Monday, October 31, 2011

Accessorize All About Bags Party

I'm musing over yesterday's super fun party amongst the company of fantabulous ladies, who are mostly esteemed fashion bloggers. I can't help but feel under accessorized. Haha! :) It's also the day that I stepped into an unfamiliar, the fashion runway. No bashing please, I'll still show you how I fared on creating a spur of the moment look with my beloved fashion accessories and bag from Accessorize. ;-D Here's a run through of the exclusive all girls' media event with Accessorize, in partnership with Bloggers United led by Melai of Style and Soul and Ana of The Fashionista Commuter, held at the Persia Grill Restaurant at the Sky Garden of SM North Edsa.

Accessorize Overload! Love, love, love! Seriously, it feels like Christmas when we're allowed to don an Accessorized look from those selections.
Snapped. Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Mommy Bloggers during the event. :-D 
Oh! So pretty and fab! ;-D Love them. :-D I'm definitely in need of wardrobe change, either that or more Accessorize Accessories! ;-D Seriously, I'm bad with names, I'll do better next time (blame it on the old wives' tale of anesthesia, LoL, as if!)
Matching Accessorize Cupcakes! :-D
I wanted to showcase all the pretty bloggers that I met, but sadly, I mostly have candid shots of them during the "tell us about yourself and what you're wearing today" portion. So I'm saving them for next time, I'll be bolder next time, and brave asking them for glamor shots. :-D

This is IT, the prelude I gave on my FB Page! A couchful of Accessorize - Philippines Bags! :) Imagine getting a bag of your choice from those, only you have to do it fast, because you're amongst 20 others who are certified more fashionable than I am, with their extra eye for beauty, and can carry wearing print on print.;-D Such a happy problem to be faced with! ;-D 
I'm relatively new with this, please bare with me. Again, no bashing please! ;-D So what am I wearing? Apart from all those Accessorize lovelies from my earrings to necklace down to the bag (not to preempt, yes! This is The Bag that I bagged! ;-D), I'm wearing a ForMe top, a Celine Belt, and export overruns shorts, and my FitFlop Positano. 
Seriously, this the part, after getting the bag and your choice of accessories, you really need to don a fashion walk...our extended version of the Philippine Fashion Week! Ahhh! Help, I need my life line, call a friend?
Another feat for me, I'll remember this day forever, when I trotted the unknown life of a fashion blogger. Accessorize really do make my life more colorful. ;-D

Tada! My steal...Accessorize New Shimmer Gym Bag makeshift Weekender Bag! ;-D No flowers for me, but I'm going for the LOVE charms. :-D
And we were just getting started with more great things to come...

This month, Accessorize opens its treasure chest to reveal an exquisite collection of bags in a thanksgiving sale. All Bout Bags features season collection bags at 50% discount and it includes some new arrivals that will go back to regular price after the sale period.  This is the Accessorize way of showing appreciation to all its loyal fans for the past three years since Accessorize first opened its doors to the Philippine market.
Teaser Pix...few of the several Accessorize Bags on Sale! :-D
Thank you so much Accessorize Philippines and Bloggers United for having me. Seriously, I don't have a lot, but it's the most memorable media event ever! ;-D

About Accessorize...

Get the look from Accessorize. :-D
Accessorize is a London based accessories brand that is synonymous with style and fashion holds a unique position in the high street with its inspirational, globally sourced, well-priced and good quality collection of fashion accessories.

Follow Accessorize Philippines on Facebook, and on Twitter, for more details and seasonal contests and promotions.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review: The Skin Shop Iris Power Whitening Sun Cream

Traditional form of sunblock comes with highly dense formulation, which makes it uncomfortable for everyday wear. But not for long, because of the compelling need of sun protection, cosmetics and skincare companies are incorporating and emphasizing on sun barrier ingredients that are now available on their day wear lines. I mostly rely on them for my daily dose of sunscreen. I'm saving usage of a devoted sunscreen product for those special outdoor soirees. It's great though that recently, The Skin Shop sent me more products to review. I received their Iris Sun Cream, together with another item.

The Skin Shop Iris Sun Cream with SPF 45 PA+++ is "Dual functional sun cream which is highly effective for UV protection and skin whitening." Sells for 25,000 KRW here.
Microtel Mall of Asia Pool Deck...Such a tempting sight to indulge on a an outdoor affair. Thankfully, with The Skin Shop Iris Sun Cream on, I braved staying out. 

