Friday, March 30, 2012

Homeworld Warehouse Sale 2012 Shopping Finds

Hello everyone! I've been very busy... unboxing, and then getting more things! Some of you may know that we just moved to a new home sweet home. ;-D Packing and unpacking four 6-wheeler-truckful of stuff are such ordeals! I kid you not!!! I de-stress with a bit or retail therapies here and there. LoL*
Such a nice timing...SM Homeworld Warehouse Sale at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall. 
After my lunch date with Mommy Wendy yesterday, I went home to find Chase clamoring for a mall trip. We went to SM Megamall, knowing beforehand that there's an ongoing warehouse sale. ;-D After a meal to Bonchon Chicken (yay!..we finally dined here, thanks to my GC complements of my giveaway wins from French Macaroons Online Boutique), we went to the Megatrade Hall. I needed to upgrade our pillows. Oh my, so much to see, and to buy! You ought to know that I'm so easy to get, naturally I ended up getting more than needed.
A pair of Queen Size Joyce & Diana Pillows. These are uber plumped. On sale, they sell for Php400/piece. I remembered my mom-in-law getting these same pillows, and they speak of hotel-like fluffiness. ;-D So far, I like. Albeit, a bit too elevated for comfort for Chase's, my 6 year old son. So I guess I need to get him a less denser and less plumped pillow. 
Family Home Comforter with Black and White Prints on sale price of Php 2300+. I wanted to get duvet filler + cover initially, but the initial cash out of buying both was too much. Duvet is supposed to be more economical in the long run, since you can just laundry the cover, and just buy matching duvet covers every now and then. This feels luxurious enough anyhow.  Chase also got himself a complete blue fatigue bedsheet. 
Big Toy Box for Chase. Besides that it sells for Php 350 only for a bigger box, I  like the red/blue color combination, it complements Chase's Disney Cars McQueen bed room theme.  Just be selective on the quality of the item especially the rollers at the bottom. ;-D Chase's blue room is almost done, I'll show you some other time.
Lock & Lock Spill-proof Water Bottle for Php 230+.  We've been using these for sometime, and I needed to replace one. Just be sure to test the spill-proof-ness of it on site. ;-D
To wrap things up, I ended up buying about Php 6000 worth of assorted items. There are a lot more to buy, the Corelle and Luminarc's plus a whole lot more. To prove a point of their unbreakability, SA's are tossing them...seriously, we get it, Chase was hoping to get a turn! LoL* Anyhow, that's it for me. I'm done shopping! I'm totally ignoring those SALE signs everywhere. I hope not to falter! ;-D

Thursday, March 29, 2012

SkinFood and Innisfree Seoul Shopping

TGIF! Annyeonghaseyo! ;-D Day 3 here in Manila, so far, so's good to be home! This is it, the shopping opportunities here are so overwhelming, I couldn't help myself but to cave in to my whims! Day 1 was of course unboxing of our things (almost halfway done!). Day 2 was a trip to Pioneer Centre, oh my, how I missed doing my grocery here! And yesterday, I had a date with Mommy Wendy of My Rocking Cradle, she's based in Seoul, so it meant more Korea Cosmetics for me...Skin Food Haul for the nth time and my first ever Innisfree haul. I'm so back to shopping mode! LoL*
Skin Food and Innisfree plus a lot of freebies. I love! ;-D
SkinFood Gold Kiwi Sun Cream, SkinFood Platinum Grape Cell Toner, SkinFood Platinum Grape Cell Essence, and Seaweed Waterproof Point Make-up Remover Tissue. While I'm using the Skin Food Gold Caviar lines for my night skin care routine, I emptied quite a handful of Platinum Grape Cell trial sizes a la mini gift sets for my day skin care regime. I find the Gold Caviar too rich for a sunny daytime indulgence, at least for my combination skin-type. The Platinum Grape Cell provides just the right moisturizing, plus of course, the superior nourishing benefits given that it's one of the priciest line ever of SkinFood. 
Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Tissue, Volcanic Cluster Nose Pack, Jejubija Anti-Trouble Mist, Pore Clean & Up Pack, Mineral Foundation, and a full size of the Jeju Volcaninc Pore Clay Mask as a gift from Mommy Wendy (xoxo ;-D) 
SkinFood Gift with Purchase...Royal Honey Premium Kit. This is why Seoul Shopping is addicting! LoL*
Innisfree Freebies Overload! I love! ;-D So far, I find myself falling in love with Innisfree. It's love at first try with the Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, and I find myself exploring more of Innisfree's other lines. I'll let you know how these work. 
...with Mommy Wendy. We met at The Podium, for a Burgoo Lunch (thanks for the treat! ;-D), Coffee at Starbucks, and a dessert at Cheesecake Etc. Plus a lot of Lacoste Shoe fitting (too bad we both don't have our sizes).
I got all of these for less than Php 5K, so yes, I'm a happy Hallyu-fangirl yet again! ;-D I'm done Korea Cosmetics shopping (fervently hope so!) for the mean time. Oh well... LOL *

