Friday, October 21, 2011

Korean Drama Mode will resume Blogging Next Week ;-D

Moon Chae Won and Park Shi Hoo in The Princess' Man. Love, love, love! ;-D
TGIF! :) My parents in law are visiting, so we've been out and about most of the time. Also, my son, Chase, has coughing spells again, it kept me awake for the past two nights. Between this and that, I'm also addicted to The Princess' Man. It's a Korean Period Drama. I'm not really into Period Drama, but this evokes same emotion as Lee Joon Gi's Iljimae does to me every time, and could be even more, because this is one, great love story.

Synopsis from DramaWiki:

A tragic love story between the daughter of Prince Suyang and grandson of Kim Jong Seo. The son of Kim Jongseo, Seungyoo, is a handsome and wise man who carries a noble quality. Princess Seryeong, a daughter of King Sejo, aka prince Sooyang, is a cheerful, lively lady with a strong curiosity and bold personality. They fall in love instantly but later they find out that their parents are sworn enemies. It's a Chosun dynasty version of “Romeo and Juliet”.

This is 24 episodes. I finished it. So yes, I devoted 24 hours of my life to this drama yet again! :-D First time to watch it on DramaCrazy. I have to say that I did enjoy watching it from there than from MySoju. It has great english subs too. :-D

I just have to say it that Park Shi Hoo is truly the MAN! :-D
I can go endlessly again on my ravings. I have super heavy eyes, headaches and all, but I'll be back next week for some serious blogging. :-D Happy Weekend!

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Unknown said...

i ever seen this guy who play the role in this drama
he is so cute and funny
what do you think ?

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