Product Description: It protects the skin from strong UV rays and makes the skin clear and splendent. Thanks to lighter feeling and fast absorbtion, the stressed skin can be relaxed and softly cared for long lasting moisturized skin. The Naiacinamide helps make the skin white and the Witch Hazel water and Kava extract make the skin healthier with giving mositure and nutrition. c/o The Skin Shop Official FB Page
No English labels at the back of the product, although descriptions, usage, ingredients, and more are printed at the box, with corresponding Hangul translation. 
No frills nozzle. The pointed tip allows for manageable dispensing of the products. 
Swatched. It has thick consistency, lightly scented (reminds of Nivea).
Easy to spread and to blend formula while leaving an almost translucent finish. 
Although, sun allergy aside, I wouldn't really mind staying under the sun, I brave going out of the house without an umbrella, which my house help can't do (because she's overloading on whitening products, and sun exposure is a no,no!) haha ;-D But health and aesthetic wise and speaking, I'm at that age, that I needed to be proactive with anti-aging regimens. Read on an article from About(dot)com tells just how compelling it is to sun protect. So for the past weeks I happily incorporated The Skin Shop Iris Power Whitening Sun Cream to my daily skin care routine.

Use after daily basic skincare regimen. After toner and moisturizer. Under BB Cream, if needed. Leaves lightweight, and non-greasy feel.
I was tempted to stay outdoor last time, so I applied it all over... my neck,and arms. So I confidently stayed out for a while to enjoy the scene and take advantage on great photo opportunities. I just asked The Skin Shop, if it can also be used for outdoor sports sunprotecting, and yes, it can be. I actually saw first hand that it's sweat proof and even waterproof. When I wash it with plain water, you can still see residues of the formula, I had to use a cleansing oil to remove it completely.
What's to ♥?
  • No breakouts! Also helps in significantly minimizing, if not totally managing my sun allergy rashes, especially on my arms.
  • It's non drying, but doesn't leave heavy feeling even when applied under a sunny and humid day. 
  • Pretty art work (Eiffel Tower, Je t'aime! ;-D) and handy packaging. 
  • Doesn't cause caking when applied under BB Cream or foundation.
  • Multi-purpose sunblock applications.
  • Haven't realized yet the whitening reinforced benefit, although it's not really my primary concern. 
  • Not yet available locally, but will be very soon. The Skin Shop is targeting to be available here before the year ends. I just wish that the price mark up is not so significant. :-D
  • A bit pricey (for me!) for almost Php 1000... Ahhh, the price of health and beauty (haha)! If I'm to stick to my current skincare regimen, I'll be investing about Php 5000 (over $100) just for the basic routine. Although, I'm already grateful that most Korean Cosmetics are aptly suited for my skin, I would have been spending more, if I were to go for the American or European skin care popular brands. 
  • I would have wanted just to have a high SPF level incorporated on a day moisturizer, BB Cream, or tinted foundations, just to really minimize things that I apply on my face. Hmmm, musing over a Recovery Solution Cream with SPF 45 PA+++! ;-D Same with a body lotion, it would have been nice to just get a good dose of SPF from a daily lotion. 
Overall, I'm going all out in application. I'm lavishly applying it as a face and all-over neck/arms sun protection cream. With the size of it, and the extreme sunny weather we're having, I'll be sure to finish it before the year's over. Will I repurchase? Yes, if there's not yet a dual day moisturizer/bb cream that offers the same level of sun protection out in the market comes 2012.

Do you have other sun protecting tips or care lines? Please do share. :-D

About The Skin Shop...

    The Skin Shop is a South Korean based compony under IFManet Co., Ltd. It is a relatively young yet aggressive skin care company specializing BB Cream and Snail Cream. Founded in 2007, it's now distributed in Hongkong, Japan, and now also available in Watsons Retail Stores in Thailand. It's also exported in Taiwan, USA, Malaysia and USA. It also receives the necessary Quality Approval from the Korean Food & Drug Administration on Skin Whitening, Wrinkle Production and UV Rays Protection.

    I'm happy to have tried and tested several products from The Skin Shop...from their BB Creams, to the popular Snail Cream with its Recovery Solution, and more. I'm looking forward to having them available here in the Philippines too. 

