Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mommy Patch Kissable Contessa

My Mommy Patch™ Package! I *heart*! :-D
Mommy Patch™ made my day! I'm super ecstatic when Ate Tey, my friend who also happened to be the authorized distributor of Mommy Patch™ called me last time, and told me that I've got mail! ;-D

What's inside the box?

Lots of love...
My Mommy Patch™ Kissable Contessa™ Cocoa Butter Lip Rescue P140
So yes, I'm feeling like an Italian Countess now...
  • The tin container is so light and handy, yet looks so classy. 
  • The nutritive junkie me, fell in love with the Cocoa Butter, the VCO, and the Honey.
  • I'm a lip balm/gloss person, and I love them minty, so this is definitely my kind of thing.
  • Ultra moisturized lips all through out the night, the day.
  • Super stay-at-home mommy friendly price.
And so very kissable! ✌

And of course I have these too...

Our rescue buddies...Mommy Patch™ Anti-Mosquito Stick and Lavender Rescue Stick. ;-D Please click on the photo for my previous ravings. :-D
I've got more, I'll rave about them soon. I already posted one on my FB page.

To get your very own rescue buddies, please visit Mommy Patch™. ;-D

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