Thursday, August 25, 2011

Save the Date for Blogapalooza Kickoff Event

Wow, I actually missed writing a post for yesterday. Anyhow, between my sourgraping of having to miss Kim Hyun Joong's foray today, with the endless flooding of news streams about him on my FB homepage, and in my OC'ness of giving my blog a makeover, I decided to let go of yesterday. The sunshine amidst those lazy excuses is I'm joining the Philippines' Blogapalooza Kickoff Event! ;-D

Blogapalooza Blogger Event
I *heart* this badge! Ala Jose Rizal's "The Pen is mightier than The Sword" quote! ;-D
A friend messaged me to check out the Blogapalooza.Thanks Arlene. ;-D Initially, I thought it was a blog directory. So I didn't hesitate to sign up. And then, when I read through it, of how big of a event it is supposed to be, I was truly delighted to receive my invite. I recognized most of the sites in the guest lists, since I follow most of them. So yes, I hope to do a bit of meet and greet on the event. And my gratitude to you, my dear friends for reading through my random sassiness of just about everything, which granted me the eligibility to join. Yayy! ^_^

They are still giving out invites, so please check out the official site. And if you're already on the list, please drop me a note. Let's meet up. ;-D


Nekky said...

This sounds interesting, will have to check it out and get enlisted.

The Average Jane said...

I got my invite too! Be seeing you! Hope to meet you at the event. =)

Des said...

Yayy! That's nice! :) Thanks for letting me know! Let's see each other. ;)

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