Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Accessorize Vintage Brooch Faux Pearl Bracelet is Love! ;-D

Here's my last minute hurrah at Accessorize for August. ^^

4 Layers of Faux Pearls with a Main Brooch is love! ;-D
So elegant! ;-D 
I *heart* Accessorize! ;-D 
So lovely indeed. ;-D 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bath and Body Works: I am Capricorn! ;-D

Here's my Wordless Wednesday Entry...

Bath and Body Works What's Your Sign PocketBac. ;-D Careful? Yes, because I could be a klutz! Responsible? Most of the time.  Stingy? LoL. Before. Not anymore! ;-D Realistic? Most of the time, but I'm more Optimistic now. ;-D

Monday, August 29, 2011

Majolica Majorca Customize Cheek Blush in RD255

Yayy! Finally, I was able to get my first Majolica Majorca goodies. And I so want more, as in. ;-D My last stop last Saturday was SM Megamall. Hubby needed to get a suit, while I hurriedly made my way to the beauty section of the SM Department Store. And there's an additional 10% off for every Php1500 total purchase at the beauty section. It was sort of easy to reach that amount at Majolica Majorca considering that on the average an item would be about Php 500. And of course, I was also after the clear tote bag, which was the gift with purchase. ;-D

Majolica Majorca Cheek Customize in RD255 Php 495
Majolica Majorca Cheek & Shadow Customize Case is sold separately for Php 395.
I so wanted to get the glitzy customize case. But I bought several eye shadows recently, so I went instead for the cheek blush. It is sold by itself, and you can actually stack on different cheek colors, because they come in a handy clear, slide on covered case.

Here's a brief walk through on how to set the Majolica Majorca Cheek Customize to the case. After removing the cheek to its case, there's a built in glue, no need to spread it or anything, and place it in the Customize Case.
Voila! All set! ;-D
Swatch with flash on. It's pretty pigmented blush. Oh my, my veins are so prominent.  I truly need to do something about them. 
The SA described it with reddish undertones, but when I swatched it, it reminded me of my Red Earth cheek pot. I went for that shade because it's on the red, brown/bronzed shade, for that natural sun kissed blush.

Blush Brush is not included. You have to buy it separately. I forgot to get one actually. Luckily, I have one from my Estee Lauder Palette. It matched perfectly, with the handle also being transparent. ;-D
ME! My yesterday's casual Sunday look. I owe you a better photo documentation. I'll do one ASAP with the other Majolica Majorca items I got. ;-D
My Majolica Majorca goodies with my Clear Tote Bag as GWP...Mascara Php 795 with the Honey Pump Gloss for free, and the Customize Case and the Cheek Blush. ;-D 
Updated Photos: September 1, 2011
Here's hopefully a better swatch of the Majolica Majorca Customize Cheek Blush. 
Rainy Day, casual malling look. :-D I'm also wearing the Honey Pump Gloss. :-D
The glitzy cases are really pretty and functional. I'm hoping to get more of the Customize Cheeks, and then I'm also eyeing the Aurora Tear Liner, and the Majolica Majorca Majex Lip Balm. 

For more of their seasonal promotions, please check the Majolica Majorca Philippines Facebook Page.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Marionnaud Philippines and Lanc么me Beauty Workshop

Last Saturday, I attended a beauty workshop covering skincare and makeup. I have a growing penchant for such so I made sure to make it to the event amidst the stormy weather. It was a very productive day for me. Since I came with hubby to Manila, who had to do some overtime work for his approaching out of the country business trip. We had to be in Manila way earlier. I waited several hours in the parking for SM Makati to open for my Baby and Company event. Thankfully, Lee Min Ho kept me company. ;-D I was watching City Hunter in the car. ;-D Then after covering the event, I drove to SM Mall of Asia for the workshop.

Lancome's Portable Makeup Station and Case ;-D
I was a bit challenged by the parking, I'm actually dreading it, and was tempted to just take the taxi from SM Makati. I'm driving a M/T pick-up (aww! feeling Bella Swan ;-P), I was praying to make it through the endless circles going to the parking Level 1. I made it! It's still early so again I stayed to watch the rest of the series. And then I did my strolling and my window shopping. Until, it's time. I came in promptly.

Workshop Venue besides Marionnaud.
Marionnaud Philippines at SM Mall of Asia
While waiting, guests were served with blueberry muffin from Bizu. And then, the venue filled up. There were a lot of mommy bloggers in attendance who look familiar, but I just can't match them with their sites.

I ate it in a jiffy! ;-D
And then it was time, finally. They asked a volunteer from the participants for the actual demo. And Ms. Cara Co-Chua, Lanc么me's Skin Care expert, headed the workshop, and Ms. Maylin, who's the make-up artist, did the actual demo.

The first part is the skincare routine of cleansing, toning, moisturizing, applying eye creams, and then the sunscreens. ;-D
They used the Lanc么me's skin care lines. For their toner, they used Tonique Douceur, which is alcohol free freshener. Together with Genefique Youth Activator, they used the high-tech ultrasound machine, which sends vibration into the skin to deepen and to quicken the serum absorption.

