Thursday, July 21, 2011

Conyo Drivers by Wow Mali ;-D

Oh my gosh! This is so funny! "Wow Mali!" is TV5's version of Just for Gags.

Conyo is a Filipino coined word referring somewhat to how an upperclass of the society or even a pretentious elite would normally speak or behave, thus exhibiting peculiar personalities against the socially accepted norms. If everyone else is speaking Filipino, and you started to speak in English, or mix English words and Filipino words while speaking, well, they'll say you're conyo or you conyo speak. If you're not game to eat fish balls from the street vendors, you can be a conyo too. etc. I thinks it's very subjective. Personally, I don't see anything wrong from being a conyo especially if it is well deserved.  Its just been recently used to mock someone because one is not capable to adapt to the status quo. Or something like that...any thoughts? ;-D

Anyway, this is so funny. And I love the accent of Mr. Policeman. ;-D I just have to share it...

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