Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

I have a penchant for collecting eyeshadows. Because although I'm not yet a makeup guru,  thankfully to those illustrated guides, I can actually wear or steal the look. And not to mention, that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so yes, they can make or break your look.

NYX Voluptuous Jumbo Eye Pencils 
When I saw the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, I knew that I have to stash them, because they're versatile eye makeup. You can use them as eyeshadows, no frills. Or use them as eyeliners, tear liners, or blend them with your favorite eyeshadow palettes.

On my first NYX haul, I got the basic colors. French Fries (Brown), Slate (Black/Grey) , Cottage Cheese (Pearl), and Oyster (Pink Champagne).
Creamy Eye Pencils made with a blend of mineral oil and powder.
Swatched. The darker shades (Slate and French Fries) are very pigmented and have better lasting power than the lighter shades. I use the lighter shades to fill my lids (about 1/3 from the nose bridge) and in the water lines as tear liners. 
For a no frills application, you can just line/fill your lids with them to match your look. Either going for a smoky effect with the Slate. Or with go au natural with French Fries. Or if you're up to level up your eyeshadow makeup, complete the look by blending them with other colors, and set them with powder shadow for a more lasting and creaseless look.

I used French Fries (2/3 of my lids from the outside), and Cottage Cheese from the inside. I used them with my Lancome Quad Eye Shadow. 
With NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo
I'm proud of my doe eyes! ;-D
You think I'm an expert? LoL. I'll let you in a little secret. I stole the look from Urban Decay. ;-D

Option to use NYX French Fries and Gold (need to get one soon). I modified it by using the Cottage Cheese. 
Option to use NYX Oyster on the lower lids, and Slate to contour. 
Option to use NYX Cottage Cheese and Slate. 

Either I steal the look from there, or I go YouTube with Exteener or Sarah Victor. ;-D

Overall, the Jumbo Eye Pencils are very handy and versatile. Available at NYX for $4.50+ each. I get value for money eye makeup that doubles as eyeliners and eyeshadow. Although, they're a bit delicate, the transparent covers can easily break, and show crack lines. Not to mention that they smudge the cover easily. So if you're OC, and you want them in pristine condition, better stash them on a separate kit. I recommend applying eye primer or set them with a powder eyeshadow because they tend to crease, and if you have extra oily skin, you'll also compromised their lasting effect. So mix and match is still the way to go. Will I repurchase? Definitely. Actually, I just got a new shade. ^_^

Since, we don't have them yet here, I got mine at Digital Traincase.

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aMz88 said...

nice review as always :)
what do u recommend for water line, i need a white eyeliner waterproof :">

vian said...

Nice review sis. :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

pretty eyes Des.

your eyebrows look perfect too. Do you do it yourself too?

Des said...

Thanks! :)

@Mommy Ces: I do my own eyebrows. :) Thanks.

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