    For more details, and seasonal promotions, please visit them on the following sites. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Myeongdong Korea Cosmetics Shopping Haul

Theatrics aside, I'm really in love with Korean Cosmetics. Imagine how ecstatic I was when I finally met with my friend, and he handed me out two bagful of them...I was keeping myself from shrieking! ;-D

I gave my bestfriend a SkinFood shopping list, I wouldn't want to oblige him so much so I just sent him to two stores...SkinFood and Holika Holika. Haay, just look at how generous the trial/sample packs that they gave out! :-D
This is another Skin Food overload. My shopping list includes, Black Egg Pore Foundation, Red Orange Sun Pact, Red Orange Makeup Finish (Matte), Peach Sake Serum, Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder, Black Sugar Cleansing Oil, Green Tea Milky Cleansing Foam, Tea Tree Cleansing Foam, Rose Essence Blusher, Rose Essence Lip Balm, Royal Honey Ampoule Mask Sheet. He got most except for the Facial Ice Vita Tonic and Milk Shake Point Remove. He texted me when he was in Holika Holika that the item I wanted was not available. :-( I'm saving it for next time. 
It seems that shops along Myeongdong are pretty generous with samples. Haay, I love! He got me a Snail Therapy Essence Mask Sheet from Nature Republic! Awww...more escargot for me! First order of things is to plan how to slowly but surely incorporate them into my skin care regimen, breakouts aside. :-D Now, I'm using the SkinFood Fermented Wormwood Rich Body Essence. :-D 
And more masks...Yay! Mask overload round 2! ;-D

Nature Republic The Bamboo of Damyang Moisture Mask Sheet
Tony Moly Essence Mask
The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Aloe Vera
The Saem Seven Element Mask Sheet
Wow! :-D I don't even know what to try first! Any recommendations, requests, suggestions? I would truly love to have a great start. :-D

Of course, I would love to share some of them with you, so please watch out for another round of Korean Cosmetics ++ giveaway. Please keep the comments, and the likes coming. :-D Follow me on my FB Page for more pretty Korean things. :-D

Friday, October 28, 2011

Gearing up for Halloween 2011 :-D

It's that time of the year to play dress up. I love costume parties, I'm always hoping to dress a part and really go all out, but to no such avail (yet). I always ended up dressing down. Because my hubby and son are so totally bursting my bubble when it comes to this. This is the part where I say that they really must be forgetting that I'm a girl! They both have aversions of flowers,and lace, and more. Haay! So yes, I'm ranting. I wanted to hopelessly try to create a more dramatic look, or even pass myself as a boho chic, but no such luck for the nth time. Oh well! ;-D

Found these pretty skull nail art from another fab mom, I'm so getting my nails done soon! ;-D
Tada...Be fabulous in black! ;-D P.S. Love my new bag (except that I'm way over my shopping threshold for the coming months...;-D). I'm definitely turning out to be a bag hag! Juicy Couture Royal Botanical Velour Bag Post here. ;-D
Thank goodness for my accessories. ;-D

Bejeweled and Vintage Snake Rings! Love! 
Love the matching vintage snake necklace! Green earrings to match the color of the eyes of the snake! Awww, we were rushing that I didn't have time to doll up. But can you guess what lip color I'm wearing? ;-D
Best I can come ccessorize with an attitude! :-D
As for my beloved son, he's really into stylish costumes (haha ;-D), meaning nothing spooky, no painting, no itchy laces, no uncomfy attire. This time, we finally gave in to his long time wish...a soldier! :-D

It's actually less tasking because he doesn't want any war paints on him. :-D
Since I'm so addicted to KDrama and to him (Lee Joon Gi/Lee Jun Ki), so why not dress the part?!...My son, now my Little Hallyu Star on Military Service. He can be a soldier to his heart's delight (and mine too)! :-D
Last year, he dressed up as a vampire (so uncreative, Ikr!?), but we ended up calling him L'il Edward for added panache! ;-D

While the previous year, he was a doctor, but not just a doctor, he's The Doctor Jihoo, (Kim Hyun Joong's Boys Over Flowers Character).

Tada!  :-D
It was another spooky fun party lovingly brought together by the Preschoolville teachers. Oh my, I love, love, love, as in, their whole get up. :-D I'll share the whole event on my FB page, so please subscribe or like my page, just in case! :-D

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lioele Hydro Peel Therapy Skin Lotion Set

I'm so into Korean Cosmetics. I love, love, love how aptly suited they are to my skin (so far ;-D). My latest addition to my skincare regimen is the Lioele Hydro Peel Therapy Line. Lioele aptly synthesizes for Life Of Elegant Ease. It's another Korean Brand. I first heard of the brand while shopping on eBay, and it's described as a No. 1 Korean brand, naturally I just had to try it out. It seems that the tagging of No. 1 brand is in terms of online Korean Cosmetics Sales. I tried some trivial items from the brand from my online shopping like its Pink Brushes. So I'm thrilled to be sent items from Lillie's Shop, which is an authorized Korean Cosmetics Seller based in Vancouver.

