Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dubai Finds...Patchi and Longchamp ;-D

Hubby went on a business trip, and he got us these awesome and amazing keepsakes. He's just the sweetest! ;-D Anyhow, I realized today that I'm so officially living in the province (LoL), I was surprised to see that there's Patchi in Bonifacio Global High Street. It's such a pretty store! But oh my, I was amazed at how pricey the Patchi Chocolates are sold locally. Lucky, he got us enough to satiate our sweet tooth. He also got me a new bag, and there's an interesting story to tell behind it, so please read on.

Patchi Chocolates are love, love, love.  ;-D The tin can at the back holds chocolate hazelnuts, it's $16+ at the Duty Free in Dubai. Guess how much a tin can that size is sold here...Php 2250!
Patchi Plain Milk Chocolate Boxes. ;-D Some for us, others for giving away to his office. Equally delightful to indulge.  Sells for $10 in Dubai DF, here...Php 1150. 
Galaxy Jewels are another recommended Chocolate Brand from our friends from Dubai. ;-D
My new precious...Longchamp Planètes Large Long Handle Tote Bag in Red! ^^
Here's the story. I requested hubby to get me beauty products from the duty free, he flatly said no. So I told him, if ever to just get me another Longchamp, this time I want in in Red, large, and long handle. On his first day in Dubai, he was able to meet up with friends, and sweetly bought me a Longchamp at Dubai Mall. He happily showed it to me. Guess what? He got me a black one. Remember, that he already got me a black Longchamp Planètes, only it's medium and short handle the last time he went on a trip. So, my initial reaction was...HON....!!! I must have sounded like a complete b**ch! He was so furious at me! In the end, I apologized, and hoped and prayed that he'll exchange it at the store. Surprise! He did! ;-D

 At the Blogapalooza with it!! ^^ coming up next! ;-D
This bag is now my official media event buddy, it's so spacious, and Red is Red! Lovely! ;-D I was able to fit in all my personal effects, my iPad, and a DSLR. ;-D


Punky Bunny Blog said...

i love Galaxy and that jewel box, i save the box to put things in it hehe suddenly i miss eating galaxy :D

ChicSassyMom said...

Thanks for that. Now that you mentioned it, I'll probably do just that. :)

iamRhiVz said...

you have a very sweet hubby..
sana makahanap din me ng ganyan^^ehehe

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