Lancome's Genefique Youth Activator Serum... a lightly rose scented, that gives instant hydrating and nourishing boosts to the skin. "Youth is in your genes. Reactivate it!" It offers a 7 day promise to youthful, beautiful skin. I *heart*! ;-D
Lancome Teint Miracle comes with Aura-Inside™ technology, is a foundation with SPF 15 that offers a buildable  coverage with lightweight feel. It offers I'm not sure about my shade because we had to pass it around quickly, but see how it was able to cover my green veins. 
And on with the exciting makeover part, using the finest Lanc么me's make up lines.

Voila! The Before and After look! ;-D
Marionnaud's management invited us to try out the Lanc么me's Skin Diagnosis System, to avail of makeover, and to take advantage of the limited discounts for Lanc么me's products and other purchases at Marionnaud.

Teint Miracle and Lip Gloss Love. ;-D
Lancome's Skin Diagn么s is an innovative tool that measures 6 different skin characteristics to precisely identify your key skincare concerns namely, pores, brown spots, lines & wrinkles, oil production, and hydration.
I would have wanted to try it out but I need to meet my curfew so I had to go right after. 
But not leaving without these...:-D
Discount Coupon and Lancome Skin Care Trial Set. I *heart* the Genefique and the Eye Cream. ;-D
I'm an eye cream junkie, because I tend to abuse my eyes for pulling all nighters. 
So far, I'm day 3 on Genefique and the Eye Cream, I wish I can stretch the Genefique trial size given to me to meet the 7th day. ;-D I was tempted to get the 10% + 5% discounts, but I'm way passed my shopping quota for August. Maybe soon. ;-D

ME! At the start of my day. I'm wearing uber light make up since I hope to avail of the makeover too. 
It was a long day, after this I pick up my hubby, ate my happiness meal at Jang Ga Nae. Then went to my 3rd SM Mall for the day. Thankfully, I was wearing my FitFlop Hooper, I made more than 10,000 steps for the day. ;-D

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Miniland Philippines joins LEGOworld! ;-D

Chocolate Hills and Tarsier ;-D
Yesterday was really my lucky day. On my way to my 2pm event, I was able to see a grand exhibit of Lego creations. This time it was the spectacular sights and landmarks of the Philippines that was made into bricks and colors. It's truly heart stopping. We all had a great time in Legoland California, the Miniland USA part allowed us to dream and to hope to see most of those sights. And now, we have our very own Miniland Philippines. ;-D Looking around made me realized that indeed there's so much to see in our country. And poor me, haven't even seen most of them.

Paoay Church and the Bangui Windmills
Butanding and the Mayon Volcano
Magellan's Cross in Cebu. We've been to Iloilo several times, but we never did try going to the Museo Iloilo.
Pearl Farm Davao
Kadayawan Festival
El Nido Palawan
Crocodile Farm
Siargao looks so much fun! ;-D
Sitankai Houses
Philippine Eagle
Luneta Park. SM Mall of Asia. ;-D
Lego Exhibit and Selling Area. I'm sure if my son was with me, we'll be bringing home a box or two. ;-D
View from the top. Miniland Philippines in Legoworld
In the exhibit area, the tourism theme song was playing, "Tara na biyahe tayo!" or Come, let's Travel! ;-D It was so compelling especially with the long weekends ahead. I almost forgot, amidst the political bickering here and there, how great is the Philippines. Oh my, there's so much more to see. ;-D

SM Baby Company Exhibit and Symposium at SM Makati

"Nourish with Love. Breastfeed." is the theme of SM Baby Company's Exhibit and Symposium as culminating activity for  Celebrate Breastfeeding Month this August.
Mommy and Child Portraits ;-D
Yesterday, my first stop was to visit the ongoing event of SM Baby Company at The Concourse of SM Makati. There was a scheduled Breastfeeding Symposium in the afternoon, but I have to miss it since I have to attend another event. Baby Company is among my top destination back when Chase was still a baby and up until he's a toddler. It's a one stop shop for baby care needs.

Top Baby Care Brands and Products are showcased and are even on SALE. ;-D
Chase is a certified Philips Avent baby. ;-D 
Pigeon, Chicco, Playtex among others join the exhibit for most of your Baby Care Needs. Paintings with Mom and Child Theme are also showcased fronting the entrance to the exhibit.
A Symposium was scheduled in the afternoon for Moms. 
This fashionable Baby Sling sells for P995. ;-D
Mommy and Child Bonding Moments. Priceless. ;-D
I wish I was able to attend such events before. Because I wasn't really successful on this field. This is one activity that I and Chase didn't aced. That's why I was grateful for owning a Philips Avent Breast Pump, at least it made up for it. I'm delighted to visit the event, it makes me look forward to more shopping experience at the Baby Company, just in case in the future. ;-D And I have to say it, I wanted to spend more time in SM Makati, the shoe selections and everything else, are so feast to my eyes. I'll definitely plan my next SM Makati trip. After quickly visiting, I had to leave for SM Mall of Asia. My 2nd of my 3rd mall destination for the day. ;-D
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