Friday, October 28, 2011

Gearing up for Halloween 2011 :-D

It's that time of the year to play dress up. I love costume parties, I'm always hoping to dress a part and really go all out, but to no such avail (yet). I always ended up dressing down. Because my hubby and son are so totally bursting my bubble when it comes to this. This is the part where I say that they really must be forgetting that I'm a girl! They both have aversions of flowers,and lace, and more. Haay! So yes, I'm ranting. I wanted to hopelessly try to create a more dramatic look, or even pass myself as a boho chic, but no such luck for the nth time. Oh well! ;-D

Found these pretty skull nail art from another fab mom, I'm so getting my nails done soon! ;-D
Tada...Be fabulous in black! ;-D P.S. Love my new bag (except that I'm way over my shopping threshold for the coming months...;-D). I'm definitely turning out to be a bag hag! Juicy Couture Royal Botanical Velour Bag Post here. ;-D
Thank goodness for my accessories. ;-D

Bejeweled and Vintage Snake Rings! Love! 
Love the matching vintage snake necklace! Green earrings to match the color of the eyes of the snake! Awww, we were rushing that I didn't have time to doll up. But can you guess what lip color I'm wearing? ;-D
Best I can come ccessorize with an attitude! :-D
As for my beloved son, he's really into stylish costumes (haha ;-D), meaning nothing spooky, no painting, no itchy laces, no uncomfy attire. This time, we finally gave in to his long time wish...a soldier! :-D

It's actually less tasking because he doesn't want any war paints on him. :-D
Since I'm so addicted to KDrama and to him (Lee Joon Gi/Lee Jun Ki), so why not dress the part?!...My son, now my Little Hallyu Star on Military Service. He can be a soldier to his heart's delight (and mine too)! :-D
Last year, he dressed up as a vampire (so uncreative, Ikr!?), but we ended up calling him L'il Edward for added panache! ;-D

While the previous year, he was a doctor, but not just a doctor, he's The Doctor Jihoo, (Kim Hyun Joong's Boys Over Flowers Character).

Tada!  :-D
It was another spooky fun party lovingly brought together by the Preschoolville teachers. Oh my, I love, love, love, as in, their whole get up. :-D I'll share the whole event on my FB page, so please subscribe or like my page, just in case! :-D


tinokla said...

nice article... as always! super luv ur accessories chicsassy mom!

Unknown said...

I love the accessories. My mom would want something like that.

ChicSassyMom said...

Thanks Teacher Tin! :)

ChicSassyMom said...

Thanks Sis! :)

lyzacruz88 said...

nice nails haha

Anonymous said...

Hi sis, where did you buy his soldier uniform? Can email it to me at TIA!!

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