Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rustan's and Thermos Media Event, Shopping, Dining ;-D

Today, I drove myself to Manila.  It's a Saturday, and a pay day weekend. I swear, I never ever did get used to the traffic, even I lived there almost half of my life. It always baffles me.

Shangrila Plaza kind of mall! :-D
This is a run through of my super productive day. I'll do a detailed post for the media event of Rustan's and Thermos' Cooking For Health with Chef Niño Laus as soon as I organize my photos. I'm not too happy with my photos, my Olympus UTough failed me big time. I think the only okay feature of it is the underwater shots, other than that, zero! Since, I wanted to do some malling before and after the event, I didn't bring my bulky yet ever-reliable Canon DSLR. Wrong move.

Update July 31: For the Rustan's and Thermos Celebrating Health Day 1 event, please click here.

I can't get enough of my curls. :-D To set them, I used Dove Damage Therapy Extra Hold Hairspray. They stayed pretty all through out. 
Anyway, if you plan to do some retail therapy, I guess that tomorrow is still one of the best time to do that. The mall is raining with SALE signs everywhere. ;-D I came in a bit earlier so I had time to go around, I checked out Rustans first, then head over to Zara. Initially, I wanted to walk over to Megamall to check out Tony Moly, but it was drizzling, I wouldn't want to take the risk of being late for the event.

There was still time, so I took my late lunch at La Coeur de France. I had a Pastrami Cheese Pesto Sandwich plus drinks for Php 220. I was too hungry, I devoured it. ;-D
And I had some more time to snap a photo of yours truly. Yes, I'm wearing Tony Moly lip & cheek tint again. :-D
Then the media event started...
Luckily, I had a  photo opportunity with Chef Niño Laus of Ninyo (In-Yō) Fusion Cuisine, before he headed over to the stage, given that I would have a hard time taking pictures during the presentation considering I was seated at the back. He was the featured chef for the event. I forgot, I should have stayed after the event and should had my photo taken with him. Oh well...

And then, quickly after the event, I checked, and it was still drizzling. So sadly it's a no go to SM Department Store. Tony Moly and Majolica Majorca, I'll see you next time! ✌ I went around, and bought another girly stuff in Marks and Spencer. After falling in love with that ooh la la embroidery in one of my La Senza stuff, I wanted to get more. ;-D

And then back to Pampanga...

I dropped by at Marquee Mall to meet up with my friends. I'm with my best friend, Tonipet. Another friend (Tel and Chef Cente) opened their new food stall near the Marquee Cinemas. I'll do a separate post of it. 
My perk me up treat, Sour Cream and Chives Flavored Popcorn at Taters. I bought some for Chase. :-D
My Shopping finds for today...Zara Limited Top (on SALE for P795) and a Cardigan from Celine for P695. ;-D
Oh, happiness... A weekend well spent, indeed! ✌


nilanila said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog, If you don't mind, You can leave your link at my site, just enter my page "add your blog" and fill the form, then other people can visit your blog,

nice to share ;)

supergirlhero said...

Des, because of your "obsession" with Skin Food (hahaha) and I think you reviewed the product in one of your entries (I'm not so sure), I tried Skin Food's Peach Sake Pore Serum and I love it! :) It really works :)

- May

king del rosario said...

Oh wow, you had a busy Saturday! Thanks for still deciding to come to our Thermos event! Until then....

Des said...

@nilanila: Thanks for visiting. Yup, i'll drop by in a while...
@Supergirhero: I haven't tried the peach sake pore serum, but it's a highly recommended SkinFood line. The great thing about SkinFood is that there's something for your specific skin care needs. I'm happy that it's working well with you. Please join me again, on my other SkinFood review. Coming up are the Ancient Rice lines, and the Acai Berry Mask.

Des said...

@Mr. King: It's my pleasure! :) Please have me again on your other events. :)

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