Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cutting Edge 4: Fire & Ice ❥

Francia Risa and Brendan Fehr in Cutting Edge 4, I ❤! ;-D
Finally, we watched X-Men First Class. As expected, it's as great as the others. And James McAvoy is in it, so it should be really nice. But the greater happy ending to our movie date was seeing Brendan Fehr in it. I just had to do my usual research, so is it really Brendan Fehr that I saw in X-Men? Yes, it's him actually. And then I saw that his latest full acting credits was Cutting Edge Fire & Ice. Yay! ;-D Lucky for me, I get a break from watching reruns of Cutting Edge, and then I can have a booster dose of Roswell's Michael as well. ;-D
Alex Delgado and James McKinsey Credits: Brendan Fehr Official Site
In X-Men, he played a really minor part, he was one of the soldiers in a fleet vessel. He was seen about three times in between scenes. And then it got me thinking about Roswell, where he played Michael. The girls in the Roswell, Shiri Appleby (Liz) and notably Katherine Heigl  (Isabel) still have something going on for them. Katherine is of course always the bigger star of them all ever since. But back then, I ❤ Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr. I thought that they can actually make it big.

Michael, Isabel, Liz and Max of Roswell Credit: Google Image
Cutting Edge is the ultimate love skate relationship. I know that all three, now four Cutting Edge titles have similar plots. Anyhow, I still love watching them every now and then. Of course Cutting Edge with Moira Kelly will go down in history as a pillar of a love/sports/going for the gold medal relationship. And Moira Kelly is the Queen Bee of Ice Skating. Considering only the movie installments, I actually love the Cutting Edge 3 more than the Cutting Edge 2. I didn't even know until tonight that there is actually a 4th installment to the Cutting Edge Movie Series. I'm ecstatic to read that Francia reprised her role as Alex Delgado in Ice & Fire, and even better news is that Brendan Fehr is in it. It's another happy ending again for me, the movie can be watched in YouTube. I have to say that from all the Cutting Edge sequels, and the other teen romance movies,  for me, Brendan Fehr and Francia Raisa exudes one of the best chemistry. Oh how good it is to be young and in love! I wish I'm an Ice Princess too. haha ;-D

Cutting Edge Ice & Fire...and they kissed! Swoon! ;-D Credit: Google Image

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