Monday, September 19, 2011

Carmex Cherry Stick Review

When I received this item, my 6 year old son actually snatched it away from me, he was fascinated with the cherries. He's familiar with lip balms because we had to make him use them the last time we went on vacation just to heal his chapped and windburned lips from the snowy weather, which we were not used to. He sorts of like the cherry flavor, but said no thanks to the mentholated feel. So, it's all for me to enjoy.

Carmex Cherry Click Stick
The first time I swatched it, surprisingly my lips began to feel itchy, that I immediately washed it off. On the side of caution, I tested it on my arms for a patch test. I did not see any reactions. I tried it out for more several attempts (more than 5 times on separate days), but it never failed to give me that itchy feeling. I couldn't let it stay for a while because I was actually feeling that my lips were about to swell. I couldn't believe that I might be actually allergic to it. I'm loving the Carmex Original Tube, so I went on to compare their ingredients. The main difference is the SPF factor, but I'm used to using SPF on my face. I haven't really figured it out. So I'm sorely disappointed on the turn out.

If not for that, there's so many note worthy things about Carmex as a trusted lip balm brand with its legendary medicated formula. It might not be for me, but I might be an isolated case. Oh, it's sad to be the odd one out.

But anyhow, please do check out Carmex Philippines in FB for more details and seasonal promotions or check out the official Carmex Site.

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