Monday, November 14, 2011

Review: SkinFood Gold Caviar Moist Brightening Powder Ball No 2

SkinFood Gold Caviar Moist Brightening Powder Balls is Pearl, Gold, Brown, Mocha, and Peach.
I just can't get enough of Skin Food. :-D This is my recent purchase from its Marquee Mall branch. I couldn't resist buying from the store because of the 70% off sale offering. With that range, it's about the same price in Seoul, so why not?!

SkinFood Gold Caviar Moist Brightening Powder Ball No. 2 on sale for Php 700+
Included on my recent SkinFood haul are several samples of the Gold Caviar Collagen Cream and Serum. It's love at first night. The SkinFood Gold Caviar line is on the pricey side though. So I had to make do with trial packs for the mean time. By the way, I bought toners, cream, and emulsion as well. The line is really that good for me! I got them online. Review soon. So naturally, when I saw that this was on sale, I gave in. ;-D

I preferred No. 2, which is on the neutrals side. The No. 2 is on the pinkish white side, and the pearls' shades are also on that colorful side. I'm happy to get that pinkish white effect on the SkinFood Rose Essence Blusher, so I settled for this shade.
Description: Tiny spheres of powder pearls blend together to lighten and brighten skin tone for a blooming, radiant finish. 
To use: Apply evenly on the entire surface of the face with the included luxurious face ball brush. True, the brush feels soft, except that there's a bit of shedding.
There's a safety seal. This is a sifter lid, supposedly for dispensing. But this can be lifted easily. I don't think I would want to see those pretty pearly balls break just yet. I prefer to just lift this lid and swipe the brush.
Although, on second thought, it's a bit challenging to get pigments. You really need to swipe the brush several times to get a good pigment. Are they really suppose to be in loose powder form? 
Flash off/on. I used it to set the SkinFood Black Egg Pore Foundation No. 1. It's more of a translucent shimmer powder.
The Black Egg line of SkinFood is for sebum control. So I guess, the radiant/dewy effect is toned down a bit. The overall finish still shows off natural glowing skin. I love. Although, after two hours, I had to blot out oil though (yikes!). Tada! Four hours later, the pearly specks remains. If I stay under the sun, I'll definitely shine ala Edward Cullen, methinks. ;-D

Overall, I think the blooming effect is not over the top, just the way I like it. There's a versatility to it that allows me to wear it even on my usual dress down days. If you pair it with a BB Cream or Foundation that's also on a dewy line, you'll definitely shine especially on those glamour nights. It's also best to set a healthy glowing tan. I also love that is pleasantly scented, which I think is now common to most of my Korean cosmetics. So yes, this one is a keeper. ;-D


wendy said...

heyeyeyey... just got my own Iope coral brightening comes in those small balls, too. will write about it later hehehe.

Des said...

Lucky you, yours has to be Iope. I want to try that line na talaga. I'm waiting for your post. :))

lyzacruz88 said...

Galing naman! the powder balls are so cute...great finds talaga , sis!

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