Monday, August 29, 2011

Majolica Majorca Customize Cheek Blush in RD255

Yayy! Finally, I was able to get my first Majolica Majorca goodies. And I so want more, as in. ;-D My last stop last Saturday was SM Megamall. Hubby needed to get a suit, while I hurriedly made my way to the beauty section of the SM Department Store. And there's an additional 10% off for every Php1500 total purchase at the beauty section. It was sort of easy to reach that amount at Majolica Majorca considering that on the average an item would be about Php 500. And of course, I was also after the clear tote bag, which was the gift with purchase. ;-D

Majolica Majorca Cheek Customize in RD255 Php 495
Majolica Majorca Cheek & Shadow Customize Case is sold separately for Php 395.
I so wanted to get the glitzy customize case. But I bought several eye shadows recently, so I went instead for the cheek blush. It is sold by itself, and you can actually stack on different cheek colors, because they come in a handy clear, slide on covered case.

Here's a brief walk through on how to set the Majolica Majorca Cheek Customize to the case. After removing the cheek to its case, there's a built in glue, no need to spread it or anything, and place it in the Customize Case.
Voila! All set! ;-D
Swatch with flash on. It's pretty pigmented blush. Oh my, my veins are so prominent.  I truly need to do something about them. 
The SA described it with reddish undertones, but when I swatched it, it reminded me of my Red Earth cheek pot. I went for that shade because it's on the red, brown/bronzed shade, for that natural sun kissed blush.

Blush Brush is not included. You have to buy it separately. I forgot to get one actually. Luckily, I have one from my Estee Lauder Palette. It matched perfectly, with the handle also being transparent. ;-D
ME! My yesterday's casual Sunday look. I owe you a better photo documentation. I'll do one ASAP with the other Majolica Majorca items I got. ;-D
My Majolica Majorca goodies with my Clear Tote Bag as GWP...Mascara Php 795 with the Honey Pump Gloss for free, and the Customize Case and the Cheek Blush. ;-D 
Updated Photos: September 1, 2011
Here's hopefully a better swatch of the Majolica Majorca Customize Cheek Blush. 
Rainy Day, casual malling look. :-D I'm also wearing the Honey Pump Gloss. :-D
The glitzy cases are really pretty and functional. I'm hoping to get more of the Customize Cheeks, and then I'm also eyeing the Aurora Tear Liner, and the Majolica Majorca Majex Lip Balm. 

For more of their seasonal promotions, please check the Majolica Majorca Philippines Facebook Page.


The Average Jane said...

My friends have been raving about this brand. Thanks for sharing! =)

ChinaDoll said...

The shade complements with your skin tone. :) It gives you that fresh and natural glow.

Des said...

Awww...^^It's my pleasure raving about pretty things. Thanks for visiting. :))
@Chinadoll: Thanks! :))

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