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review: The Face Shop Keratin Intensive Conditioner

Annyeonghaseyo! You ought to know that I'm also into hoarding hair care goodies. Naturally, when I won a shopping spree at The Face Shop, I made sure to get one from its haircare line. I'm glad I did. For the past weeks, I've been indulging in this uber nicely scented intensive conditioner. It's emptied to the last drop!
The Face Shop Keratin Intensive Conditioner for Damaged Hair Care sells for  Php 350+ for 300ml.
  The Face Shop Keratin Intensive Conditioner Product Feature: The intensive care conditioner for damaged hair replenishes lost keratin proteins to illuminate your locks with body, bounce, and vitality while infusions of botanical extracts help to prevent split ends.
Swatch. It's the last drop. It has a very rich consistency. A dollop of it leaves my hair uber silky and soft all through out. Plus, I especially like the lingering scent. Foremost, more than the said benefits, it's the scent that prompted me to try this out at first glance. ;-D
Here's another intricate detail on usually is a trivial thing such as the pump head... leafy shaped complete with veins. 
Truth be told, I've been saving this post, because I was hoping to do an emptied-and-repurchased post for a review, just to really prove a point. It used to be relatively within striking distance on my price threshold, vs. Beauty Credit Somang's Red Flo Red Camellia Conditioner, which sells online for Php 700+ for a 750ml bottle.  Until recently, I found a store in Subic Bay selling a 500ml Red Flo conditioner for about the same price as the The Face Shop's, so I caved in. But I noticed a major difference, true to The Face Shop's intensive claim, it does leave my more hair tangle-free even with all the rumpling going on when I twist and turn against my pillows when sleeping vs. Red Flo's. With The Face Shop's, it's almost effortless to freshen up the next day. Overall, I have a fairly manageable hair albeit being recently colored, because I snipped the worst part (in fact I was left with a bob cut then), but it's growing okay, except more often than not, it needs conditioner, a relatively exceptional one, to keep it soft and silky all through out. I'm also getting into a preventive mode, because I'm planning to get brighter hair colors with highlights very soon.  I might need to pair it with a matching Keratin Shampoo the next time, just to savor its nourishing benefits.
Boo me, but it's this photo again from last time. I just loved how easily I went from curls, to wavy wind-blown hair do the next time around. Even with hair tying as my go-to hairstyle, I can easily pull a sleeker hair style. 
What's your hair care buddies? Please do share! ;-D

Monday, March 26, 2012

Review: Peripera Rose Nail Polish GR302

Annyeong! ;-D Apparently, I can do scheduled postings. For today, I'll do a N.O.T.D. post with Peripera. It's another Korean brand, although I have yet to fall in love with it. But this Rose Nail Polish just sealed the deal. I like. And looking at its product portfolio, I can't help but be compelled to try more, everything is so kawaii! ^_^ 
Peripera Rose Nail Polish speaks of long lasting technology. Until today, I didn't know that noteworthy info on the couple of times I tried them. I just feel that it's so much like one of the pricey brands less the hefty price tag because it only sells on eBay from BHappywithme for Php 150 ($3.5). Now reading about it, my initial reaction was no wonder it's that remarkable! ;-D And apparently it sells quite expensively on the US for $8.99. So I'm definitely holding on to it, and so very much compelled to get more colors. 
Swatch. Peripera Rose Nail Polish. My petite nails going green.
Peripera Rose Nail Polish in GR302
Rose printings and embossed rose logo on the cover. So this is why they're named Rose Nail Polish.
I usually save painting my hands with special occasions, althought my toes are inseparable with nail colors. I was suppose to match a summery outfit for Chase's graduation day, but I instead don a more formal O.O.T.D. with my beloved Nine West Bejeweled Heels, so the green nail polish was my only source of colors for the event. I think it complemented Chase's dinosaur-printed graduation gown. 
I got this as a freebie from Bhappywithme on one of my major shopping spree of Korean Cosmetics #Shopaholic. She has more colors available. Naturally, because the brand speaks of 60 colors available. True to  its long lasting formula, this one survives my usual clumsiness for days, unlike others. This feels like Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength in most aspects. And with its long-stemmed-rose-like cover, it'll nicely adorn any vanity...and the more, the prettier. ;-D
More PeriPera's ... such overflowing prettiness indeed! 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chase's Graduation Day

