Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Best time to Duty Free Shop

Last Sunday, after indulging in another retail therapy (thank you, hon! ;-D), we passed by the SCTex instead of the usual way because we're a bit bothered by the traffic build up on the main road on a Sunday. Since our exit would be Clark, we dropped by Puregold to get some of the things we needed.

Dove 3-pack Cucumber Green Tea Scent 710ml, Free 200ml and Puff for $18 :-D
For my body wash, it's either I get Dove, or Olay. Or sometimes Aveeno. ;-D

Listerine Total Care 1L for about $8.5...this is what we usually get, and was already sold here even before it hit the local market. 
The Total Care is out of stock. It seemed it got quite popular. So instead, we got the original flavor. Listerine 1.5L about $8. ;-D
We were surprised that there were a lot of people shopping. Then I remembered hearing that peso got a bit stronger against the dollar. The exchange rate was down to something like Php 42.3 to a dollar. Today, I checked it's at Php 42.22. Although, the exchange rate inside the duty free doesn't really follow the market rate, it's closer, either a little bit higher or lower, depending on their pricing strategy. 

We prefer to go for the bigger sizes for our toiletries. It's more economical, and more environmentally friendly. We can indulge in them since duty free shops are accessible from our place. ✌

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