Friday, October 7, 2011

Storage Solutions for my Lieole Makeup Brushes

I have the Lieole Pink Makeup Brush No. 1, 2, and 3 for a while now. I started out with the Lieole Brush No. 3. Until I fell in love with stippling, so I can't get enough of Brush No. 2, which works as one. Brush No. 1 is a blush/powder brush. True, they all have softer bush bristles, and each brush comes with sleeves and reusable packet, not to mention in Pink and Cinderalla-ish logo. :-D

Lioele Makeup Brushes No. 1, 2, and 3. Oh excusez moi, bath time is not yet until Sunday. 
Before I fell head over heels in love with BB Cream, I'm contented with my Body Shop Retractable Blusher Brush with its super soft synthetic hairs. It continues to stand the test of time (and it still is my foremost choice for loose/pact powder application). I think I got it for Php 800 back then, but now sells for Php1000. For that price for a single brush, I would still go for it, in a heartbeat. Although for the same amount, I got not one, but all three of the Lioele Brushes, bought individually. Not bad at all. I read mixed reviews of the Lioele brushes, but since I'm happy with Brush No. 3's performance, I still went to try out the others. I bought them from my usual eBay Korean Cosmetics Seller.

Body Shop Retractable Brusher have it for yearssss now. :-D
I had some shedding issues with Pink Brush No. 2, on my first two weeks of using it. (I hate to be told that I told you so! ;-D) But it does its share of providing flawless BB Cream application anyhow, and after succeeding washes, I noticed that overtime, my worries are starting to dissipate. But of course, I know that there are more brushes out there, waiting for me. ;-D Believe me, I know, I'm totally restraining myself on indulging. :-D So until then, I'm happy to keep these babies. So I actually thought about them when I saw this from the Trendsetter's Bazaar.

Makeup Brush Kit by Storage Solutions for Php 180
  • Keep your brushes looking and feeling brand new
  • Ideal for storing brushes while at home or on-the-go
  • Holds 10 basic makeup brushes
  • With 2 additional zippered pockets to store tools or makeup
  • Washable and with waterproof lining
  • Fashionable Prints (got this over the other)
  • Dimension 9.5in X 8.5in
Assorted Makeup Brushes...Lioele, Red Earth, Lancome, Estee Lauder
When rolled. 
Not as fancy and glitzy, but for the mean time, I know where to find my brushes. Still, it's both pretty and functional for its price. ;-D


Unknown said...

wow i love the makeup brush kit :) yay the price for me is too pricey.. >_< marionnaud/fanny serrano is still will be my brush brand >_<

Gellie Abogado said...

waah. i want that makeup brush storage! XD

wendy said...

i tried to use brushes because i've read they spread more evenly on tha face. but i'm so allergic with bristles. waaaaahhh!

ChicSassyMom said...

Thanks Ladies! :)
@ I'll try Marionnaud soon. :)
@Gellie: They have an online site! Yay! :)
@Mommy Wends: Oh, that's sad. I read about the allergies too. Did you try which bristles give you allergies? Natural? or Synthetic?

・ NEKONEKOBIT ・ said...

Hello where did you buy your Lioele brushes? :)

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