Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Matryoshka Dolls...from Russia with Love ;-D

Hello everyone! Due to my insistent public  demand LOL*, hubby surprised me with three sets of Russian Nesting/Stacking Dolls. Awww... #Speechless
Matryoshka Dolls and other Trinkets and Keepsakes. How nice! Wow! ;-D He's been told that it was best to buy in the shops since these are displayed outdoors, with the dolls' wooden materials and all. 
Our Matryoshka Dolls ... #iLove!;-D My Precious! 
Russian Dolls are set of wooden dolls decreasing in sizes, stack over one another. There's no specific count on just how much dolls in a set. The details on sizing went to as having a super mini doll as the last piece. 
This set is the most expensive of the three, despite having only 5 'baby' dolls. Primary reason for pricing is the intricacy and details of designs. This set goes for 3030 Russian Rouble, that's about Php 4300 (USD 103). Oh wow! The fairytale themed dolls go as high as a Php 10000. And then there are those deemed collector's item which are priced higher. 
Apparently, more detailed designs (Russian Churches, Castles, houses etc.) vs. basic floral prints, and other mediums of designs, such as the gold lining made this set more expensive.
Russian Doll Set with a 9-piece part. 
This set with the tallest 'Mommy' Doll is the least pricey for 1,500 Russian Rouble. 
Great! #DreamComeTrue... I'm super delighted and grateful. He got some Russian Chocolates too. I'll do a separate post. Haay, Russia is such a fascinating place...too bad I wasn't able to come, maybe in the future. And I'll definitely get more dolls. Cheers! ;-D


Wendy said...

lovely, lovely dolls! inggit!

ChicSassyMom said...

Awww... ;-D Next up are Harajuku dolls naman. Haha! ;-D

Punky Bunny Blog said...

omg how awesome! i love this stuff :D

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