Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

Hello everyone! You ought to know that I'm such an avid online shopper, with security and reliability of the seller/site as my foremost considerations in splurging. Although, we're almost down to Month 1 of our Metro Manila living, and malls are all-over, I'm still compelled to checkout online shopping sites. This is not only because of pricing advantage to most extent, but also I love lingering and window shopping to my heart's content without dealing to my boys' (hubby and son) intolerance of my shop-hopping. And YAY to that,  there's a new shopping site, Zalora, which offers several shopping advantages (e.g. free shipping, wide array of brands/items choices, reliable payment options etc.) The reinforced security and reliability of the shopping site is further emphasized with co-marketing activities with BPI (Bank of the Philippine Island) Edge Card, and Nuffnang, plus among other companies. So yes, I'm about ready to give it a go.

Based on my whims needs, my Top 5 Picks are Missy Black Blouse, Bayo Blue Dress, Two Pairs of TOMS, and a glitzy XOXO Bag. Hmmm, seriously, I really do need to replenish my wardrobes since I'm out and about attending job interviews,  hopefully to be back to corporate employment. Indeed,  Zalora offers several choices. 
Missy V-Neck 3/4 Sleeved Blouse Php 995. You know me, for me, black is might, it's my kind of power dressing. ;-D
Bayo Blue Kayti Printed Rayon Php 1195. I'm compelled to dress-up matchy with my recent bag love. LoL* 
TOMS Black Wedge Php 3795. I'm dreaming of TOMS still. And since I can't wear FitFlop  all the time especially on a job interview, I needed a stylish shoe brand with a heart for corporate power-dressing. ;-D 
TOMS Ballet Black Camila Php 3995. And for those dress down, field work days in the future, I'll need a comfy pair of ballet flats.
XOXO Gleaming Tote with Double Handle Php 3999.95. I love the glitz and glamour, plus the functionality of the bag. It's a potential great bag to accent my usual black ensembles, and more structured accessories for my future work days ahead. ;-D 
I think it's fairly common to go to several shops first, reasonably trying a as much, then selecting after, don't you think so? LoL.* But being a SAHM (Stay-at-Home Mom), I don't really have several out-of-home soirees. And that constraint has gotten only further since I'm also without a helper with Chase's Ate Jane (nanny) on a month's vacation (seriously...2 more weeks to go). Also, in between school hunting for my son, and actively job hunting too, I'm swamped. Best part, Chase is literally a home buddy, he's not much of mall-er.  So I can't really drag him to spend time mall hopping during the day. Haha. ;-D And unlike provincial living (Angeles City for us), where window shopping at malls is free, without parking fee generally, this is not the case here in Manila. And since, I'm not much of a parker, I prefer to go for Valet, so that's Php 100+ less on my retail therapy fund. ;-D So online retail therapy is still the way to go for me. Another reason that is compelling to Zalora is the COD (Cash on Delivery) payment option, and that's a big plus for me, since I don't have to go to the hustle and bustle of going to an accredited payment center, that is if you'd rather not use plastics on paying.

Shop Now at Register now to get your Php 250 Shopping Voucher. ;-D
 Oh, much to see. It's a potential retail therapy haven. I wish to win these...wish me luck. Let's shop galore at Zalora. What's in your wishlist? Please do share. ;-D

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Kumiko Mae said...

Really nice wishlist!! :D i love the bag. it's like a patent MK or LV bag :D

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