Thursday, August 25, 2011

I've got Mail! It's FitFlop! ;-D

My happiness in a packet! ;-D
This is my most awaited parcel ever in my blogging career! Okay, I could be a bit exaggerating, my Beauty and Skincare goodies are a close second. It's just that I've been truly, madly, and deeply addicted to FitFlop™ too. I already bought few pairs of them, and I want more!  ;-D

Thanks to FitFlop Philippines for sending me a complimentary pair! ;-D
I love Red. But knowing that I have to prioritize, and it's hubby who bought 3 of my 4 pairs, then I have to go for the classic and basic designs and colors. The Walkstar™ Classic in Red is just the perfect pair to relieve my retiring 2 pairs of Walkstars. Although, I'm not particularly fond of the white or a lighter colored footbed because they're a bit on the high maintenance side to keep squeaky clean. But since they're compliments of the Brand, I have no complains. I'll happily have my wipes handy.

FitFFlop Hooper in Toffee Tan, Positano in Black, Walkstar Classics in Pink/Black and in Bronze/Pink. And then my new baby, Walkstar Classic Red.  I truly can't get enough of them! ;-D 
To date, I have four pairs of Toe-Post Sandals, and a pair of Positano Sandals. I pretty much novelized my ravings of FitFlop on my several related posts....perfect walking buddies, lightweight, durable, stylish selections et al.  But just in case, here's the technical specifications of the Brand.

FitFlop™ 101

The FitFlop™ Microwobbleboard™ Technology is the secret recipe of the Footwear brand. It's what sets them apart from other foot wears. 
Bio-mechanical Benefits of wearing FitFlop include...
  • Increase bottom muscle activation (up to 30% longer)
  • Increase hamstring muscle activation (up to 16% longer)
  • Reduce knee joint stress (up to 20%)
  • Reduce hip joint stress (up to 8%)
  • Reduce ankle joint force (up to 11%)
Beautiful shoes takes you to beautiful places. Indeed, a pair of FitFlop™ is truly a joy to behold! I want more. Although, they don't come in cheap, so consider yourself as investing for health and beauty. ;-D

So if you're ready to "get a workout while you walk", invest on a FitFlop™pair.

FitFlop Love! ;-D
For more details on where to get them in the Philippines, please check out the official FitFlop™ Facebook page, and have a chance to win a pair for free for their seasonal giveaways. ;-D 

Disclaimer: The Red Walkstar Classic is sent to me by FitFlop Philippines (Thanks to Ms. Melody!^_^) for review (I think of it more as an addition to my collection ^-* wink!). I already novelized my ravings of the brand since I owned few pairs already prior to receiving this. So yes, I'm addicted to this brand. I *heart*! 


gie said...

wow mommy des! that's sooo nice! @.@ these are the things that will inspire you to go on blogging even if at times it could be tedious. lol :) happy for you :)

Julia said...

I've never had a pair of these. Sounds like I'm missing out! Thanks for stopping by the other day from VoiceBoks. I've returned the follow!

Mom Daughter Style said...

very nice! it looks so comfortable.

wendy said...

wow! how do you get these perks? ***envious from here****

The Average Jane said...

Wow! They look great! =)

The Average Jane said...

Wow! They look great! =)

Des said...

Thanks! :) They're really worth spending! :)
@: Mommy Wendy: I didn't have a lot of them yet, LoL, as Mommy Gie said, you just really have to blog and blog. :))

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