Saturday, February 18, 2012

Giordano Denims Sale Finds

Happy Weekend! Before we're off to another quick trip up north, I couldn't resist posting my recent shopping finds from Giordano today. I know right, I have so many pending posts...giveaway post, Korea Cosmetics eBay loots, hotel reviews, etc. But I think this is a fun post to jumpstart writing about my usual retail therapies, and I don't really need a lot of words since pictures will hopefully speak for themselves (or not?). Here they go...

Denims Love ;-D
Giordano Denim Long Blouse Sale Price Php 550 (not bad!)...but with my height, it's okay to call it a dress! :-D ...I'm wearing this tomorrow to our trip to Baguio, and I know just the perfect shoes to wear (ahem! FitFlop Dash Boots! ;-D)
Giordano Denim Shorts with adjustable lengths Sale Price Php 500... Giordano's pricing baffles me, sometimes they have nice jeans for Php 999, but others are at Php 2000-3000. I bought a shorts from them before for Php 2000+ (ouch!), and I long since avoided checking their shorts because it's just over the top. So finding a Php 500 denim shorts with uber soft fabric, and a cute floral print hints is definitely a great find. ;-D
It seemed I'm gearing up for the summer, I just had to get this another denim shorts. Sale Price Php 500.  I am a bit happy too that my size is already below the 30ish, haha! ;-D
They will look nicely if matched with colorful, floral/butterfly printed scarves from Accessorize, methinks. Hmmm... butterflies or lacy floral prints? Please do let me know your thoughts too. ;-D 
Giordano is our go-to brand for casual polo shirts, and jeans (denims and khakis) too. We're proud holder of their discount/membership cards. It's just really been a while since I stopped by, I'm glad we did. Happy Weekend! ;-D I have more shopping finds to share, please stay tuned for more. Cheers! ;-D 


Gellie Abogado said...

can't wait to see you wear 'em! :)

Unknown said...

Are all of them from a regular store? Not an outlet shop? =)

ChinaDoll said...

I love their shorts for one main reason - they sell denim shorts that are not way too short since I'm a little tall :X

ChicSassyMom said...

@Gellesh: Thanks! I'll post asap. :)
@Tin: Yes, just on the regular stores. :)
@Coline: So true! :)

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