Happy Monday everyone! I've just realized that this might be my last full post for the week, since I've learned that PLDT can't simultaneously transfer our connection to Manila, so amidst the whole movers-packing hullabaloo outside, here I'm, still blogging. ;-D It's just that this is such a beautiful event to delay sharing.
Congratulations to our ever dearest Chase! We love you so much! Thank you Teacher Joy and to Preschoolville for impassioning Chase with learning. 
You ought to know that I get misty eyes, and even sniffles to most momentous events. So yes, weddings do make me cry. But my emotional turmoils gets the best of me during school programs, foremost every moving-up ceremonies. I just couldn't help sniffling to just about everything...babies dancing their heart out, parents giving testimonials, teachers opening and closing remarks, and foremost, when Chase's sings, dances, delivers speech, and all sorts.
The graduates of Preschoolville Learning Center S.Y. 2011-2012
For this year, it's Clark Holiday Inn once again. As always, the balloon set-up is stellar. And the program is simply amazing yet again. ;-D
I love, love, love the Dinosaur Printed Graduation Gown, it's welcome break from the traditional white/black graduation gown. It aptly speaks of learning is more fun at Preschoolville, theatrics aside, it truly is! ;-D 
Going into more girly details, I posted a separate  F.O.T.D.  post, sort of a prelude. While I decided to stick for the basic black dress by Zara, Accessorize Belt, and my Nine West Bejeweled Heels.
It's a delight that Chase is also into power dressing. 
This event marked our last year with Preschoolville Learning Center. It posted a twofold bittersweet setback...we're moving to another city, and we're changing school! I too will terribly miss everyone at PLC, the teachers, and my mommy friends. We have with us wonderful memories to cherish for life. We're moving out again for the nth time from our comfort zone, with it, I can only muster courage with big faith and hope, that all will be well, shipshape!  Allow me to share an excerpt from one of my post at Smart Parenting Online, taking inspiration from Who Moved My Cheese.
Because in life, no matter what,
  • Change Happens – They Keep Moving the Cheese
  • Anticipate Change - Get Ready For The Cheese To Move
  • Monitor Change -Smell The Cheese Often So You Know When It Is Getting Old
  • Adapt To Change Quickly -The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese, The Sooner You Can Enjoy New Cheese
  • Change - Move With The Cheese
  • Enjoy Change! - Savor The Adventure And Enjoy The Taste Of New Cheese!
  • Be Ready To Change Quickly And Enjoy It Again & Again - They Keep Moving The Cheese.
So yes, I need a passionate Aja, Aja, Fighting Cheer!!!  ;-D Here's another big moment for us (the stage parents)...Chase's delivering a speech for his classmates. We are forever proud of him! 

Birthday Ball: A Princess Barbie Birthday Theme

Happy Sunday everyone! I took a short brake from posting after I find myself all crazy-addicted-with-everything-Hunger Games ;-D. Oh well, hunger satiated (sort of), I'm back to regular programing. Hera are some of the splendid details of the birthday party we attended last time.

Cake Table, Candy/ Evertyhing-Sweet Station, and black and pink polka dots. 
The party venue is at The Mansion at The Enclave, as in the party/night out place, now transformed in to a Kiddie Wonderland. ;-D
Buffet Table and Gift Table
A castle for Princess Ckhyllie, the birthday girl...the belle of the ball, is the main element of the stage setup. The princessy themed birthday perfectly complemented the interior designs of The Mansion. With those vintage-y printed sofas, the place looks ever more regal.  
Party at The Mansion. The birthday girl descended from the stairs above. I liked! It added more drama. ;-D
Cotillion de Honor...It's such a heartwarming treat. ;-D
Barbie Cake 
Cupcakes Galore
More Candies, Wafer Sticks, and Barbie Bike...How cute! ;-D
More Candies. I appreciate the intricate details to elaborately stick to the Barbie theme. ;-D
Pink Goody Bag for the girls. Boys were instead given toys.
The 7th Birthday program included 7 Roses, 7 Candles, and 7 Balloons. We were asked to step outside to join in the balloon flying ceremony. It's just in time,when all the guests stepped outside, that we were ushered to line up for the buffet dinner. It's truly a luxe party! ;-D We're delighted to be more often than not part of her birthdays, last year's too (Luau Swimming Party), and the year before it! ;-D I'm seriously looking forward to her 18th birthday treat, from the rate it's going, it can only get more lavish. Good Times! Cheers! ;-D

