! Now that you mentioned it, I think I heard that too somewhere, but I'm not sure if this is the one, there's another Korean Grocery nearer to Astoria, it might be that one. :)

Icar said...

thanks for sharing, this brings back old memories...

this store (I just remembered when I saw your post) is just beneath the office of my first ever job way back 2002...I remembered passing through on my way up everyday-for more than a year and smelling kimchi and bean sprouts lol

we used to buy our snack there as well and I loved the korean dark chocolates!my officemates and I loved the korean snack-similar to kropeck!the owners and the staff are so friendly.

sigh!that was 10 years ago-can't imagine it was that long...

Game said...

Now that's just nice! :)

firstwivesclub said...

I LOVE Korean groceries! I thought I'd miss the Korean stores around Ortigas CBD, but ha! The main street leading to our house has about 3! And we have a lot of Korean restos around, too! So yea, lucky me. Hahaha!

I'm gonna backread your Korean stuff. So you think the cosmetics at the groceries are pretty safe to use? I'm gonna try!

But no, I haven't tried blogging about Korean stuff, except maybe for some ice cream. But yea, Korean junkie-in-the-making here. LOL!

ChicSassyMom said...

Hi Mommy Kaye, groceries, yes, even the snacks. :)) I buy the 3 for Php 120, although a bit pricey vs. local snacks for my son. :)

Cosmetics in the groceries, I used their shampoo. My cosmetics though were from some Korean brands, SkinFood, Innisfree etc.

Yay! Welcome to the club. :)

Carolyn Ong said...

Love Korean grocery products, especially their ramen.

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