Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: What's cooking for my first Blogversary? ❥

Please join my First Blogversary! ;-D
It all comes down to this...Yay! ;-D Here's some goodies I was able to save up for my anniversary giveaway. They're not much...anyhow, these sure are chic & sassy finds, aren't they!? ;-D It's Wordless Wednesday (almost ;-P) today, so please check back again for the mechanics. I can still make it a sticky post, so would still love to have sponsors just in case. Also bear with me, I'm trying to hit two birds in one stone, so please do try to visit my postnjoy entry too. Please click here. ;-D

1 comment:

Isha Ocado said...

ur anniversay is coming soon! hope to be one of ur winners :). Congrats! keep it up!

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