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Hunger Games Week

Hi there! ;-D You know how Korean Dramas are not very good for one's health, because they're seriously addicting, can cause lack of sleeps, irrational behaviors (happy, sad, irate, giddy, in-love...), lack of focus, dream distortions, and what have you's, well, all these plus among other things, also hold true for reading The Hunger Games Trilogy. So yes, if you haven't caught the hunger, you're forewarned...the Capitol is watching!
The Hunger Games Trilogy 
Theatrics aside, besides my crazy penchant for everything-Korean, I'm born a bookworm. I love to read (peek at my bookshelf), and I can speed read. Most often than not, I know of the book version first, before its screenplay adaptation. But every so often, the movie adaptation captivates me so much, so I get the book version thereafter. Having said that, after reading the two books, and I'm now halfway through the final, I'm giddy! I like to talk about it, so much so that I'm on the verge of being a spoiler!

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. She played Mystique for the X-Men First Class. 
Josh Hutcherson as Peeta (I love! Go Peeta!). He's Gabe, the adorable boy of Little Manhattan. 
Liam Hemsworth as Gale. 
The book is targeted to young adults, much like how the Twilight books are. Don't get me wrong, I also went into the whole cycle of being addicted to the book series, until, I just had so much of the fanfare of Kristen and Rob Patz. Sometimes, I just want to disassociate my reading experience from the whole movie. That's just me saying, because I still watch them over and over again. ;-D Anyhow, the characters in The Hunger Games evoke deeper emotions... life and death. They live in a very nasty world where-bad-things-happen-to-good-people. Forgive my lack of depth, because I'm keeping myself from elaborating further. I'm mighty sure, that after March 23, the world will be desperately waiting for the next movie installments...or if you're like me, read the books to satiate one's hunger. ;-D National Bookstore is on Sale, I got my set for 20% off. So... May be the odds be ever in your favor! Happy Hunger Games!

Image Credits: IMDB Photo Screen Captures

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Impression: Urban Decay 15th Anniversay Palette

Hi everyone! I know it's a couple of months overdue, but although I'm so late, I have to say this...I'm totally wowed by the Urban Decay's 15th Anniversary Palette! I precious! And the best part, that I won it from the giveaway of French Macaroons Online Boutique (again, my overflowing thanks! ;-D). The palette is such an eye candy, I love the uber classy velvety purple box, and it's glitzy packaging. For a time, I was intimidated to plunge my amateurish eye makeup skills. But it's so overwhelmingly pretty inside and out, and so yesterday, I indulged. Yay!
Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette is love, love, love! ;-D
It comes with 15 full size eye shadows shades. With neutrals (light, dark) as my go-to shades, this palette is a dream come true!  While the middle shades are so irresistible to compel me to be more adventurous and whimsical even in my eye makeup. 
Up close and personal. I'm not yet an eye makeup connoisseur, but the colors are amazingly vibrant! Very pigmented. They glide on smoothly leaving a velvety finish, and there are barely any fall outs. I'm off to bring this to my first ever formal Makeup Lessons come April at Makeup Designory Manila. Call me trivial, I love the extra detail that it has a shade name after my son, Chase. ;-D
Swatch. Shimmery Neutrals. 
Swatch. Cool Colors.
Swatch. Dark Neutrals. Smokey. 
The vain in me won't do a closer eye makeup swatch (I'm in no mood to receive heartaches from cyber bullies!),  but I looked pretty alright, methinks. I hope to do more FOTD's and with detailed photos as soon as I'm out of makeup school. 
F.O.T.D. Eyes: UD Shades M.I.A., Midnight 15, Midnight Rodeo, Vanilla / Mascara: Lashem Double Trouble/ Face: Hera HD Foundation in Shade 21/ Lips: Laneige Snow Crystal Moisture Lipstick in R214 Shine Red
Overall, I'm head over heels in love with this palette. I have more Urban Decay's niceties that are left unopened, I'm definitely missing on the prettiness of Urban Decay by doing so, I'm off to double time in dedicating more FOTD's. ;-D

This is a Limited Edition release, so it's not available at Urban Decay's site anymore. For here in the Philippines, Urban Decay's are sold online from various sellers. This used to be available at French Macaroons Online Boutique too.

