Tuesday, January 17, 2012

December/January Chic & Sassy (C.S.M.) ;-D

My simple token of appreciation to my commenter/reader of the month... Hope you'll love SkinFood as much as I do.^_^ 
Big Thanks to Clair! ;-D
December was pretty exciting for my site, but the extra-high energy just mellowed down a bit after the giveaway was over. I just want to show my appreciation to Clair who endlessly and consistently keeps in touch be it in my blog, FB, Twitter, and even G+. My heartfelt thanks. ;-D

I will be pretty much busy the last week of January and the whole of February, but I feel like celebrating my soon to be 600 GFC followers. Please stay tuned for another giveaway. ;-D Please continue cheering and supporting. ;-D


clair said...

omg~! i am soooo happy! ^_^ grabe kulang na lang tumili na ako dito hahahaha. XDDD shucks! and i really like skin food a loti too so these are wonderful ♥ i really love reading your posts and i am so thankful for the replies you give me when i have questions about products. that's why i keep coming back to your blog.

Sumi Go said...

Congrats Clair! And Ms. Chic Sassy Mom, more power to your blog.. :)

tatess said...

will wait for yuor next give away.congrats to the winner.

kay said...

for now its 600 ... next it will be 1000 followers na :)

Tammy H. said...

Thanks for the follow on google+! I added you to my circle too! Glad to meet you!

Author of http://luckyemeraldsreviews.blogspot.com/

Chic Sassy Mom said...

Thanks Kay! :) Hoping for 1K soon... <3

@Tammy H...thanks for visiting. :)

Clair said...

Thank you so much, Des! <3 Got the package already and I even posted about it because I was just so happy :) http://yetanotherlatebloomer.blogspot.com/2012/01/skin-food-goodies-from-chic-sassy-mom.html

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