Friday, January 20, 2012

So DES is ravings for personalized gifts. ;-D

Ego trip aside (haha! ;-D), I'm elated to receive gifts with my names on them...not just on the gift tags, I mean with my name engraved/embossed or what have you's in them. ;-) Don't get me wrong I love receiving gifts/tokens in whatever form they come, promise! I love giving gifts too! But every so often, it's flattering to receive personalized gifts such as these lovelies.
I love!... Notepad with an uber chic & sassy lady in the name of Des! ^_^ Big Thanks!  ;-D It's high time I have this!  Next, I'm off to get a business card. Yes, lifestyle bloggers need name cards too! ;-D
It's from sorry not sure how much. 
Love these! ;-D ... Couple's travel utility case. So sweet! Thanks! ;-D
I'm using this for our next week's out of town vacay. And I'll make sure my hubby uses his too! :-D 
It's a gift so I'm not sure how much. But soon I will, since I'll get one for Chase's too. But just in's from Pink Label. ^_^
They're so pretty, and functional. Love them. In our small family of three, we can't help being proprietary, so these are pretty great ideas to reinforce that. Haha! ;-D I'm off to start getting Chase's labeled things. Hmmm, what to get first?... :-D

P.S. These were gifts from friends not affiliated (at least not that I'm aware of) with the companies. :-D


Rebel Sweetheart said...

Des, parang si Yong / Iljimae who likes putting his name on his belongings? ;)

Chic Sassy Mom said...

@Rebel Sweetheart: true! I love! ^_^

wendy said...

wow! personalized notepad! and you're getting a business card! level up!

Chic Sassy Mom said...

@Mommy Wendy: haha! gaya gaya lang! :) When I attend media events, companies do ask for business cards. Feeling professional ako! :)

Another Late Bloomer said...

Hooray for business cards! :) Those come in handy when you're in events. I love the notepad and I think it fits you: chic sassy and stylish <3

i like the couple utility case hahaha! makes me want to get a pair for me and my boyfriend. (he should get the hint that i want to travel more!)

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