Hydro Peel Therapy Skin 150ml ($29.25) and Lotion 120ml ($31.5). If set, sells for $49.
Product Description: credit Lioele Malaysia FB Page

Most of us suffer from dehydrated skin which is lack of water. Dehydrated skin creates lots of skin problems such as premature aging, rough skin, pimples etc. Lioele understand this concern and hence they come out with an amazing hydrating series - Lioele Hydro Peel Therapy Series! Contain abundant amount of deep sea water, it is high in trace elements, minerals, vitamins ,amino acids, collagen and marine goodies that are essential in maintaining a healthy skin moisture level. With regular usage, it helps to maintain healthy cell turnover ( and hence the name hydro 'peel') and thus makes our skin plumper, healthier and youthful!

Hydro Peel Therapy Skin is an "intensive moisturizing skin toner with silky and moist feeling includes deep sea, which contains various minerals that make transparency skin with moisture and elasticity. Also algae extract helps turnover of your skin and by including organic moisturizing ingredients, this product gives smooth and elasticity to the skin."
English and Hangul labels are found on the box. Comes with a hygienic pump, and replaceable plastic stopper/cover. Almost transparent packaging allows you to see just how much more is available.
Swatch. Clear liquid with flimsy consistency (I don't know how to phrase it but its thicker than water, but thinner than syrup ;-D). Lightweight, lightly scented, but leaves evident moisturizing and softening feel. Non-sting formula. 
How to use: After basic cleansing, use as toner. Either with cotton pads, or dispense on palms and spread slowly. I like to do the latter. Two pumps will be enough to cover my entire face. I then pat it gently for added absorption.

Hydro Peel Therapy Lotion is an "intensive moisturizing lotion that protects dried skin and is absorb without oiliness. By including organic moisturizing ingredients, it gives smooth and elasticity to skin. Deep sea and Trehalose, which contain various minerals present clear skin."
Same as above. English and Hangul labels are found on the box. Comes with a hygienic pump, and replaceable plastic stopper/cover. But the packaging is opaque, so you can't really tell how much more is there. 
Milky, opaque, and also thin consistency. Lightweight, fast absorbing. Complementary scented with the Lotion. Also, non-sting formula. Leaves skin feeling soft and silky. :-D
What's to ❤?
  • No noticeable breakouts, even during the initial phase. I've been using it for almost a month. I use it day and night. 
  • Love the mild scent. 
  • The pump is very easy to gauge, option to press lighter to dispense lesser formula, or press full to get more.
  • Non-greasy. At day, I add another sun cream also with a lightweight formulation.
  • Doesn't caused caking when used with BB Cream and pact.
  • True to its moisturizing and nourishing claims, I usually get dry skin near my lip area after applying hair cream remover for those facial hairs, but the drying effect was minimized with it. 
  • Non-irritating or stinging, even if I sometimes overindulged. ;-D.
  • I'm on the combination, oily/sensitive skin, I love that even using it in the morning and at the night time, my face doesn't really shine, or it doesn't cause my face to "oil" more. (yikes! but the sunny and humid weather are such epic combo to cause just that). But other than that, I don't see any reinforced benefits on pore minimizing, anti-wrinkles, and the likes in tune with the plumper,younger looking skin claims. Anyhow, not that there's imminent need for those. I guess it's still opportune time to go on preventive mode. But I do have age spots or discolorations that I would have wanted to be less prominent. So in the end, I'll be needing another product to address those.
  • No SPF or sun protection added. After the Lotion, there's an option to add essence, and serum, but doesn't really distinguish a day and night routine. A day moisturizer would normally include SPF.
  • I'm not really fond of those replaceable covers, because I tend to misplace them, I wish it's connected that you can just slide in or out. 
  • A bit on the pricey side (for me ;-D) especially if you don't get the set. Almost Php 1000 plus per item. Since, I need to address other concerns, like sun protection and  managing skin tone and discolorations, I'm using supplementary products for those. 
  • Not yet available locally, but can be bought online.
Overall, I would happily use them to their fullest. Will I repurchase? For the Hydra Peel Therapy Skin a.k.a. toner, definitely! For the lotion, I'm more inclined to get a dedicated day lotion. Although, I can still keep it for my night skincare regimen. ;-D

Tada! :-D No makeup on! :-D

About Lioele...

