Thursday, August 11, 2011

Broken Starbucks Mug is my Saving Grace

Remember my ill-timed wound last time, yesterday, I, unfortunately got into another minor klutz escapade, I forced the gate to open, and bruised my hand instead. I had to ice it afterwards. My hubby told me that fortunately I'm only staying at home, so I sort of meet minor mishaps. I even teased him that he should probably get me an insurance just a precaution.

At dinner last night, I was about to treat myself to a cup of coffee, when Chase suddenly hugged me, and I dropped my Starbucks Mug. I was a bit sad, because it's one of the six matching Starbucks mugs I collected.

A Broken Starbucks Mug, my saving grace. :-D
Initially, I shrieked "Chase", my fair minded hubby told me, that it was my fault. So true! While I was cleaning the broken pieces, my son told me not to worry, because he will buy me another mug with his savings. ;-D It made my day! You see, he's now starting to realize the value of saving. I'm keeping his money, about Php 600 ($14),  he told me, that he will spend his savings to get me a new mug. Of course, I wouldn't let him. But his thoughtfulness is amazing.

My hubby, then mentioned, which I was also thinking at the back of my mind, that breaking of glasses or others, could actually save one from something bigger. More of a belief, that usually many things come in three's (both good and not so good), it was my second mishaps for the week. So I guess, my beloved Starbucks Mug getting broken instead was my saving grace. ;-D


supergirlhero said...

Ang sweet naman ni Chase :) Ingat Des!

- May

ChicSassyMom said...

Thanks! :) You too! :) May Ann, ikaw ba yan? :)

wendy said...

Chase is such a sweet boy. just shows you've inculcated the right values on him:-).

ChicSassyMom said...

@Mommy Wendy: That's so sweet of you. Thanks.:)

ChinaDoll said...

Awww your little Chase is so sweet.

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