Monday, July 25, 2011

SkinFood Tomato Cool Jelly Tint Berry

I can't help it! The SkinFood Angel got me again! ;-D
SkinFood Tomato Cool Jelly Tint No. 2 (Berry) with my Fuchsia Bling Bling Nails 
Since I'm so into SkinFood lately, I've been expanding my my stash with their cosmetic lines. But it's strike 2 for me, first the apricot, now the berry. Yes, I'm also a bit disappointed with the Tomato Cool Jelly Tint. I have a love and hate relationship with SkinFood, methinks! ✌ Oh well...

Product Description: Infused with the goodness of vitamin C and rosewater, this water gel lip tint that naturally colors and makes your lips look luscious. It has hydrating effects so lips stay silky smooth longer. This indelible tint gives you a healthy glow that everyone will be envious of!

It comes with a doe foot applicator brush.  Look at the jelly on the wand! ;-D
I got them in different shade. But the SkinFood barely shows any color vs. the  actual product without swatching.
Almost translucent finish.
What's to ❤?
  • Since it's from SkinFood, more than the aesthetic effect, it promises beauty from within. ;-D 
  • It actually has a cool to the touch effect, because of the jelly consistency. 
  • It's lightweight, non-greasy, and non-drying.
  • I love the packaging, that got me actually! ;-D
Why I'm not to happy with it?
  • It's hard to keep the colors even to the whole lip area (unlike Tony Moly's). Because it's not as pigmented, and it almost looks and feels like a gloss (which is not bad, but is not what I signed up for).
  • Because of the consistency, being gel type, it doesn't dry or get absorbs to your lip area as easily as the other liquid based tints to immediately create a natural look of having just a blushed lips. 
  • It doesn't last long. It will not last you an entire meal. 
Overall, I'll be happy to finish my whole tint, but I'm not to keen on stashing more of them. I'm saving it for those days that I feel just wearing a natural healthy, looking lips...on the usual no frills, dress down malling weekdays!  ;-D It's not for those days that I wanted more drama, such that I want to exude a vixen look with my sultry, red lips. haha! ;-D I'll definitely go with Tony Moly for that look. 

I'm wearing SkinFood Tomato Cool Jelly Tint No. 2 (Berry). ✌


Erikabrodriguez said...

Nice review,and the color looks pretty on you! :D

Unknown said...

wow nice.i love the color of ur nails

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