Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chase's US Box is here! ;-D

Yesterday was indeed a great day! I had an epic time watching One Day. I'm still half hearted if I want to get the iBook, but I guess I eventually will. Timely though, around 9pm, the US Box of Chase  arrived. The shippers from Manila were committed to deliver it. It was rainy and uber late, and still they really tried to look for our address. I guess they don't want to do a trip back. It's my son's box. Toys and goodies are all for him just in time for his birthday from relatives from the US. I'll show you first what I got...;-D

I'm happy much! ^^ I *heart* them! ;-D
I love the wooden earrings in blue and beige....Turquoise rings overload! ;-D
My hubby's teenager nephew who we met and visited last time, decided to bestow his precious collections of toys to my son. It's indeed an honor. It's like a box full of toys collected over the years and it takes a certain degree of fondness to bequeath them to someone. As a mom too, I think I would have to really like someone to actually decide to hand down my son's baby toys. ;-D

Unpacking time....MegaBloks Dragons, and more, cookies and biscuits too. ;-D
And here are my son's precious new friends now at his care... Mega Bloks Dragons and more! ;-D
Action Figures...we were able to sort them out. And they really look that they were treasured. ;-D
We lined them up just to know, which toy box they'll go. 
I feel like Andy of Toy Story just tasked to Chase to take care of them. Awww...


meadowly said...

hi! how are you? ..Why dont I see the entre card widget in your blog?Take care..

Mom Daughter Style said...

how lucky! bait naman ng nagbigay

Des said...

@Meadowly: I'm okay! Wow, thanks for the visit. I took it out. :(

@Mommy Ces:Super thankful for everything! ^^

Lisa said...

Hello! Guess, it's a toy collection from your husband's nephew - treasured and well taken cared of. I'm a hobbyist but not on toys.

wendy said...

yeah, Andy came to mind,too. lucky Chase! advance happy birthday, handsome!tiptal

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