Thursday, June 9, 2011

Disney Cars Back to School Mates ❥

Disney Cars Tin Lunch Box at SM Department Store Php 199. :-D
It's back to school next week for us as well. My son, Chase, will proudly be a Proficient Preschooler as a Prep Student at Preschoolville. ;-D Since everything is already school provided, we don't really have to get him any school supplies, let alone a school bag, which usually sets the mood for the back to school, so we had to make do with getting him a snack bag and a water bottle.☺

Disney Cars 2 Water Bottle at SM Department Store Php 129. ;-D
Of course we got more Disney Cars Lightning McQueen goodies, we just can't get enough of McQueen ❤. I got him a tin lunch box for a change, since he always wanted to have a "briefcase" for himself. ;-D The water bottle is actually tested spill proof. Yay! ;-D It's located in the plastic ware section, not on the usual Kids Character section. Its design is even an updated Disney Cars 2 theme. ✌

Disney Cars Tin Lunch Box and Toy Soldiers. Nice! ;-D
For the mean time, his lunch box is home to his toy soldiers. Oh well...;-D


wendy said...

my son's pre-school here in seoul provides for everything including the lunch box hahahaha.

ChicSassyMom said...

wow! that's great! ;D

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