"Lioele Cosmetic company believes that a woman's radiant beauty is our No.1 priority. Lioele casts a magic spell, giving all women the chance to become the gorgeous heroine of their own story.  Lioele Symbol is from.. the special pumpkin carriage in the fairy tale, Cinderella, that brought a pity little girl to the luxurious ball at the palace."

Love the Cinderalla-ish logo! :-D
Visit them on Facebook here.

To shop for Lioele and other Korean brands, visit LiliesShop.Net

Ships worldwide. :-D

Projection Mapping Fashion Show with Ariel 3D Deep Clean and Bench

Ariel Laundry Detergent, a Procter & Gamble (P&G) brand, together with Bench, both recognize as the leading fabric care and fashion innovators in their respective field of expertise, launched the country's first outdoor 3D Projection Mapping Event. Projection Mapping as I recently learned is taking the advertising world by storm. So I'm delighted to be a part of this event held in SMX open grounds right in front of Microtel Mall of Asia, where the fashion show was projected in 3D at the façade of the hotel. Wow! :-D

3D Glasses were handed out to witness the exhilarating 3D Projection Mapping Fashion Show in store for us.
The event was hosted by Ariel Celebrity  Endorser Tito Boy Abunda (awww...feeling close! ;-D) 
The 3D Projection Mapping was not just out of whim for the Ariel 3D Deep Clean Kickoff event in the Philippines. The brand, together with other brand partners, are actually leveling up with the innovative 3D Technology.

"Ariel scientists used patented 3D technology to see and understand fabrics, fibers and stains, creating a new formula that provides the best stain removal through all the layers. Ariel is already a trusted name across the globe for cleaning and stain removal, and this innovation brings world-class technology to underserved consumers."

Ariel 3D Deep Clean performs 3 Deep Cleaning Actions. 1. Preps the surface with a polishing action that gets the cleaning agents closer faster. 2. Reduces the negative charge of the cleaning agents, enabling them to get deeper within the fibers. 3. Extracts stains from the inside out.
Ariel Live 3D Projection Mapping at the facade of Microtel Mall of Asia
To quote Tito Boy Abunda..."From a layman’s point of view, what I discovered in Dubai, was that the Ariel scientists, used 3D technology to discover the behavior of stains, “mantsa” to us. Which means that if you know the behavior of the enemy you also know its location which in fabric/laundry parlance — stains are in, out and in between the layers of fabric. Having discovered this, the scientists, applied this technology to Ariel which is now Ariel 3D Deep Clean which pulls out stains from clothes better than any brand in the market. It also makes clothes look new even after several washes."

Bench partners with Ariel, in encouraging  their brand enthusiasts to use Ariel 3D Deep Clean in order to keep their clothes looking new after washes.
Larger than life, Bench Model during the Projection Mapping Fashion Show.
The event was captivating, I was actually lost for words to describe the whole 3D experience. From the usual audio visual presentations, down to the live projection mapping of the event, and to the fashion show, everything was showcased in 3D format. Also, the event was in partnership with LG Electronics, which features the first flicker-free cinema 3D. I was wowed all throughout! :-D 

Live Projection Mapping of Host, Mr. Boy Abunda. He was such a great host, he's talking us through all the high tech nitty gritty in such a forthright manner. I felt like I was just watching a talk show. ;-D
Enjoying the whole fanfare in my 3D Glasses. :-D
I was lucky to be in one table with the proud mom of Ariel's P&G Brand Manager, Ms. Gelain Reyes. Hence, I was able to indulge on a photo opportunity with them. 
Captivating larger than life fashion runway. 
All happening at the façade of Microtel Mall of Asia. 
I love covering the events of P&G, haha! Because I used to be affiliated with their distributors. Hence, I'm able to speak highly of their products because I sold them personally, of course tried and tested too by yours truly, awww especially Ariel. Ariel is such a premium brand. So it was a joy to reminisce product launchings, and having swags to try out. Thank you for Campaigns & Grey for having me again in this event. Not too mention housing me with such luxe comforts at Microtel Mall of Asia (my review available here).

Love, love, love. And there's more good news coming from Ariel 3D, coming soon is the first ever 3D commercial. See it in 3D by getting 3D glasses from select Ariel Packs.;-D
Here's a peek of my most raved about 3D Projection Mapping Fashion Show experience. Forgive my lack of stability in taking the video. :-D

I will post more pictures on my FB page here. :-D
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