Again, big thanks to French Macaroons Online Boutique for this amazing and gorgeous win! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Subic Bay Dining and Shopping Finds ;-D

Hello everyone! Here's a post before I'm off to Chase's Moving-Up Day. Last Sunday, hubby needs to go to Subic Bay for work, Chase and I decided to come along, and duty-free hop, as our last hurrah before we move to Manila a week from now. The duty free shopping-all-you-like is something I'll miss, with living in Angeles City, SBMA and Clark are all less than an hour drive away. Oh well, shopping goes on... ;-D

We have about half a day to go around. After dropping hubby to the hotel, we set for Puregold Duty Free Subic Bay. Since we frequent Puregold Duty Free Clark, I basically now what to get. I also have an idea on prices. I think, more often than not, Puregold Subic sells a bit $ cents lower than Clark's, as pricing strategy. I guess to make the lengthier trip to Subic compelling. 
We had our lunch at the adjoining S&R Food Service.  We got a burger meal, pizza meal, and a Clam Chowder Soup. The burger and soup were okay. But the pizza was superb! ;-D
A Slice (cut in two) of the Garlic Shrimp Pizza. It's so cheesy. Super love it. I'll definitely be back for more S&R's pizza. It's a Php 99 Pizza Meal that comes with a drink. 
I bought a dozen fresh milk for Chase, canned goods, and the usual groceries.  But I found these  Kleenex Hand Towel-type tissues. I'll try these out for our bathrooms, if they're as nice as Kirkland's Paper Towels in terms of strength and absorbency. The Glade Carpet & Room Deodorizer. I love the Hawaiian Breeze Scent. This is our mainstay cleaning aid and scent,  since we have carpets from all room areas. And some fabric refresher.  
Besides cleaning products, I love hoarding toiletries (Dove, Olay, etc.) because it's truly cheaper in the duty free's than the local supermarkets, some are even priced the same in the US. And then we're off to another duty free shop, Royal. But not before making a stop.

Yes, Beauty Credit in Subic! #KoreanCosmetics It's right after BPI, perfectly on the way to Royal Duty Free. ;-D Although, I haven't really try any Beauty Credit's, but I did try Somang's.  It's Geum Jan Di overload in the store.
 I couldn't risk shopping without reading reviews and recommendations, so I just quickly browsed the store, and got these...Somang Red Flo Red Camellia Conditioner. I've been wanting to buy these like forever, since I'm currently using the matching shampoo. A 500 ml Shampoo Bottle with 10%off, sells for about Php 350. This is surprisingly cheaper than eBay. 
Freebies!!! They gave me these Beauty Credit's Coenzyme Q10 Toners Wrinkle Skin and Whitening Skin in quite a hefty trial size in 30ml each. Nice! ;-D
Then we're off to Royal Duty Free. It's a shop where you can use your Rustan's Fresh Card to earn points. I love the variety of brands, choices, and promotions here. It carries a mix of the popular imported brands, plus a whole lot more, plus there are the local brands too. There are a lot of promotions, and more often than not, these make meshop on impulse, never fails. LoL! ;-D
Chase got more toys here, and this...for the love of Disney Cars 2, more Lighting McQueen's. Cars2 Cereal Set for $6.5+. 
I bought more bathroom tissues, Ariel laundry powders, which were all on promotions. We're almost within our shopping threshold for the day ;-D, thankfully, we're saved by the phone call, hubby's done and we needed to pick him up. We're set for home, but not before making a routine stop at Meat Plus. I'll save it for a later post, this is getting lengthier. Anyhow, there are more things to love in Subic Bay, and more duty free's and outlet stores to visit, just in case you're up for a getaway, the trip is a drive away via SCTEX (+ NLEX if you're coming from Manila).

What's your favorite duty-free shop? Any sale shopping finds lately, please do shares. Cheers! ;-D
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