Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Market O is the Cutest Real Brownie Ever

South Korea is truly such an endearing place to be. Awww... love their dramas, their beauty brands, their fashion, and their food. I can rave endlessly. Remember my recent Korean cosmetics haul, together with them are more travel keepsakes from Seoul.

Korea's Market O Real Brownie...Awww, even these have to be these cute too! Pink, Stripes, Hearts, Bear, Mom & Child, cuteness overload in an artwork :-D
My friend saw a very fashionable (aren't they all?!) male Seoulite snacking on these lovelies aboard the metro. So he looked them up at the supermarket, it seems that they're not too hard to miss, they're apparently pretty popular.

"Mommy, I ♥ Love!" ...seriously, how much cuter can they get! :-D
Fair enough, the brownie can pass as a homemade goodie. It's moist, just the right sweetness, also there's chocolate bits. I want more!  :-D 
So yes, there's so much more to buy when in Seoul. ;-D

Here's the mother of all Market O Love Real Brownie Haul...;-D

It beats me though, how people are raving likes, and ranting dislikes over this scene on YouTube. But my, if I were there, just out of plain curiosity, I might definitely join them in their grand haul too. ;-D Do you know of any more hidden treasures in Seoul that I might have missed? Please do share. :-D

Know more about Market O Real Brownie here.


gie said...

wow, that looks delish! :)

Des said...

It is! :) And so pretty too! :)

lyzacruz88 said...

Super cute naman ng packaging nila :) And the Japanese girls, mega hoard haha

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